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Archive | December, 2014

New Obama conspiracy: birthers can’t use the Internet

Sharon Rondeau has a December 20 article republished at Gerbil Report™ titled “Does the Obama Regime Control the Wayback Machine? ‘FightTheSmears’ link redirects to Obama Political Action Website.”

Charles Kerchner read the article and recast the title as: “Obama Scrubbing The Way Back Time Machine Internet Archives of His Criminal ID Document Fraud (Forged Short-Form CERTIFICATION of Live Birth Form) from The 2008 Election Cycle.”

So does this redirection indicate that Obama is scrubbing the Internet for all traces of his 2008 short-form birth certificate, or that once again the birther confuses their own incompetence with conspiracy.

As a matter of fact, I personally observed that the FightTheSmears web site went offline years ago, and attempts to access it were redirected then to as they are today. So when the Web Archive “Wayback Machine” scanned the site, it got the redirected page just as everyone else did. However, older versions of the Obama site from before it went offline, still available at the Wayback Machine, have the original content, such as this capture from August 14, 2008 retrieved today (click on the image to access the actual Wayback Machine page).


For the edification of the birthers, I suggest the Wikipedia article on URL redirection. It explains that any domain can redirect web requests somewhere else, just as the webmaster of FightTheSmears did. It has nothing whatever to do with scrubbing or altering the Wayback Machine.

The Obama Timeline

A fellow by the name of Don Frederick has published what he calls “The Complete Obama Timeline” on a web site and in two books (material prior to September of 2009 appears in the books). He says that the timeline is over 10,000 pages long and spans Obama’s entire life.

What Frederick has done is to search the Internet finding anything negative about Obama published online (both blogs, comments by political opponents and actual news reporting), and placed it in documents by month in PDF format. Some of the stories I found in a quick scan of the material don’t actually relate to Obama personally but to more general topics such as climate change.

I quibble with Frederick’s use of the word “Complete” since he has omitted anything positive about Obama from the report. For example, the only thing about Obama’s December 2014 press conference were criticisms from political opponents, and not what Obama said. The Complete Obama Obama Timeline print edition (Volume 2) says:

This Timeline does not shy away from noting rumors about Obama if there is any possibility they may be accurate.

So yes, there is much about Obama’s birth certificate in there.

Don Frederick was one of the dignitaries scheduled to speak at the aborted Birther Summit and he has been a guest on Mark Gillar’s Internet radio program, and Peter Boyles’ radio show.

A/Z Day

The term “A/Z Day”1 is appearing as the designation of the great hope of the birthers, the looked-for vindication of all their efforts. It’s the day when Arpaio and Zullo hold a press conference and release some damning indictment against Obama that doesn’t fall apart under scrutiny. It was once called the “March reveal” but, you know, that didn’t work out. Here are examples:

Here’s Barry Soetoro Esq at Obama Release Your Records 13 weeks ago:

#3 Panic Obots/Traitors into flipping and cutting a deal before A/Z Day. Hearing A/Z’s progress on the radio most Fridays should frighten Obots into cooperating with police.

Seven Weeks ago BSE was once again at Gerbil Report™ as part of a dust-up between Falcon, a commenter named Scott and himself:

"Team Scott" seems very confident they can act with impunity without fear of getting exposed after A/Z Day blows the lid off the Ostapo and folks start rounding up the footsoldiers who ran interference on behalf of the Regime.

deleted6377468 wrote at Gerbil Report™ 3 weeks ago:

[Thomas Sowell writing in the National Review Online is] complicit in the greatest fraud in American history. As A/Z day draws ever closer, the rats are leaving the ship.

I’ve been reading some private speculation that basically says that the “scandal” about Zullo receiving a $10,000 gratuity, plus “The Joe Show’s” depiction of Arpaio playing the birther issue for the money has made the Cold Case Posse and Mike Zullo too great a liability for the Sheriff. I would have though that Zullo being caught lying about evidence would be the big scandal, but I doubt Sheriff Joe is smart enough to realize what Zullo did. I think the most important thing that will prevent there ever being a joint Arpaio/Zullo news conference is the questions that would inevitably be asked by reporters. Arpaio would be asked about the ethics of the $10,000 gift, but the most difficult question of all would be about Cold Case Posse financing and their skating around IRS rules for reporting by non-profit tax exempt organizations. Zullo can dodge that question by claiming to be part of the Sherriff’s Department, and Arpaio can dodge that question by saying the Posses are independent, but they cannot both dodge the issue appearing together.

Personally, I think Jesus will return first.

