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Archive | October, 2016

Trump’s son talks about his dad’s Birtherism

Eric Trump’s previously unpublished comments from 2014 praise his father for raising the Obama birth issue. NBC News carried the story yesterday.

Younger brother Eric credited his father with “starting a conversation” about Obama’s birthplace that would not have taken place without him.

What Donald Trump actually did was to revitalize a long-debunked conspiracy theory as part of a trial balloon for his own run for the presidency. Check out the NBC news story for more juicy quotations from Trump’s sons on Donald, the Birther.


Winding down

I dropped by Birther Report, the main hub of online birtherism,  just now and their most recent article is 5 weeks old. Except for furtive and 22tula215 spamming YouTube links, there are pretty no much no new comments either.

Now that the birther’s “great orange hope” has abandoned them, there’s not a lot left in birtherism except occasional nastiness on various new web sites. A good bit of the ugliness has filtered down to Breitbart News, a site that is challenging WorldNetDaily for the most misleading articles.

That’s all fine with me. I’m ready to flush the birthers.


Welcome back, Fogbow


The Fogbow forum is back under a new hosting company and more site security. Foggy wrote yesterday:

Now you can do a post about how Fogbow is back, working perfectly, and super-secured by SiteLock. No more malware – and the blacklisting will be removed early next week.

We see a good deal progress in the recovery from typhoon AnoaGhost. The WordPress front page is restored: Some of the menus still don’t work, but that will come in time, as will the removal of the big red Google scare page you seen when accessing The Fogbow from some browsers.


The red scare screen is gone now, and the front-page menus have been restored. A cursory check suggests that the forum problem with logins has also been fixed.


Gary Kreep: birther judge in hot water

imageGary Kreep is back in the news, but not in a good way. Kreep was one of the original birther attorneys in California, co-counsel with Orly Taitz in the Keyes/Barnett lawsuit that was eventually dismissed.

Kreep went on to run and be elected Superior Court judge in San Diego, a testament to why judges should not be elected (Kreep got a low qualifications rating from the Bar Association). He was assigned to a low-level criminal court.

I thought that was the last we’d every hear of Gary Kreep, but reality has the habit of surprising us. He’s in hot water for a couple of things, making crude and racist comments from the bench and his 2012 fundraising letter suggesting his US Justice Foundation would “educate” the public about Obama’s crimes including Obama’s “fraudulent occupation of the White House” and other campaign irregularities. Kreep could be removed from the bench.

Kreep already paid a $6,000 ethics fine over irregularities in his 2012 campaign.

Read more:


Do not adjust your set: The Fogbow is down

Persistent malicious attacks have plagued The Fogbow forum over the past couple of weeks, with an extended outage caused by someone calling themself AnoaGhost, presumably from Indonesia.

Now instead of merely defacing The Fogbow, attackers have added links (somewhere) to another web site that attempts to  install malware on the visitors’ computers, according to Google Safe Sites. The malware reports started sometime yesterday evening. Bill (Foggy) Bryan said by Facebook just over an hour ago:

OK, an update. I give up on my hosting company. I’m paying $200 a month, and they used to be great at tech support, but now they’re just not helping. So I found a new hosting company, super fast servers, same amount of memory and bandwidth. Less money, too.

But I have to set it up, which means I have to transfer all the files and the DNS, which means we’ll be offline for another day or so while the DNS entry propagates around the globe. There’s a learning curve for me, too. So it’s a hassle and a waste of my time that I should be doing other things, but if I stay with my current hosting company we’ll have malware for the rest of my life, and that’s taking too much time too.

Also, Fogbow is my only site that gets massive amounts of traffic. Maybe part of the problem was that I have many other websites on this hosting account, and it seemed that those were possibly used to access my whole server. I will keep this account Fogbow ONLY.

Bottom line, we’ll go offline tomorrow morning and I am not sure when we’ll come back up, but this is the best solution I can devise at the current time.

So The Fogbow will be moving to a new hosting company, which will require software installation, database migration and waiting out the DNS changes. As I said back at the start of 2012:

Changing hosting companies can be like switching checkout lines at the market. Sometimes switching from something that looks bad to something that looks good turns out to be the wrong decision in the end.

I ended up moving and it was definitely out of the frying pan and into the fire for a while with my move to VPS.NET. I hope Foggy has better success in his switch.