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Archive | February, 2010

Birther blogger tries to seal records

Blog radio host and vocal critic of President Obama’s citizenship documentation Sharon Ann Meroni (aka Chalice Jackson) filed a motion with the court in McHenry County Illinois to impound the court records of her recent petition (reported here last December) asking the court to intervene and require the McHenry County Grand Jury to hear her complaint of election fraud, claiming that disclosure of the records may subject her to harassment and eminent harm.

The court, citing Nixon v. Warner Communications and other cases, said that there was a common law presumption of public access judicial records. My take on it is that the court told Meroni that she’s responsible for her own actions, including suffering the displeasure and criticism of others.

MERONI v McHENRY COUNTY GRAND JURY (09mr399) – Memorandum Opinion and Order – 27471545 in the Circuit Court… by Jack Ryan


Same old, same old

In my recent article, Talking points, I was musing on how same arguments recirculate and get the same answers on forums and web sites like this. The same principle applies to the Obama lawsuits. Orly Taitz has brought five federal lawsuits, one in California, one in Texas, two in Georgia, finally one in the District of Columbia. They all bring basically the same allegations against President Obama, although the scope of the allegations seems to grow.

All of the cases that have been decided so far suffered from the identical flaw. Orly Taitz and her various defendants do not have a case that a federal court has jurisdiction to hear. The government’s response to each similar case case was itself similar. In the final case yet to be decided, Taitz files another variation on the same theme and the government’s motion to dismiss filed last Friday (February 26, 2010) was all so familiar.

In prior cases, the defendants’ complaint was generalized and not particular to them and so the court could not hear it. In this most recent case, Taitz v. Obama in DC, Orly alleges personal harm: mainly the risk of her losing her license to practice law, death threats and sabotage or her car. In this case, the case fails on the second requirement for a federal lawsuit: there has to be a direct connection between the plaintiff’s alleged actions and the harm. Orly cannot show that she is in danger of disbarment (or any of the other allegations) because of Obama’s citizenship. She has been sanctioned and faces disbarment for filing frivolous lawsuits. Perhaps in her mind Obama is to blame for all of her troubles, but this is just in her mind.

Expect a speedy dismissal of this lawsuit too.

[Note: other Taitz lawsuit losses are being appealed.]


Where’s the birth certificate?

I’m not talking about Barack Obama’s “long form” from Hawaii. We all know that Hawaiian law prevents us mere mortals from putting our paws on that document. No, I’m asking where is his Kenyan birth certificate.

Unlike Hawaii, Kenyan law says that birth information is open to anyone!

Cap 149 Births and Deaths Registration:

26.(1) Any register, return or index in the custody of the Principal Registrar subject to the rules, shall be open to inspection on payment of the prescribed fee.(2) The Principal Registrar shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, furnish a certified copy of any entry in any register or in any return in his custody.

(3) The Principal Registrar shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, furnish a certificate in the prescribed form of the birth of any person compiled in the prescribed manner from the records and registers in his custody.

(4) A certified copy of any entry in any register or return sealed or stamped with the seal of the Principal Registrar shall be received as evidence of the dates and facts therein contained without any or other proof of such entry.

Oh, I forgot… Odinga, blah, blah, blah, top secret, blah, blah, blah. Nevermind.


Talking points

After a year and a half at this Obama conspiracy business I see history repeating itself.  Some outlandish accusation is made, the story grows in the telling, it gets copied over and over by bloggers and in forwarded emails; then it repeats. We hear the same talking points recycled.

On the other side usually someone points how totally implausible the thing is, and every now and then a real whammo piece of refuting evidence arrives on the scene usually from another blogger.Those talking points are also repeated.

(For all the real communication that goes on, we might as well have two DVD players carrying on the discussion.)

Sometimes the same disproven accusation makes rounds the rounds again. ( We’ve certainly seen that in comments here.)

Some examples some to mind:

  1. TechDude claimed to be a forensic document expert and that the COLB was a forgery: someone found the real person whose credentials Techdude stole word for word.
  2. Ron Polarik claimed to be a document expert and that the COLB was a forgery: Polarik’s real name and lack of credentials was exposed.
  3. A Canadian birth certificate surfaced for Obama: it was signed by cartoon character Dudley Do Right.
  4. A Kenyan birth certificate surfaced for Obama: the original it was faked from was found (as well as numerous factual errors).
    A second Kenyan birth certificate surfaced for Obama: it didn’t match the format of a real example.
  5. Emerich de Vattel’s Law of Nations was, it was claimed, the source of the phrase “natural born citizen” in the Constitution: it was found that no English translation used that phrase until a decade after the Constitution was written.
  6. It was claimed that Obama’s Selective Service application was faked because the post office cancellation stamp used on it was obsolete: registered mail letters with the same cancellation from the same year were found.
  7. It was claimed that no court had addressed the definition of natural born citizen in the context of presidential eligibility: Lynch v. Clarke was found.
  8. It was claimed that all US Presidents had two citizen parents: Chester A. Arthur  didn’t.
  9. It was claimed that Hawaiian Law allowed a foreign-born person to be registered in Hawaii: the text of the law showed that it was passed 20 years after Obama was registered in Hawaii.
  10. It was claimed that no Hawaiian official had plainly said Obama was born in Hawaii: Dr. Fukino, Hawaii Director of Health, said so plainly and posted it on the state web site.
  11. It was claimed that Obama’s newspaper birth announcement was just an ad placed by a relative: it was found that these announcements came from the department of health.
  12. It was claimed that the address in Obama’s newspaper birth announcement was a place where the Dunham/Obama’s never lived: a contemporary city directory showed otherwise.
  13. An edited tape recording seemed to suggest Obama’s step grandmother (from Africa) was present at his birth: the full tape showed just the opposite.

These are just highlights.

I have seen that that some people will believe highly implausible rumors about Barack Obama. Some of these rumors are intentional falsehoods and frauds.  Solid refutation does not kill conspiracy theories; in fact it seems to have little effect at all.

History repeats itself.


Senate candidate Hayworth backs off birtherism

Rep. J. D. Hayworth

“To bring up a topic and to talk about it is not the same as endorsing a point of view.” J. D. Hayworth

Former Arizona congressman, former Greenville SC sportscaster, and current Arizona Senate Candidate ended his dalliance with birtherism at a news conference yesterday, according to a report on CNN. He said that he believes Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, is an American citizen, and is President of the United States.

Hayworth lost his House seat to Democrat Harry Mitchell in 2006.


Attorney Taitz appeals for UN protection

According to an article yesterday in the Washington Independent, Birther attorney Orly Taitz has appealed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for protection.

A letter from her attorney, Jonathan Levy, says:

Taitz has “been the victim of death threats, vandalism, false complaints, and a suspected assassination attempt” in the course of her efforts to expose Obama as a fraud, adding that “her reports to law enforcement and the judiciary have been ignored.”

ORLY TAITZ APPEALS TO UN FOR PROTECTION FROM PERSECUTION IN U.S. – 27277636 Immediate Release February 22 2… by Jack Ryan