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Archive | May, 2010

Lucas Smith “certificate” makes African genesis less plausible

Since there has been so much commentary of late on the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog about the alleged Kenyan birth certificate presented by Lucas Smith, I thought I would revisit this topic from a different angle. I originally wrote about it in the recently renamed article Orly files yet another Kenyan Birth Certificate in Barnett case (Update 2). That article dealt with my conclusion that the birth certificate was a fake. However, I want to talk here about the difficulties this document presents to the Birther movement. By nailing down certain details, the Smith certificate makes it harder to spin fanciful tales in order to explain the facts.

Let us enter the birther mindset for a bit and consider the problems the Smith certificate causes.

The Smith certificate names Obama

The Smith certificate nails down the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”  Birth indexes in Kenya are open records. Lucas Smith claims to have traveled to Kenya and anti-Obama author Jerome Corsi certainly did. No one reports a Barack Obama listed on the birth index. Birthers could evade this dart by claiming that Barack Obama was born under another name (say Barack Mohamed Obama)–but not if the Smith certificate stands in the way. One would think that if the Obama’s intended to create a false certificate for their son, they would have not named him the same in both countries, leading to possible discovery of fraud.

The Smith certificate zeros in on Mombasa

Mombasa has always been a problem for birthers Continue Reading →


Taitz’s missing documents

Orly Taitz

Candidate Taitz

According to the Palm Springs newspaper The Desert Sun, birther attorney Orly Taitz is yet to make any campaign finance filings in her race for California Secretary of State. Obama Conspiracy Theories has confirmed this through the California Secretary of State web site. Taitz has filed neither the March nor the May report.

Taitz’s opponent in the Republican primary, Damon Dunn, reported that he had raised $220,646.79 through May22 compared to $70,214.92 for unopposed Democrat Debra Bowen for the same period.

The Desert Sun reports:

If Taitz manages to pull out a surprise victory in June, she likely will challenge Bowen’s opposition to requiring photo IDs at the polls.“I think it’s important to make sure people who are voting or who are candidates are citizens and residents of the states where they are voting,” said Taitz, 49, a native of the former Soviet Union and a naturalized U.S. citizen.


There is an exception to the filing requirement for candidates who did not receive $1,000 or spend $500 on their campaign. The specific requirements and deadlines for the primary election are on the Secretary of State’s web site. There are penalties for late filing. If Orly Taitz has complied with the law, then we can infer these numbers or less. If this is the case, Orly’s financial backing is dwarfed by that received by her rival for the Republican ballot position. The other 4 independent candidates have not filed financial statements either.

Update 2:

Taitz filed a late report on paper June first in which she listed $1,350 in loan.



I checked the site statistics just now. With one day still left in the month, we’ve almost equaled the most busy period in the site’s history (January 2010). Traffic this heavy has led to some site instability. To deal with the increased load on the server, I have disabled what I believe are the two most compute intensive options: Comment Rating and the Avatars.


Berg postpones march on DC, needs $50,000

Philip Berg

First my humble apologies to any of you who were planning to attend Phil Berg’s “Obama birth certificate / eligibility / Obamacare march on Washington” this weekend, for being a day late late with this news.

In an email message to his supporters yesterday, Berg said that “scheduling conflicts” required that the march be postponed until a date to be determined sometime in August / September. Berg also noted that he needed to raise $50,000 to finance advertising for the rescheduled march.

We’re doing our part here at Obama Conspiracy Theories to publicize the event.

Philip J .Berg, fairly called the “father of the birthers”,  believes Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and then adopted by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, thereby becoming Indonesian national and losing US Citizenship.


Bizarre contact

I get these really bizarre items from the blog contact form from time to time and they go something like this one from today:

Name: [redacted]

Email: [redacted]

Comments: I would like to know how to contact Orly Taitz, candidate for Secretary of State.

As President of Republican [organization name redacted], I am interested in her as a Speaker at our meetings. We meet the 4th Monday of the month.

Want to know about her ongoing lawsuit re Obama, citizenship, and social security number. Need some updated information on what is happening.

Please email or call me regarding Ms. Taitz’ phone number or email address.. I am at [phone number redacted]

In response, I did the meanest, most hurtful thing I could think of. I gave her Orly’s number. 👿