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Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre

This is really off topic, I suppose. A little box popped up on my computer desktop listing recent email arrivals, including one with the subject “Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre.” My first though was that RC had used the Xerox “scan to email” feature to send me (or he forwarded to me) the results of […]

Cold Case Posse tests Xerox (or not)

An interesting comment was made on a YouTube video by birther evangelist Mark Gillar (TeaPartyPowerHour): As 1961 LFBCs on original safety paper are being tested with the Xerox, the results are different from what NBC Blogger obtained. The Xerox doesn’t fully explain the layering, the halos, or various other anomalies. In addition, saving documents in […]

The importance of the Xerox 7655 identification

I talked about why so many people get sucked into conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate in my article, “Any fool can see.” I have become somewhat jaundiced in my view of a birther’s ability to evaluate evidence and to change their mind. That view might be biased by the fact that people don’t engage […]

Birthers scrambling, after Xerox bombshell

It’s been a while since NBC and Kevin Vicklund published the unremarkable result that the White House scanned the President’s birth certificate with a common office machine, previewed it, and saved it for the White House web site. (The work they did is remarkable for its ingenuity and skill, but the result was not.) Birthers […]