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The Fogbow Meetup 2014

I am in Philadelphia for the Fogbow Meetup. Anti-birthers and their spouses have been filtering in from across the country. I am very pleased to finally meet some folks face-to-face. Generally, I’m not going to talk about who’s here for privacy reasons (feel free to announce yourself). Foggy and Roxy7655 are here.

I don’t get on the Fogbow forum much, what with all the time I spend here and other places, and it’s good to catch up. One thing that I noticed is that there are more lawyers among the anti-birthers than I realized. It’s really a very sophisticated crowd with some rich personal narratives. It’s also enriching for me, who lived my entire life in the South, to hobnob with folks from other parts of the country.

It seems that that the order of conversation is: finding out who the person you are talking to is, briefly how crazy the birthers are, and then something totally different. A group of us went to see the Barnes Art Collection and I have now exceeded my life quota for Renoirs.

Observers may attend Taitz hearing today

Observer character (bald man in black suit using opera glass) from the Fringe TV seriesDiscussions at The Fogbow and on Reality Check Radio last night intimate that there may be anti-birther observers attending the Appeals Court hearing in Taitz v. Obama at 9 am Pacific Daylight Time this morning.

If so, we may look forward to the characteristically entertaining “Boots on the Ground”™ reports at The Fogbow and possibly a special edition of Reality Check Radio tonight. When I get links to the BOTG thread and to the RC show, I’ll add them to this article.

Taitz may be in big trouble as it appears that the Defendants will be represented by the terror of all birther attorneys, The Empty Chair™.

Orly has posted on her site:

Taitz v Obama was argued today at the 4th District Court of Appeal of CA. The court was full of my supporters, many of them oath keepers. Everyone felt good about the hearing, we are waiting for results. Will post TV and radio interviews when they are available

BOTG reports say Orly had about 20 supporters attending, and at least 8 Obots. Present for the anti-birther side included:

  • Wavey Davey
  • Objective Doubter
  • Woodworker
  • Dr. Caligari
  • Geritol
  • JonBeck
  • Kate520

For entertainment value, listen to the RC Radio Show. There wasn’t really anything new that I could see. Orly was Orly. Her argument was basically what was in her brief. The judges asked no questions. Orly brought 2 witnesses, but never tried to call them. Someone commented that under California Law, the Appeal must be decided within 90 days of today.

Afterwards Orly gave an interview to this video guy that follows her around. Also Wiley Drake was recording for his own radio program. Somebody passed the hat among her supporters and she was seen stuffing dollar bills into her purse.

In defense of Foggy & RC

I dropped by The Fogbow forum this morning to see if anything was up, and I noticed a few posts in defense of Foggy in the wake of some smears that appeared at Obama Release Your Records, and apparently on the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday program this past week (which I haven’t listened to). Frankly, I never thought to come to the defense of Foggy because criticism of him from the likes of Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo is about as meaningful as someone scribbling his phone number on the wall of poorly maintained gas station public restroom (you just want to get out of there as fast as possible).

I will say this: some of the best folks I have encountered in my life were people who had to struggle at some point. They are more effective and more compassionate than folks on average. I respect Foggy for being the man he is and getting through his tough times.

At the same time Gallups has been taking potshots at RC, shots unlikely to hit home since he doesn’t even know where to aim. While RC’s identity would be totally uninteresting if you knew it, I think not knowing it is a major difficulty for the Cold Case Posse. They claim to be this high-powered law enforcement organization, but they can’t even figure out who one little Obot is. In fact, all of the so-called investigation of the Cold Case Posse is just stuff that birthers feed them and that’s how they know who Foggy and I are. (Actually I was first “outed” by a commenter at the old Orly Taitz web site back in 2009, with some detail of my work history plus some nonsense. At that time the domain was registered under my real name.) They couldn’t investigate themselves out of a paper bag, and they have no backing from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, who regard the Posse as an embarrassment. So just as Zullo has done time and time again when he was in a jam, he got Carl Gallups to lie and say that they know who RC is but for some inexplicable reason, they are keeping it under wraps. It’s under wraps because if you removed the wraps, nothing would be there.

The latest fru fru at Obama Release Your Records is talk of an Obot mole. Falcon wrote:

Zullo appears to be asking for collaboration against the others using the info supplied by the mole.

Sounds like RC sold out the o-holes and went to Zullo after his cell phone meltdown and decided he had enough.

Fagbow – you have a mole.

Nate Spencer said:

From what I know Dr. Richard C. Rockwell is the best suspect. I believe that he has flipped over to the CCP and is ratting out the obots that are involved in the conspiracy. Commander Zullo is not ready to expose Reality Check at this time because he is working for the Commander.

