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Malware reappears at Taitz web site

I hadn’t seen any of those pop-ups lately from Taitz, ones trying to make you think you needed to update some software or cure a problem on your computer. They’re back. The Google Chrome browser flashed red on her site! I presume this comes from some of her third-party advertising content. While I was at […]

Security Alert–Faux Chrome update

I doubt anybody reading this site would click on something like this that just popped up on their browser. Chrome updates itself in the background. It looks like this malware downloader is coming through compromised advertising on a web site. I’ve seen it maybe 4 times, and my wife caught it once. I wouldn’t have […]

The confession of Dr. Conspiracy–Part 3

In Part 2 I talked about identifying sock puppets at Birther Reports by exploiting information in its avatar system. The underlying email addresses are obscured by a cryptographic digest, but is there a way around that? Troll Hunter It started two years ago with my article, “Troll hunter.” It’s about a Swedish group’s attempt to […]

The denial of Dr. Conspiracy

It seems appropriate amidst the confession of things I did do, that I might clear up what I didn’t do. Obot operatives I have had occasion to exchange emails in confidence with a number of persons, including many of those who publish disagreement with birthers. I’ve met a number of them at Fogbow events. Never, […]

Welcome back, Fogbow

The Fogbow forum is back under a new hosting company and more site security. Foggy wrote yesterday: Now you can do a post about how Fogbow is back, working perfectly, and super-secured by SiteLock. No more malware – and the blacklisting will be removed early next week. We see a good deal progress in the […]