Obama Conspiracy Theories Status

Here will appear any messages related to outages at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog. For additional information, check the VPS.net status page; I’m on the Atlanta D-1 server. Also you can test the site with the Is it Down Right Now? web site.

OK, this is what's going on. Sometime early this morning some unknown actor started baging this sites's contact page, sending out a flood of spam email. As far as I know all of the spam is coming to me, as that's where the contact emails go. Inhave 76,000 of them in my inbasket. I first put the site in maintenance mode just to shut the emails off, and now I have replaced the main page with this. In order to get back up, I'm going to have to turn off the contact page. I can't get to the controls necessary to do that while the contact barrage continues. So I have to figure something out. The site hasn't been hacked. All the stuff is still there. I just have to get in and replace the contact form with something more robust.