Photo of Reality Check with Smiley Face covering real faceBut the Obots know who Reality Check is already (and it’s not Rockwell), so exactly why is Zullo keeping it under wraps unless it’s all a lie and he doesn’t know?

I can, however, confirm that RC has ratted out to the CCP the forger of Obama’s Long Form PDF. He told them it was a Xerox Workcentre 7655 multi-function office machine.

I suppose I should make some remark in defense of myself while I’m at it. Falcon wrote [bold face removed]:

Dr. Conspiracy / Fat Ass Davidson involved in Hawaiian vital records – sold software for a half a million dollars to Hawaii.

That’s simply not true: my ass is not all that fat—the weight is in front. I don’t know who provided the vital records software used by the State of Hawaii, but I know it wasn’t the company I worked for. Big software procurements are matters of public record, so I would presume that they wrote it in house. I wanted to look at a report on vital statistics systems in the US, but it said:

Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.
We sincerely regret this inconvenience.

I have now been officially inconvenienced by the shutdown of the Federal Government. Crying face

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Essential services, Obot blogs, continue amidst US government shutdown

A dysfunctional US Congress has caused over 1 million federal workers to be sent home as the federal fiscal year begins with no budget. Certain essential services, however, will continue, including immigration and border controls and payments to social security recipients, and also thankfully, there will be no reduction in federal funding for blogs such as this.

I have strong feelings about the government shutdown, but they are not relevant to the birther movement, except that some of the same rumor-based decision making processes we see with birtherism, seem to play a role in the Tea Party approach to legislation.

Innocents abroad

The title of this artice is borrowed from Mark Twain’s Holy Land travelogue of the same name. I thought it an appropriate title for an article about the alleged absquatulation from the United States of certain upstanding anti-birther personalities. I suppose that it didn’t help matters when Reality Check missed his show Tuesday and his substitute Foggy was absent as well–plus on top of that, some Soviet music was playing in place of the show. Now personally, I really enjoy the movie The Hunt for Red October and its sound track, but playing it on the Reality Check Radio show might have been misleading. I do not know the “undisclosed location” where RC is right now, but I certainly have no reason to think that it’s Russia.

Some others may have been confused by an article I published containing a photo of someone who looks like me standing next to a truck displaying Cyrillic lettering and jumped to the conclusion that the photo was of me in Russia, but I can promise you that it was not. I am not the only bearded guy who wears a hat.

The birthers have a made a really big deal of what appears to be a two-digit date on President Obama’s Selective Service System registration and they prove its significance by claiming that no legitimate form exists with this missing date. Well, I am prepared to make a similar argument to prove that the photo was not one of me in Russia. What follows is photographic evidence that I did not fly into Russia. You can clearly see that I am not there.

Anti-birther partisans flee the country

I knew about this, but I didn’t realize that the announcement was coming today. As you may recall, I’ve previously detailed the aftermath of a telephone exchange between anti-birther partisan Reality Check (RC) who has in the past hosted a long-running Blog Talk Radio program named Reality Check Radio, and charity cop commander Mike Zullo. Cold Case Posse sycophant and birther evangelist Carl Gallups had previously suggested that RC should be a “person of interest” in the Cold Case Posse’s jihad against Obama. RC called Zullo to find out if Carl Gallups spoke for the Posse and whether he was indeed a person of interest in the investigation. Zullo refused to give RC any information and described RC as being upset about it.

After Gallups first comments, RC had made plans to be away from his show for some period of time. In the short term the show will be hosted by Bill Bryan (aka Foggy, operator of The Fogbow forum, and well-known thorn in the birther’s side).

Foggy let the cat of the bag or something to that effect in comments here:

Didja hear that R.C. had to leave the country on short notice and I’ll be doing his radio show for the indefinite future? Something about an NSA intercept of some information from an adjunct to a law enforcement agency in the Southwest.

There’s a lot more to that story about RC than Foggy lets on, but I am pledged to secrecy about exactly where RC is and why he had to leave home. Sorry birthers; RC is out of the range of your subpoenas.

It gets stranger. A commenter at Obama Release Your Records using the pseudonym of Joe Mannix (who some think is actually Mike Zullo, who I once, but no longer think is Mike Zullo) left this comment:

Dr. Conspiracy/Kevin Davidson is a person of interest in the birth certificate forgery. His background into working with birth certificates and vital statistics is key. You are being looked at Mr. Davidson.

With that in mind I have no comment whatever on a photo of a man bearing a striking resemblance to me that appeared on the Internet today.