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Archive | July, 2016

Pardon this slight delay

I refer the reader to my July 15, 2013, article titled “Department of State FOIA Delay” for the story of how I had submitted a FOIA for a specific microfilm passport issuance card for Ann Dunham in January of the previous year. They told me back then that they would supply me with an estimated completion date in “a day or two.” I said at the time:

Anybody want to bet me that the response won’t be either (a) not in a day or two, or (b) we cannot tell you when to expect a response, or  both?

Nobody took that bet. The correct answer was (a). Indeed, I never did hear back from them until today. In a letter dated June 28, 2016 Eric F. Stein, Co-Director, Acting, Office of Information Programs and services wrote:

I refer to our letter dated January 30, 2012, regarding the release of certain Department of State material …

The Department of State is undertaking a comprehensive effort to clear up its backlog of information requests. As part of that effort, we are writing to inquire whether you are still interested in pursuing this case. …