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Rhodes v Gates

Rhodes v Gates

Rhodes v Gates

Will another military career be wrecked?

From Orly’s bag of military lawsuits: filed August 28, Dr. Connie Rhodes, a US Army medical officer has been activated with orders for Iraq. Oh, but she can’t go until she finds out if Obama is really her commander in chief.

While the filing for a temporary restraining order below shows the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, it was actually filed in the Texas Western District.

Rather than leave you in suspense, the motion has already been denied. That’s a record for speed. While the motion could have been stricken on technical grounds (e.g., Orly forgot to sign it!), Judge Rodriguez wrote:  “Given the time-sensitive nature under which temporary restraining orders are sought, this Court will continue its evaluation of the application in the event that Plaintiff complies with the requirements of the federal courts [to sign the motion]”. In that evaluation the court left no doubt about what it thought of the “merits” of the application for a restraining order (all 80-something pages of it).

“Plaintiff has no substantial likelihood of success on the merits. Plaintiff submits nothing but conjecture and subjective belief to substantiate the basis for her claims, citing, for example, ‘opinion’ and ‘doubt’…. Given that the underlying bases for Plaintiff’s claim cannot succeed on the merits, there is no irreparable injury that Plaintiff can suffer. A review of Plaintiff’s verified complaint shows that it presents speculation and vague claims that fail to rise to the requirement that it present ‘specific facts’ …”

RHODES v GATES, et al. – 1 – MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order by Connie Rhodes by Jack Ryan


Searching for “natural born citizen”

US Constitution

US Constitution

Not many folks have spent more time than I searching the Internet and WestLaw for keywords including “natural born citizen”. You can see the results of such activity on pages like my The Great Mother of All Natural Born Citizen Quotation Pages and Tes’s SCOTUS & “Natural Born Citizen” – A Compendium. While that’s useful, finding short paragraphs with keywords is not the way to understand the subject in depth. Even those who disagree with me fall into the same pattern, for example, citing E. de Vattel without reading the chapters that follow.

To really understand what’s going on one must read those works where the subject is developed: this happens in some scholarly works, and in some imp0rtant court decisions. Here are some useful texts, by far not all.

Commenters here may suggest additions to the list.


Orly says: Ignore Warning



In a recent email, Dentist and Attorney Orly Taitz advises visitors to her malware-infested site to ignore the warnings popped up by some browsers. She said:

You can find more info on my website Please ignore Google pop up warning, the site works fine or you can disable Jawa [sic] script on your tool bar.

Disabling JavaScript is a general technique for making your browser more safe, and limiting what website software can do to your computer. However, it also makes some content (such as Obama Conspiracy Theories polls, comment previews and the like) stop working. Reports are that Internet Explorer provides no warning and allows the visitor’s computer to be infected. She  should fix her site.


“It’s an insult to his mother”

Stanley Ann Dunham

Stanley Ann Dunham

The utter lack of disrespect that some birthers show towards the president’s deceased mother appalls me, particularly the frequent claims that she is a “liar”. I was raised not to disrespect anyone’s mother, and particularly not a departed one, and I was taught not to call anyone a liar unless I was pretty damned sure it was true. What compounds the insult is that there is no evidence whatever to support the nasty speculation.

The New York Times article earlier this month, carried comments from Congressman Neil Abercrombie.

… Mr. Abercrombie, who has represented Hawaii for nearly two decades in Congress, was a close friend of Mr. Obama’s parents, who were students at the University of Hawaii in 1961. The president’s father, Barack H. Obama Sr., was from Kenya, but Mr. Abercrombie said the suggestion that the Obama baby was born in Africa is an absurd impossibility.

“He was born in Kapiolani Hospital, right down the street from where I lived,” Mr. Abercrombie said. “They had no money. I can’t imagine how they would get to Kenya. It makes no sense at all. It’s an insult to his mother.”

I agree.


The Long Form – reconstructed

I may kick myself for this but here it is:

Click to Enlarge

Over the months, bits and pieces of evidence have come forward that provide at a partial view of what President Obama’s original birth certificate must look like.

Starting with the COLB released by Barack Obama himself, we add the recently confirmed Mother’s Usual Address from the newspaper birth announcement, the certificate number from photographs, the name of the hospital from the President himself in a letter to the hospital on the occasion of their centennial celebration, and some formatting hints from the Nordyke Twin’s certificate.

I took a birth certificate from 1963 and reconstructed a Barack Obama birth certificate with the most accurate content I could. I did not attempt to make a forgery: the fonts don’t match exactly and the security paper background is obviously cut and pasted. But if and when a long form is published, this is the content we should expect to see. The only thing I guessed about was the age of Obama’s father: I put 24, but it could have been 25. If anyone has his date of birth documented, please tell me (and tell the Wikipedia!).


  1. “Nordyke” long form 1961 (copy printed and sealed in 1966)
  2. Obama COLB 1961 (printed and sealed in 2007)
  3. “Edith” long form 1962
  4. “Alan” long form 1963

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