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Voter fraud

Here’s  a comment from ★FALCON★ at Birther Report (29-Nov-2015)

Trump will lose by pandering to Obama’s 22 special-interests groups. Trump needs to focus on getting the Conservative Bloc out – when that happens he wins in a landslide.

Also, remember you need to add in about 10 percent Communist voter fraud. So Trump needs about 85 percent of the Conservative bloc to show-up.

While it’s not something you hear every day, part of the birther denial of Obama’s presidency is to attribute his election to fraud, and to tie this idea to undocumented alien residents in the country.

I got to spend some extended time with a right-wing fellow this week, and he commented that he expected Hillary Clinton to win the next presidential election, and that win would be buttressed by voter fraud. I told him that I worked election in our state and that we didn’t have problems with voter fraud. He countered with “900 dead voters.” (More on that in a minute.)

There is a liberal/conservative divide around elections. Conservatives say that there is widespread voter fraud and that the laws have to be strengthened to prevent it. Liberals say that voter fraud is an insignificantly tiny problem and that the new laws to prevent fraud are actually ways to lower the turnout of minority voters. (Being a progressive-leaning person, I agree with the latter position.)

It turns out that the South Carolina “dead voter” story is not new; I just missed it the first time around. The story relates to elections between 2005 and 2010. Our esteemed Republican governor had appointed another esteemed Republican to head the S. C. Department of Motor Vehicles, and that individual for reasons one might suspect relate to justifying the new S. C. Voter ID Law, decided to match voter participation records against DMV records, and discovered what appeared to be 953 persons who voted in elections, but were in fact dead. Rather than go to the Elections Commission with this result, he went to the newspapers. It appears that the esteemed Republican head of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division referred the result to the Department of Justice. The story even made it to Fox News (which is probably why I didn’t hear about it).

Indeed the SC Elections Commission had some difficulty getting the list of 953 Communists in the State Department deceased voters flagged by the DMV, but when they did, they focused on the 207 cases related to the most recent election (2010) and found no instance of fraud, not one, nada, zip.

The reasons for the “false flag operation” by the DMV are perhaps technically interesting, and those would like to read the details can find them in the Election Commission press release from 2012, “SEC Releases Findings on ‘Dead Voters’ Investigation.” (As a poll manager in the state, I was certainly interested.) As an aside, there is a legitimate situation where a deceased person can vote: if a voter mails in an absentee ballot and dies before the election, their vote on election day still counts.

On those occasions where I have researched a “massive voter fraud claim,” I found the reports not much different from the South Carolina story. It is mostly bad data, or misunderstood results. If you want to read more on the issue for the country at large, I offer this from the Washington Post in 2014: “7 papers, 4 government inquiries, 2 news investigations and 1 court ruling proving voter fraud is mostly a myth.”


The fate of the Universe: a 2015 retrospective

I hear that the Universe is expanding at an increasing rate, so unless something happens, it will just grow colder and colder. The revelations in the Melendres case in Arizona gave us some insight on Mike Zullo’s secret evidence, and it does not look like it will shatter the Universe, or even slow it down. Rather than coming out in a Arpaio/Zullo press conference on Obama’s birth certificate, it came out in documents and testimony in a contempt hearing. The “evidence” was an unproven claim by Dennis Montgomery that Obama’s birth certificate was created by the CIA, and so the Arpaio contempt trial was, hands down, the top birther story 2015.

What else happened in 2015 in the Birtherverse?


  • Donald Trump raises the issue of Ted Cruz’ eligibility when speaking to reporters in West Des Moines, Iowa, saying Cruz might have to go to court to resolve the doubts.
  • Birther insider Gary Wilmott expresses doubts that Arpaio and Zullo will ever hold their 3rd news conference on Obama.
  • Joe Arpaio announces start of re-election campaign
  • Leo Donofrio produces moon landing hoax conspiracy documentary




  • Melendres contempt trial: Joe Arpaio admitted in court that there was an investigation of Judge Snow
  • Mike Zullo’s trips to Seattle to meet with Dennis Montgomery revealed
  • Chris Strunk files as candidate for president









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