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Archive | September, 2014

Zullo huffs and bluffs

This article talks about what I see as a pattern of behavior from Mike Zullo. I’ll be the first to admit that two points don’t make a pattern, but perhaps there are more points.

“Bloviate” is a word that means to talk at length and not say anything. An early use was to describe speeches by President Warren G. Harding. Mike Zullo has for over a year now talked about unspecified evidence gathered by his Cold Case Posse (if indeed there is anyone but him looking into conspiracy theories about the President’s identity documents). You can read the sorry history on RC’s MSCO Cold Case Posse Timeline. After Mike Zullo’s evidence was proven to be fake, and his experts shown to be crackpots, Mike Zullo took a different tack: promise everything and deliver nothing. It was pure bluster. After failing to keep various promises, he even stopped setting time frames.

Unable to produce any real evidence, Mike Zullo substituted vacuous talk, and the recent appearance by Zullo spokesperson Carl Gallups on the Peter Boyles radio program attracted huge criticism from birthers for repeating Zullo’s themes, and talking for an hour and not saying anything.

In response, the Cold Case Posse through Gallups did finally say something that won’t blow up their face, copying their material from a reliable source (this and other opposition blogs). Loren Collins proved TWO YEARS AGO that the Joel Gilbert photos, allegedly of Obama’s mother, could not have been her. Now the Cold Case Posse announces the same thing, only attaching the technobabble phrase “digital forensic.”

Former Cold Case Posse member, now CCP critic, Brian Reilly called the Boyles show and talked at length of his perspective on the entire affair. Reilly later called into the RC Radio show, and delivered a shocker that Zullo was once promoting a loony theory about President Obama attending a human sacrifice in Kenya. Just as Zullo responded to the debacle of his failed press conferences with empty rhetoric, he responds to this new damaging information with more rhetoric, this time the veiled suggestion that he will sue Brian Reilly for defamation. Zullo’s quotes are found in an article at the Post & Email web site, reprinted at Birther Report. Did Zullo defend himself with substance? No, he bluffed. Here’s what Zullo said:

We have been monitoring him for the last eight months, and on that broadcast, Mr. Reilly gave me a gift:  we have been waiting for him to come off of an internet broadcast and finally do the slanderous hit-job that he did on public airwaves.

Brian Reilly is fueled by those who are entertained by his trashing of the investigation and his own self-fulfilling motivations. However, there are aspects of his past – facts – that, when they come to light, in my opinion, people are going to find extremely troubling.

Since when does anyone call alleged slander a “gift”? Zullo makes a veiled threat, but again says nothing. He will do nothing because he has nothing. It is Zullo who is the coward, smearing through innuendo. This is the same thing he did to me and Bill Bryan, never actually saying anything, but making vague suggestions. Pathetic.


The Doc and the dentist

I had a dental checkup yesterday. During the cleaning, I asked the long-time dental hygienist to talk about the situation when sick patients (with colds or viruses) come for treatment.

She started off by saying that most patients reschedule their appointments when they are sick, but that some arrive sick, and her first concern (as I described someone coughing and sneezing a lot) was to adjust the position of the chair to help the patient be more comfortable so that fluids could drain properly. I asked if she had ever gotten sick from one her patients, and she said it probably had happened. She talked about the old days before gloves and face shields. She said that infection can usually be avoided if one takes precautions (like not touching an arm with the glove). She also said that she thinks that dental practitioners build up an immunity over time.

I like to do “normal” every now and then on the blog.


Obama Conspiracy Theories birther mondegreen contest

One of the neat things about having this blog is the interesting commenters and their bursts of creativity, shown especially in our previous contests. It’s been a long time since our last one so here is the

Obama Conspiracy Theories birther mondegreen contest

A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. The term was coined by American writer Sylvia Wright in a 1954 essay in Harpers Magazine, recounting her misunderstanding of a poem when she was a child, hearing:

Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
Oh, where hae ye been?
They hae slain the Earl o’ Moray,
And Lady Mondegreen.

The actual last line was “And laid him on the green.”

Contestant’s may leave a birther-themed mondegreen in comments and receive the adulation of their peers.

Thanks to Keith for the suggestion.


Obama! Kenya! Tribe! Human Sacrifice!

Shocker. Brian Reilly reveals: in March 2012 Mike Zullo was speaking to a group of influential Christians (plus Reilly and his wife) that he had asked Reilly to assemble. Zullo told them that he had received information that when Obama was in Kenya with his tribe, he attended a human sacrifice.

You can hear the story from Reilly himself at the end of the RC Radio Show, September 24, 2014. Unfortunately the show ended in mid sentence, with the most important question dangling: Did Mike Zullo pick up the check at Denny’s?

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Dr. Conspiracy’s All American Grand Jury Slam breakfast at Denny’s:


Title Credit: Bonsall Obot.


Boyles: birther grudge match

KNUS talk radio host Peter Boyles telephoned Kapi’olani Hospital a few years back, pretending to be a tourist coming to Hawaii to show his family the birthplace of Barack Obama. He asked if the had the right hospital, and was told that he did. Nevertheless, Boyles continues to be a birther, frequently giving platform to the likes of Orly Taitz, and today Boyles had a lollapalooza of a show with:

  • Carl (straight from the lips of Mike Zullo) Gallups
  • Lawrence (“flipped Obots”) Sellin
  • Brian (saw the Zullo behind the curtain, and didn’t like what he saw) Reilly

Cold Case Posse critic Reilly is the only one of the three who was a member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse and who actually knows what was going on. The others just try to find hidden meaning in Zullo’s obfuscation.