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Malware reappears at Taitz web site

I hadn’t seen any of those pop-ups lately from Taitz, ones trying to make you think you needed to update some software or cure a problem on your computer. They’re back. The Google Chrome browser flashed red on her site! I presume this comes from some of her third-party advertising content. While I was at […]

Do not adjust your set: The Fogbow is down

Persistent malicious attacks have plagued The Fogbow forum over the past couple of weeks, with an extended outage caused by someone calling themself AnoaGhost, presumably from Indonesia. Now instead of merely defacing The Fogbow, attackers have added links (somewhere) to another web site that attempts to  install malware on the visitors’ computers, according to Google […]


Fogbow hacked!

Doesn’t that just spoil an otherwise nice day? Earlier today Bill Bryan, aka Fogbow Foggy, tweeted that the popular The Fogbow forum had been hacked. My server was hacked. I’m working on it as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience. — ☼ bill bryan ☼ (@wlbryan) September 30, 2016 The individual taking responsibility calls […]

OARPA Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 1

Update: OK, so somebody spilled the password. Look it’s all a joke, OK. It’s April Fools Day. Ignore the Obot behind the curtain. This issue probably should be dedicated to our “Chief Alinsky Officer,” Carmen Montoya, who came up with the “hide in plain sight” strategy. As you know, we’ve been planting farcical OARPA articles at […]

That was the year that wasn’t: a 2014 retrospective

If I were to sum up the significant events for birthers in 2014, I could end the article right now. 2014 is notable for it’s emptiness. So to fill up some space, I’ll talk about some of what they didn’t accomplish in 2014. [Since this is being published a week before the end of the […]

Exclusive: Orly’s moving

Update: Orly’s web site is back up. Content restored to June 29 July 1. Google Safe Sites now says not suspicious any more. Update 2: This curious item appeared in one of Orly’s ad slots (the end is .com truncated by the screen): In an exclusive interview this morning with Obama Conspiracy Theories, Orly Taitz […]