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Heads up, kiddies: there’s money to be made!

Orly Taitz, president of her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation is offering a $1,000 reward for the best short documentary on the theme: “Where are the original IDs: Why judges refuse to order production of the original Obama’s IDs, when the copies were found to be forgeries???” [link to Taitz web site].

Given that DOFF has blown off two letters from the State of California to complete its registration, I have my doubts that any money will be paid for any video by this group. I’m sure the Obots could make a great documentary explaining to Taitz and the birthers the answer to her question.



Taitz: Grinols emergency appellate filing

So what else is new? Orly’s trying to get the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to demand that Judge England do something or other in the case of Grinols v. Electoral College. It’s an emergency because Obama, well, Obama is PRESIDENTING! What Taitz is asking the Court of Appeals to do is order the Trial Court to declare Obama in default in the Grinols case, even though she clearly never served him with the complaint in the capacity in which she is suing him. She also wants the US Attorney investigated for his courtesy appearance for President Obama.

Oh, did I mention that she copied the International Criminal Bar and the UN Commission for Civil Rights Defenders1? What do you get if you do a Google image search for "united nations Commission for Civil Rights Defenders"?


The brief is 162 pages long with attachments such as the Zullo affidavit, Irey stuff, a screen print of an article by Jerome Corsi, Census forms, FOIA dumps—in fact just about every imaginable thing EXCEPT a proof of service showing that Obama had been served in his personal capacity and is in default. What a maroon!

OK, correction. Sometimes the crazy gets too strong to report it. Taitz is not suing Obama in his personal capacity; she is suing him as a candidate. On what planet is Barack Obama a candidate?

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Michigan state senator wakens from 4-year sleep

At least that’s how it seems as Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson told radio host Michael Patrick Sheils:

I don’t know [whether Obama was born in the US] because it seems that the issue was dropped immediately as far as the major media went.

A number of years ago I got stuck with hosting an off-year county Democratic Party precinct meeting that was held in an independent Baptist church. Nobody showed up except me and the pastor of the church who unlocked the doors. We chatted briefly and the pastor asked me about the President: “Is Reagan a Democrat or a Republican?” I said that the President was a Republican. The pastor explained that he didn’t know because he had just gotten out of Bible college and “we didn’t get out much.”

I don’t know whether Casperson was asleep or in Bible college, but he certainly missed a huge amount of media coverage about the Obama eligibility question. CNN even sent a team to Hawaii and broadcast a two-part report.

Up until February of 2010, I used to keep a record of the best news stories about birthers. I stopped because it was too much work! Here’s the index to those pages:


The mysterious Mr. Hudson

Chatter on the limited-access Obot News Service1 (ONS) has been high today with various Obot stations2 reporting odd telephone calls from someone who identified himself as “Lane Hudson” and who said that he was writing an article about anti-birthers. The only Lane Hudson I know of is a former Democratic Party campaign worker and blogger. The South Carolina native was the one that brought to light the Mark Foley scandal, and now works in England for a global communications firm, and isn’t the person who called.

I didn’t personally receive one of these calls, but others who did report that the caller said he wanted to do an interview. Now James Johnson (aka JimBot)3 warned about an imminent birther impersonation operation4 that the White House had uncovered through its anti-terrorist surveillance program5, and so the cover story, that the Obots are independent bloggers who write about what they believe in, and who receive no support or direction from the President or others6 was quickly deployed. A quick check of the caller’s phone number from Caller ID with the FBI7 determined that the caller was one Walter Fitzpatrick.

So I’ll leave it with that, and those who received calls can talk about their particular experiences.

  • Report at Bad Fiction

1There is no Obot News Service.

2There are no Obot stations.

3Former Fannie Mae chairman James Johnson is not JimBot.

4The warning described here never happened.

5I have no knowledge of any White House surveillance of birthers.

6The cover story is true.

7The Fogbow Bureau of Investigation


The Great Debate–kibitzer’s edition Part 4

This is the 4th and final edition of the Great Debate Kibitzer’s Editions. This topic is for discussion of The Great Debate.

As I set forth in the original article, the debate will continue as long as the participants have comments. I intend to make my final comments later this week, and Bob Gard has the option of replying, and then the debate will conclude.

Previous Kibitzer’s Editions:

Note: If you buy Bob Gard’s DVD, I strongly suggest you convert it to PDF. The PDF version is like 45 MB. I used Acrobat Standard and it created a beautiful PDF file that opens in a second, and can even run on a Kindle Fire HD, opening in a couple of seconds. Using Microsoft Word to output the file as a PDF didn’t work well for me.


Washington AG makes strong case for sanctions

The Attorney General of Washington State filed a brief with the Supreme Court of the State of Washington, making a strong case that sanctions in the amount of $12,675 assessed by the court in the matter of the appeal in Jordan v. Reed were reasonable and proper, and that the Court should reject Jordan’s request for a reduction in fees.

The AG makes several points:

  1. Sanctions are meant to be a deterrent against future misconduct.
  2. Jordan had been warned by the trial court and the Attorney General that her appeal was frivolous.
  3. Plaintiff Jordan herself, through multiple filings, multiplied the effort that was required of the State to deal with her appeal.
  4. Market rates are the established method of calculating attorneys’ fees in Washington State.

After reading so much incompetent rambling in birther lawsuit filings, it is always refreshing to read a clear, concise well-argued brief well-founded in the law.

I bear Linda Jordan no ill will and no doubt she engaged in her reckless pursuit of a frivolous appeal partly encouraged by a long list of birthers who got away with the same thing. Still she was warned, and for birthers as well as everyone else, actions have consequences.

Read the brief:

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