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Shock: Obama will cancel 2014 elections

Have I wasted all that time training to become a poll manager?

Conservative commentator Erik Rush wrote:

Obama’s definitely high on power, but I wouldn’t count on him paying any price for his policy escapades; considering the course America is on at the moment, there may not be a midterm election in 2014 at all.

But, but but…

My own congressional representative Trey Gowdy set the tone in 2013 saying:

If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?

There is some precedent for canceling the election based on Obama’s cancellation of the 2o12 elections, reports Weekly World News:

WASHINGTON – President Obama announced yesterday that he is canceling the 2012 elections, due to the jobs crisis.

In a speech delivered in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Obama made clear that there will be no new significant government measures to address the most severe jobs crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

But he startled the crowd when he revealed his “one transformative idea”.  He told the crowd that he had a brilliant idea for reducing spending and for helping put Americans back to work.  He announced that he signed an Executive Order canceling this year’s midterm elections, scheduled for November 6th, 2012.

If those pundits are wrong and the 2014 election comes off as scheduled then we can be sure that Obama will cancel the 2016 election on the highest authority, God. Prophet Glenda Jackson said on Sid Roth’s television show1, “It’s Supernatural”:

imageGod showed me that if Christians don’t start praying more than they ever have and even the churches become the house of prayer this next Presidential election is not going to take place. It is going to be suspended because evil is going to arise and some disasters are going to happen and some things are going to be put in place and the President is not going to be removed.

1For a hoot, watch the Glenda Jackson appearance video and the paraplegic who was healed by being hit with a severed finger.


Still not my problem

I’ve been over at WorldNetDaily commenting on their article “Media star jumps into Obama Eligibility Debate.” Birther commenters are arrogantly spouting total counterfactual nonsense, and I am shooting them down, at least a few—there are so many (“African,” “40 experts say it’s a fake,” “no one has seen the certified copy” …).

My original “Not my problem” essay was from April of 2013, and in it I give a corollary to my life principle that “Some things are my problem, and some things are not my problem, ” namely, “Your being a birther is not my problem.”

This web site grew out of a desire to put some material up in an accessible form so I wouldn’t have to waste time arguing with innumerable individuals one on one, and I don’t spend a lot of time doing that. The site was not created with the expectation that it was needed to accomplish some grand purpose, or to influence the 2008 election (which had already happened). It was not created to keep the country from tipping into absolute crazy. It’s just here to provide information to those who are interested.

imageFrom time to time, a birther story leads me to read about other conspiracy theories, the most recent a variety of stories that Obama will declare “marshal law” and cancel the 2016 elections. I am reminded that the conspiracist domain is vast, and I must remind myself that it is not my problem.

Something not being my problem seems to me analogous to the legal concept of standing. My harm from conspiracy nuts is not particular and individual. I don’t suffer more from them than the general public. Any attempt to particularize the damage is speculative and hypothetical. Nobody elected me prosecutor or juror on a conspiracy theorist case. Birthers and other conspiracy theorists may be my hobby, but they are not my problem.


Birther ballot case goes to California Supreme Court

But is the California Supreme Court Constitutional?

That’s what was reported by Gerbil Report™ from a press release of the “American Resistance Party.”1 The article, “Are Part Alien Judges Constitutional?” focuses on one newly-appointed associate justice of the California Supreme Court who was born in Mexico. Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar was recently nominated by Governor Jerry Brown to the Court, and confirmed unanimously by the California Commission on Judicial Appointments. Cuéllar has some impressive credentials that can be read in his Wikipedia article, or at the LA Times.

Because they were unable to find anything showing that Cuéllar was a US Citizen, the ARP assumed that he wasn’t. Curiously, the California Judicial Branch Fact Sheet that describes qualifications for judges does not mention any citizenship requirement, nor is it a requirement for admission to the California Bar. Nevertheless, Cuéllar is, according to his Constitution Project biography, a US Citizen. But even if Cuéllar is a naturalized citizen he is not, argues the ARP, constitutionally qualified to be a judge on the California Supreme Court because of some tortured reading of the US Constitution, specifically the 11th Amendment that precludes foreign persons from suing a state.

They assert:

Mr. Cuéllar has failed to prove in any written statement or eligibility statement in the past to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has refuted (sic) his Mexican citizenship. It is his responsibility to do so, if and when, he attains an office that is under the purview of the U.S. Constitution and California Constitution.

The ARP probably is unaware of the oath that naturalized citizens take:

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; …

So while not applicable in this particular instance, the ARP do argue that dual citizens (not 100% citizens) cannot serve in any capacity under the California or US Constructions. Their argument seems nonsense. Where were they when Michele Bachmann (Swiss) and Ted Cruz (Canadian) served in the House and Senate (respectively)?

