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Archive | November, 2011

When is a lieutenant colonel not a lieutenant colonel?

The answer is: when the lieutenant colonel has been dismissed from the service. A new article over at the Military Law and Justice blog reports the dismissal of former Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin has been approved and that he is no longer entitled to use the title.

The Terry Lakin Action Fund web site apparently hasn’t gotten the message, continuing to use the title and show a picture of Dr. Lakin in military uniform. If Lakin is using his former rank in conjunction with fundraising, he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act. Check out the linked article for more information.

Obama exit rumors persist

According to the Rumor Mill News, Barack Obama is on his way out and soon. Hillary will be run for President in 2012 in his place.

Washington DC knows it already and it should start appearing in various newspapers soon.

More birther fantasy. I wonder if that could be made into a haiku?

Paranoid style

Historian Richard Hofstadter used the phrase “paranoid style” to describe conspiracy theory thinking that was like paranoia, but not clinically diagnosed as such.

My mother suffered from dementia in the last year of her life. She believed that my father and close members of her family had spirited her away from her home and that she was currently living under the bed in a hotel in a nearby city. I know from personal inspection that this was not true. She was still at home, not in a hotel and not under the bed. Nevertheless, nothing I, nor anyone else could say changed her mind.

On one visit I would show her a piece of furniture she had had for 50 years and say, “isn’t that yours?” She would reply, “it looks like mine,” but a string of such confrontations made no difference. I tried reasoning; she said, “you would have made a good lawyer” and in the end she said “are you part of this?” By that, she meant to ask if I was part of the conspiracy. It was a sad experience, particularly in the breakdown of the relationship between my mother and father, since she became afraid of him, as the alleged leader of the conspiracy that was keeping her in the hotel.

From this experience, I’ve learned the power of delusion and it is perhaps the reason that I find it easier to sympathize and to forgive the birthers.

NH ballot challenge spurs new round of merchandising

The electoral challenge by Orly Taitz and 4 New Hampshire state representatives was to no avail; President Obama will appear on the 2012 Presidential Ballot in New Hampshire. However, following the shameless business of political fundraising, the Obama Campaign is using the occasion to re-release its anti-birther coffee mug from last April.

It is interesting, but hardly surprising, that the Obama Campaign does follow the ins and outs of the birther movement, as evidenced by their latest email message from Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot to supporters that is an obvious reference to the latest birther goalposts:image

Sadly, I don’t have any microfiches on hand, but we have the next  best thing: In honor of birthers everywhere, we’re re-releasing the campaign’s limited-edition “Made in the USA” mugs.

The mugs feature a photo of Barack Obama with the title “Made in the USA” with his long-form birth certificate on the back. You can get your own with a $20 contribution at

Orly Taitz: US is dictatorship

“I know what it is to live in a dictatorship . . . where the whole system is corrupt,” Taitz said. “And that’s what we’re seeing here.”

That’s what the New Hampshire Concord Monitor reports Taitz told them. In an article about the birther’s challenge to Obama’s appearance on the 2012 Presidential Ballot. Taitz alleges fraud on the part of Obama, whom she believes is not eligible to be President of the United States because he does not have a natural born social-security number.

Birther news rag WorldNetDaily reports that the New Hampshire Election Commission said Obama was good to go after a brief meeting yesterday, November 18, despite a presentation of Taitz’s “alleged” evidence that Congress erred in certifying the election of Obama in 2008, in an 85-page packet of material.

The Concord Monitor today reports angry responses from the birthers who attended the meeting.

“Saying a treasonous liar can go on our ballot?” yelled State Rep. Harry Accornero, a Republican from Laconia. “You’re going to have to face the citizens of Laconia. You better wear a mask.”

One of the New Hampshire legislators seemed confused, thinking that the US Constitution was written in Switzerland by a guy named Vattel.

As of this writing, Taitz had not issued an official statement on her web site about the Commission’s decision.