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Archive | December, 2013

Arduini bites Vogt

Tenacious debunker Frank Arduini has sunk his teeth into Douglas Vogt’s Seattle Court filings and come up with a new report in his series of debunking major birther documents,  “20 Shades of Vogt: Digital Document Forensics for Amateurs.”

I started debunking Vogt’s 20 points of forgery, but tired of the effort, plus I never could properly use the word “prolix” in a sentence. Arduini had the endurance and the grammar to pull it off.


Cold Case Posse web site down–third time is a charm edition

Your web site not working is a real downer—I know from experience. However, I’ve never had one hacked yet in all the years I’ve had web sites, both my own, non-profit and business sites. Being hacked has got to be worse than being down because not only are not serving your readers, you’re embarrassed and you have to figure out how to clean it up.

Here’s a screen shot (click to enlarge) of the hacked CCP web site, and I would caution folks against visiting a known hacked web site. I visited this one with a special device I use for such things.

When the actual page is viewed “techno punk” music is played and the band of multi-colored text scrolls with shout-outs to other hackers. The style reminds me of Eastern European graphics demo software from the 1980’s. In Unix/Linux notation, “\.KEHED_NEWBIE” would designate a hidden file in the root directory. I doubt that this is an Obot production, but just an opportunistic hacking. you Google “I’m sorry Admin Touch” or “KEHED_NEWBIE” you will find of other web sites compromised in a similar way. It looks like this particular attack is directed at sites using the Content Management System (CMS), Joomla. One site noted about Joomla:

It’s probably the only CMS with the most exploits and vulnerable addons ever made, and sometimes I wonder who creates all these.

My guess is that the MCSOCCP site didn’t keep up to date with its security patches.

Previous MCSOCCP web site stories:


The CCP site is back up.

Other articles on Joomla:


Woodman writes retrospective

John Woodman, computer guy, author, and birther forgery debunker extraordinaire retired a year ago to devote himself to his family and his real job. Woodman’s book Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud? remains the seminal work documenting and debunking the twists and turns of the birther mind trying to find an excuse to deny the evidence of President Obama’s birth certificate.

An important event in forgery debunking happened in 2013 with the publication of evidence that the White House birth certificate was scanned on a Xerox WorkCenter 7655 office machine and then rotated with Preview on a Mac, and thereby explaining pretty much the whole birther forgery “evidence.”

Now John Woodman has published a year-end “Epilog” to the forgery debunking saga, summarizing the old and new evidence, and putting the last nail (just kidding) in the birther certificate forgery coffin. Now that the nail is in, birthers wishing to revitalize the corpse of their theories must obtain one of these before moving the goalposts.


“Birther” is a “hateful insult”

So says NewsBusters, a self-described web site dedicated to combatting “liberal bias” in the media.

It was on the Morning Joe program on MSNBC where Thomas Roberts called Senator Ted Cruz a “birther” — not just a birther but “big on the birther movement.” As far as I know, Ted Cruz is not a birther.

Now it’s not me who’s calling this an “insult” but rather NewsBusters itself:

No one on the panel bothered to correct Roberts’ disgusting commentary, and instead sat idly by as the liberal MSNBC host desperately tried to connect Cruz to birther Donald Trump.

Other than the fact that Roberts mentioned that Donald Trump discussed Cruz’s Canadian citizenship to the Texas senator, the MSNBCer provided no evidence to back up his insulting claim. One wonders if such hateful commentary from an MSNBC employee would be tolerated …

Who knew it was so bad?

For an opposing view, check out this story.


Unclean hands

The Wikipedia says:

Unclean hands, sometimes called the clean hands doctrine or the dirty hands doctrine is an equitable defense in which the defendant argues that the plaintiff is not entitled to obtain an equitable remedy because the plaintiff is acting unethically or has acted in bad faith with respect to the subject of the complaint—that is, with “unclean hands”. The defendant has the burden of proof to show the plaintiff is not acting in good faith. The doctrine is often stated as “those seeking equity must do equity” or “equity must come with clean hands”.

The Bible has Jesus approach this from another direction:

Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.

John 8:7b ESV

copyrightSo where are my stones aimed? They’re aimed at Orly Taitz for copyright violation. I try to stick to fair use of copyrighted text on this site, but I am not as careful about images (such as the one at the right). What I wouldn’t do is just insert somebody else’s copyrighted article like Orly Taitz often does, and did yesterday [link to Taitz web site] with an article and photo from the New York Times about a shooting in the Bronx in August, 2011. (I ratted her out to the Times. 👿 )

But why is Taitz interested in a two-year-old random act of gun violence? It appears that she’s interested because the article mentions Daly Avenue, and that’s the street where Harry S. Bounel (or some variation thereof) lived way back in 1940. Do you see the connection? Let me explain it to you. If one submits “Daly Avenue” “New York” to a search engine, this article pops up, and pasting the whole article found is a low-cost way to produce well-written web content, albeit not ethically.

“How far is corner of 181 Str. and Daly Ave  from 915 Daly were Bounel lived?” Taitz asks, and in monumental understatement adds: “This is probably not related to Bounel case,” which begs the question of why she bothered to post the article in the first place.

Ah, but the plot thickens. One commenter on the Taitz site opined that the census address for Bounel is wrong, that it really should be “1915” instead of “915.” Taitz has one other piece of “information” from an undisclosed source, Bounel was Jewish.

The investigation continues.


Taking the Obama out of Christmas?

I don’t normally get into generalized right-wing opposition to Barack Obama, but this one was literally staring me in the face through the window of the restaurant were Ms. Conspiracy and I lunched today.


“LC” are the initials for the Liberty Counsel (the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization’s founder and chairman Mat Staver is an attorney), and their main holiday theme is an attempt to keep Christmas commercialized. They publish a “Naughty and Nice List” of businesses that mention “Christmas” in their advertising and on their web sites (nice) and those that don’t (naughty). It is no surprise that the Naughty bit is rather short. The Grinch is played by the ACLU.

I didn’t see any reference to the billboard on the LC site, but it has a few references to “revolution” such as this example:

Looking back on the birth of this nation, it is clear that the Great Awakening gave birth to the American Revolution. Spiritual renewal provided the foundation for the birth of liberty in the civil body politic. The sermons of pastors were literally the fuel for the American Revolution.

I believe the same can be true today. For many months, I have been praying and seeking counsel from pastors, ministry leaders, and lay leaders. In the future, I will be sharing more details about a number of new strategic initiatives we are considering.

The actual connection between the (first) Great Awakening and the American Revolution seems somewhat tenuous given the time difference, but there is a bit on this in the Wikipedia article, and some book references.

[Update: that billboard, now much fade, still appears as of January 14, 2017.]