The case in question is Noonan v. Bowen, a long dismissed ballot challenge, being appealed from the Third Appellate District. Edward Noonan and co-appellant Pamela Barnett are being represented by Nathaniel J. Oleson of the US Justice Foundation. The case number is S221700.

Read More:


The case was denied review.

1Edward Noonan is founder and National Committee Chair of the American Resistance Party.


There will be pudding?

Orly Taitz gets her next day in court this Wednesday in the immigration/Ebola case Taitz v. Johnson. I was surprised today to see a witness list submitted by the government today. The list is comprised of 5 persons (two by prior testimony) including Miguel Escobedo, M.D., M.P.H, Quarantine Medical Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The government also submitted a list of exhibits that inform the Court on procedures for screening immigrant children for disease, advisory information and a CV for Dr. Escobedo. Taitz still has not submitted a witness list.

Taitz on the other hand has filed a 38-page brief in opposition to the motion to dismiss asserting “This court has vast powers to deny admission of aliens.” Taitz’s epidemiological expert, Vera Dolan, provides a second affidavit that to my mind is pretty much junk science based on the post hoc fallacy when it comes to showing why Taitz got a cough. It works in the D68 virus even though Taitz wasn’t diagnosed with this, nor has it been shown that Latin American immigrant children are infected with it. Also, it is infants, children, and teenagers who are most likely to contract the virus. Oh, and Dolan says Ebola is transmitted by sneezing (with a little medical literature to back that up).

Please except my apologies for omitting the John Snow cholera map which is required in any book, presentation or article touching on epidemiology. What Snow showed was that cholera cases clustered around a public water pump, pointing to the pump as a source of infection.


Read more:


Election fraud

One of the Obama conspiracy theories is that Obama won the presidency through election fraud. Election fraud conspiracy theories are making the rounds again, and an email forwarded to me by Arnold Carl Tapp pointed me to the article, “Illegal Votes could Decide Election” on a website called Patriot Update.1 The article opens up with this statement:

It is sad that liberals fight so hard to enable voter fraud.

In a way this is true. The American Civil Liberties Union, for example, is challenging voter ID laws, laws that help to prevent voter fraud due to someone impersonating a registered voter at the polls. Conservatives argue that in a close election, even a few fraudulent votes could change the result. The problem with that idea is that the actual number of cases of verified voter impersonation is vanishingly small. Before voter ID laws, there were only a handful of cases of proven impersonation cases, for example 4 in the last ten years in Texas, a state with more than the national average, according to the ABC News article “Voter Fraud: Non-Existent Problem or Election-Threatening Epidemic?” Nationwide the number of convictions for impersonation fraud comprise .00000013% of votes.

Various estimates of the number of registered voters without a valid photo ID are put forward. States get these estimates by attempting to match voter registration and DMV records.2 The exact numbers can be questioned, but they are certainly large. For example, North Carolina determined that 138,425 persons participated in the 2012 election who did not have a photo ID, and would have been unable to vote had there been a voter ID law in place. Compare 138,425 real voters in one medium-sized state with 26 fraud convictions nationwide.


My state of South Carolina has a very permissive voter ID law that says that if you have a reasonable impediment to getting an ID, you can still vote (on a paper ballot) after signing an affidavit as to the reason. The voter gets to decide what is reasonable. The problem is that the pamphlets on the new voter ID law say on the front: “VOTERS WILL BE ASKED TO SHOW ONE OF THESE PHOTO IDs BEFORE VOTING IN PERSON.” That’s true—voters will be asked that. But you have to turn the card over to see that you can vote anyway if there’s something that prevents you from getting an ID.

It becomes abundantly clear that liberals would prefer millions of legitimate registered voters to be able to cast their ballots, even if it means tolerating 26 impersonators. So I say:

It is sad that conservatives fight so hard to prevent eligible voters from voting.

I will be serving as a poll manager next Tuesday in a precinct that has about 1,3oo voters. On the morning of the election I will take an oath that says:

We do solemnly swear that we will conduct this election according to law and will allow no person to vote who is not entitled by law to vote in this election, and we will not unlawfully assist any voter to prepare his ballot and will not advise any voter as to how he should vote at this election.

That means that I will be enforcing the South Carolina voter ID law, and I am going to make darned sure that there is no detectible fraud in my precinct, and darned sure that every qualified voter gets a chance to vote.3

1I’m on the mailing list for this guy named Arnold Carl Tapp and most days I receive one or more forwarded RWNJ articles from him (some written in large red letters). I don’t pay much attention, except that the other day I noticed Tapp as a commenter at Birther Report. My view is that Obama won through a grass roots effort to get people likely to vote for him to the polls, and to get new voters registered.

2I have worked extensively in the records matching field, and I know that most efforts are poor.

3It is extremely unlikely that anyone will show up without an ID (according to the county elections commission). Is that because everybody has an ID, or because those without an ID think they cannot vote?