1To the best of my knowledge, the first use of the term “A/Z Day” was by an undercover anti-birther posting at Gerbil Report™. Ironically, a commenter there (Reagans_Ghost) used the term himself in this observation 6 weeks after the initial use. He wrote in August 2014:

You know we are close when Obots come on here and have phony debates with THEMSELVES! Lol! Pathetic! You CRETINS come on here masquerading as "birthers" so you can make racist comments then CHIDE eachother for making said comments , all in the name of trying to make us look bad. I’ve NEVER seen the amount of Obot traffic on here that I’ve seen in this last week! I think you guys know you are done and SOON. When 90% of the first 20 comments or so are made by Obots, you can be damn sure we are CLOSE to A/Z day!

Fishing for gold coins in a bucket of mud

Photo of Dr. Conspiracy without a hatFinding gold coins in a bucket of mud is really not difficult because gold is heavier than mud. The coins sink to the bottom and can be retrieved efficiently in any number of simple ways. Just as the coins collect at the bottom of the bucket, so do the more unsavory birthers collect at the Birther Report™ web site and on other forums and blogs.

Those sometimes angry, sometimes vulgar, and sometimes racist birthers are not a cross section of people who check YES on polls about having doubts on where Obama was born. No, those responses are from people who are active on the issue, and in the case of Birther Report™ they are truly what has sunk to the bottom of the barrel.

The present stance of Obama Conspiracy Theories focuses on reporting stories about birthers. Just as “dog bites man” is not news, neither is “birther doubts Obama.” To make the news here, a birther has to behave badly, or in a laughably stupid manner. So just as I have to keep reminding myself that what I read at Orly Taitz Esq. is not representative of all birthers, I remind you too.

Full v. Empty

I was over at Gerbil Report™ engaging in a thread where the birther states the familiar “Obama is destroying the country” meme. Just a few days ago I watched Obama’s final press conference of the year where he laid out a number of things in the US economy that were going quite well. Certainly for a retired person like me who lives off investments, the soaring stock market is personally good for me. I said that if that is “destruction,” we need more of it. Nevertheless, the birther maintained an extremely gloomy view of the economy and the state of the nation.

I ran across one of my articles from this past summer while putting together the end of year retrospective. The article, “Negativity merchants,” cited some psychological studies on the difference between conservatives and liberals, including the observation that conservatives are disgusted more easily than liberals. There as another finding in that research that says:

…we argue that one organizing element of the many differences between liberals and conservatives is the nature of their physiological and psychological responses to features of the environment that are negative. Compared with liberals, conservatives tend to register greater physiological responses to such stimuli and also to devote more psychological resources to them.

Perhaps that explains why the national debt weighs more heavily on the commenter at GR than it does on me.

To some extent, the entire publishing effort behind this blog comes out of the tension between how I see things and how some others see them. The birther sees the glass as half empty and I see it as half full. I see the evidence of Obama’s eligibility as overwhelming and the birther sees the smallest lack as overwhelming. Fundamental differences in psychology aren’t going to be overcome by argument at a birther blog.

Putting differences aside, I wish a Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year1 (unfortunately it won’t seem as happy to the birthers).

1Last month the second most frequent browser language group to visit the blog was Russian. So for those folks: С новым годом.

Arpaio loses immigration lawsuit against Obama

imageIt was pretty clear that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not the chosen representative of the American people, as his lawsuit to overturn the Obama Administration’s immigration policy of deferred deportations met with a prompt dismissal by a federal judge in the District of Columbia for lack of standing.

In a 33-page decision issued yesterday, federal judge and Obama appointee Beryl A. Howell dismissed the lawsuit following a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction. Judge Howell rejected Arpaio’s plea to take an activist judicial stance, rather citing the doctrine of “the proper—and properly limited—rule of the courts in a democratic society.” Judge Howell was not interesting in making “policy properly left to elected representatives.”

Judge Howell cited heavily from the Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. United States 132 S. Ct. (2012) overturning much of an Arizona immigration law, SB 1070.

I note that Judge Howell had the same problem with Arpaio’s complaint that I did:

At the outset, the plaintiff’s Complaint and motion for preliminary injunction fail to identify whether the plaintiff is bringing suit in his individual capacity or in his official capacity as the elected Sheriff of Maricopa County.

During oral arguments, this was clarified—the answer is “both.” Still Arpaio was unable to show a particularized injury in either case sufficient to grant him standing to sue. Arpaio claimed death threats were an injury, threats that occurred before the Administration policies were made.

Read more: