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Mike Zullo: on the court’s radar

We never expected the Zullo inquisition, but Mike Zullo is now tied up with Joe Arpaio’s contempt proceeding before federal judge G. Murray Snow in Phoenix.


Mike Zullo and two Maricopa County deputies traveled to Seattle to meet with a known con man, Dennis Montgomery. Arpaio admitted in court yesterday that Montgomery was to supply information on federal judges, including Judge Snow. Snow examined Arpaio closely yesterday, with a copy of the Stephen Lemons article from June of last year, exposing the trip. Judge Snow ordered that the Sheriff’s Office and the Cold Case Posse not destroy any records relating to communications with Montgomery.

Zullo, happy to give affidavits in out of state cases, blew off subpoenas from Orly Taitz in birther lawsuits. It is an Obot’s web dream to see Zullo testify under oath. Will he say that public funds went to a con man to investigate the judge in Arpaio’s case, or will he say that the money was funding the Cold Case Posse’s “universe shattering” investigation of Barack Obama’s birth certificate?


Arpaio on the hot seat tomorrow

imageUnless an 11th hour agreement is reached, my prediction will be proven wrong, and Joe Arpaio will face a contempt of court hearing in Room 602, Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse. The hearing is scheduled to last 4 days.

The hearing takes place amid a storm of bad press:

Will Sheriff Joe plead the 5th Amendment?

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of As the Spit Turns.

I nipped by the Howard Taft Online Law School (actually, I just visited, to ask the question of whether Sheriff Arpaio can refuse to answer questions under the Constitutional protection of the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination. Normally the 5th Amendment doesn’t apply to civil matters, but in this instance I understand that criminal charges are on the table, albeit unlikely. The second point, is that the 5th Amendment doesn’t allow an accused to refuse to answer selected questions, but rather is an all or nothing affair regarding testimony. Either Arpaio testifies, or he refuses. For a somewhat different view, interpreting the 5th’s protections more broadly, see “You can plead the fifth in the middle of a civil lawsuit.”


Birthers move goalposts: It’s the historical record, stupid

imageFirst it was keeping Obama out of the White House, then removing him, then preventing him from being re-elected, then removing him again. But that goal is becoming increasingly unlikely. One Birther Report commenter, 4zoltan8, put it this way two days ago:

If nothing happens by June/July than (sic) nothing will happen. The mantra will be he only has 1 and 1/2 years left, we’ll just wait it out and work to get the Republican candidate elected.

That comment still allows for a sliver of hope—but that was before the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday show on yesterday (18 April 2015). Gallups says the investigation is ongoing, but he really resets expectations by saying Arpaio and Zullo are not the saviors of America1:

You keep saying things like: "You know we gotta stop this! It’s up to Arpaio and Zullo." It’s not. Never has been. I praise God for them, praise God for what they’re doing, but if they don’t bring this stuff for five years from now, they’ve still done their job.

Responding to the the Gallups interview, we see a leading commenter at BR reply:

The historical record means everything – you can’t have a country based on lies and deceit, especially when that deceit could have been prevented. When there are lies and deceit that MUST be corrected. And that’s been our biggest problem over the last 60 plus years. Interestingly enough – that coincides with the Communist infiltration.

— Comment at Birther Report2

It looks like the birthers are ready to settle for an asterisk next to the name of the 44th president.

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Gerbil Report™: Call for papers

On a whim, I created a blog using Google Blogger, and called it Gerbil Report™. Should anyone want to exercise their creativity and write an article for publication there, send it care of “admin” here at OCT. The funnier, the better—just no outing. The actual blog will be, but you will be able to access it through

I don’t intend to write much if at all for it, but want the best in birther criticism from any and all sources to appear.


Stocking up on FEMA coffins

Have you noticed all of the birthers who have disappeared into FEMA detention camps over the past 6 years? Me neither. Nevertheless, right-wing nut jobs continue to predict that it is only a matter of time before Obama declares martial law and puts all of the freedom-loving patriots in these camps, or kills them and buries them in FEMA coffins. The latest variation on this theme is the FEMA death train (or the FEMA prison car), often accompanied by this image.

 photo fema-box-cars_zpszrq7fnju.jpg

I copied the image above from a post by ★FALCON★ at Birther Report, but the same thing appears all over the Internet.

What this is, and I should know because I live between the BMW auto plant and the South Carolina Inland Port, is an automotive flatcar. It is designed to deliver cars straight from the factory to the dealer, protecting the contents from accidental damage and vandalism.

I was lucky to find a video on YouTube from Welford, South Carolina, also just down the road from me, showing these automotive rail cars. Pretty much any day of the week, one see cars like these passing. Of course, the conspiracy minded might conclude that upstate South Carolina was a major stockpile point for FEMA prison cars (the second train in the video shows cars just like the one pictured above).

There are many pages on the Internet describing what they really are: