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New Book to Publish Obama Birth Certificate

Obama Book

Whitman Books “Collector’s Vault” celebration of Barack Obama’s life and campaign hits shelves Tuesday, Jan. 13.

Among the Vault’s colorful pages are more than 50 separate pieces of Obama memorabilia, including reproductions of his birth certificate, high school yearbook photographs, family snapshots and historic speeches-plus collectible postcards, bumper stickers and campaign posters.

Finally, conclusive proof that Obama was born in Hawaii!

Gimme two!

[I got my copy today, Feb 2, 2009. I was really hoping for a full-sized birth certificate reproduction instead of a miniature version.]

Natural Born Citizen for Dummies

Much is being blogged about natural born citizenship since Barack Obama ran for president. There are lengthy legal-sounding arguments and long quotations from books. If you want an advanced degree in Natural Born Citizen, there’s an incredible and growing repository of facts and documents over at What’s Your Evidence? and The Great Mother of All Natural Born Citizenship Quotation Pages.  The Wikipedia article is good too. But for folks who would like just the basics, Obama Conspiracy Theories Presents:

NBC for Dummies

As seen on TV

Natural Born Citizen For Dummies

The Constitution

The Constitution of the United States uses the phrase “natural born citizen” but doesn’t define it. In fact the Constitution does not even define citizen except to say that some are “natural born” and some are “naturalized”. In the beginning, citizenship was defined by the States. Continue Reading →

Dr. Conspiracy Comments

Doctor Conspiracy

Doctor Conspiracy

Here are some comments I made elsewhere (deleted or not):

A request that letters should be sent to the Supreme Court appeared in WorldNetDaily. In response to a commenter at The Right Side of Life:

I think it is seriously misguided for anyone to think that somebody writing a letter to the Supreme Court will make them any more serious about the Constitution than they already are. Continue Reading →