I wrote an article back in June, “Voter Fraud (or the lack thereof),” that talked about the Cochran/McDaniel primary runoff race in Mississippi. McDaniel lost by 7,700 votes and claimed that voters, largely African-American, voted for his opponent. McDaniel alleged that these voters had previously voted in the Democratic Primary, making them in eligible to vote in the Republican runoff. While McDaniel made a big deal of this charge including examination of massive numbers of ballots, he waited 41 days to file his official challenge, after the deadline. The Mississippi Supreme Court rejected his appeal of a lower court decision refusing the challenge because it was late. See Reuters, “Mississippi Supreme Court rejects McDaniel Senate primary challenge.” Part of the controversy involved the actual and alleged errors by poll managers in recording which party a voter had selected in the primary election. I think such issues could be sorted out easily in South Carolina because the voter signs a list under the party heading where they vote (so they will spot an error) in addition to the poll manager recording the party on the electronic voter registration list. An out of sequence page and line number on the EVRL would be easy to spot in an automatic scan.


The great prediction

There are two predictions, actually, currently circulating among the birthers, but they both focus on the same event, Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. Some birthers say that Obama will leave office before that day through the vindication of their beliefs about his eligibility (this is the “any day now” “frog marched out of the White House” faction), and others say Obama will not leave office on that day at all, but will try to stay in office beyond his term by manufacturing some kind of crisis. The “crisis” has been variously identified as an economic crisis, a terrorist crisis or as one Gerbil Report™ commenter named SMACK put it in Burma Shave sign form: EBOLA / THE PERFECT EXCUSE / FOR MARTIAL LAW / BANK.

Political commentator and conspiracy theorist, James Henry Fetzer, says:

The situation with Ebola is very strange indeed, because there are multiple indications that it’s some kind of fraud or hoax or scam being perpetrated on the American people. …

“There’s good reason to be skeptical about what’s going on here in the United States. And I am terribly troubled that they are trying to create a cause that is going to instill fear into the American people to justify imposing martial law here in the United States.

Fetzer doesn’t state a purpose for martial law in the US, but he does say that sending US Troops to Africa is being done to further US corporate interests. An alternate theory is that Ebola is real and Obama wants to punish America for slavery in its past. That was articulated by birther litigant and talk show host Dr. Laurie Roth in her article, “Vaccinations, Martial Law, Millions of Deaths on their Way”:

And what is the purpose of all this disease, lack of protection and border security??? It appears to be potentially the “full meal deal” for Obama and his goals. 1) Establish over the next few years mindless, dependent and UN-American foreign voters and supporters for Obama and his goals. 2) Punish America for her achievements by riddling her with diseases and maiming her children. 3) Create a guise to declare martial law due to created outbreaks. Control speech, food, travel and health care. 4) Demand adults and children take some sort of mandated/mystery vaccination that kills off even more people.

My prediction is that a forced vaccination plan from Obama and his administration is on its way. This will not only allow someone put in control (so Obama can’t be blamed) to release something potentially fatal into our system, but also act as a tracker — the complete end of our privacy and freedom.

David Hodges of “The Common Sense Show” expands on this theme in his article “The PSYOPS of the Coming EBOLA Genocide (Part 1)”:

It matters not if its Ebola that is going to rip through the country like a Tsunami coming ashore, or, whether it is the hastily prepared soon-to-be vaccines that are soon going to be thrust among us which will potentially devastate our collective  immune systems [not out precious bodily fluids?]. To those who are still debating if the Ebola crisis is a false flag, you are wasting time and you are causing the public to take their eye off of the ball. Does it matter if the Ebola is an instrument of oppression or it will be the vaccine that serves this purpose? The full or partial spread of Ebola is a prerequisite condition for the roll out of mandatory vaccines. Both Ebola and the subsequent vaccines are like “love and marriage”, as Frank Sinatra once said, “You can’t have one without the other”!

And if death from Ebola weren’t bad enough, some such as Kit Daniels at InfoWars have suggested, that “Gun confiscations” are “plausible government responses to an Ebola outbreak in America.” (You can find an abundance of other examples of this with search keywords like “Ebola martial law” and “medical martial law.”)

For the purposes of this article, it is the staying in office motive that is relevant, and that can be found in the article “Obama’s Disease-Infected America” by Mychal Massie published in WorldNetDaily on October 13.

I do not believe it was empty rhetoric when Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News host Chris Wallace that “there might not actually be elections in 2016. …” Carson did not specifically mention a pandemic of disease as the reason for same, stating instead the possibility of economic disaster and ISIS. I say, what could be more economically devastating than a disease pandemic and martial law to prevent a run on banks and to allow government-controlled media blackouts?

I will conclude with this image from the Infiltrated Nation web site:

Of course we can just wait until January 20, 2017 and see what happens, whether the birthers (and other right wing conspiracists) are vindicated or proven wrong. There is no satisfaction in that because they will have moved on to something else.

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