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Malware reappears at Taitz web site

I hadn’t seen any of those pop-ups lately from Taitz, ones trying to make you think you needed to update some software or cure a problem on your computer. They’re back. The Google Chrome browser flashed red on her site! I presume this comes from some of her third-party advertising content. While I was at […]

That was the year that wasn’t: a 2014 retrospective

If I were to sum up the significant events for birthers in 2014, I could end the article right now. 2014 is notable for it’s emptiness. So to fill up some space, I’ll talk about some of what they didn’t accomplish in 2014. [Since this is being published a week before the end of the […]

Exclusive: Orly’s moving

Update: Orly’s web site is back up. Content restored to June 29 July 1. Google Safe Sites now says not suspicious any more. Update 2: This curious item appeared in one of Orly’s ad slots (the end is .com truncated by the screen): In an exclusive interview this morning with Obama Conspiracy Theories, Orly Taitz […]

Notes from the infectious disease ward

UPDATE: Orly’s site is entirely down now. [5 PM EDT, 2 July 2014] UPDATE 2: It’s back up. This the third day since Google again identified as an attack site, passing on malware to visitors. I take such warnings more seriously than I used to. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at the […]

Taitz attacks!

Firefox users visiting the Orly Taitz web site today are seeing this message: Not long after Orly’s web site was restored following what she says was a hacking incident, I visited her site and saw a popup window that tried to get me to install some software. I detailed some of these popups in my […]

The mystery of the missing web site

Orly Taitz’ web site is back up since yesterday, but still there is little in the way of hard information about why it was down. Is this an improvement? The Taitz web site is again infested with advertising that tries to trick users into downloading dubious software: An email allegedly from Taitz appears on the […]