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Archive | June, 2009

Denialists trash government web site

No matter how one feels about Obama’s eligibility, boorish trollish behavior isn’t good for anyone.

The Obama administration has set up a web site to discuss:

How can we strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative?

People post ideas and others can vote on them, and comment on them.

One of the “rules” is that people shouldn’t post duplicate ideas. I’m going to put a few idea titles posted there, or excerpts from ideas. You tell me if they are duplicates. These are all ideas posted within the last one hour period and constitute just about all of the ideas posted during that period.

  • Natural Born Citizen is simply jus soli jus sanguinus (both parents US citizens, born on US soil); obviously BHO is not natural
  • what hospital were you born in?is that too hard for you to answer barry the fraud
  • If the current President were to apply for a Security Clearance is this Country, He would not be eligible.
  • Where’s the Birth Certificate?
  • If you actually want things to be more “transparent, participatory and collaborative” it might not be a bad idea to start with the most elementary transparency of all and have President Obama finally release his Birth Certificate.
  • How Much Has Obama Paid Prime Minister Odinga to Not Release The Kenyan BC? Continue Reading →