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Where was Barack Obama Born?

Throw Lingle under the bus

imageThe crew over at Gerbil Report™ have piled up the poo to fling at Linda Lingle, former Republican governor of Hawaii (pictured right), one who famously supported her Republican appointee Health Director Chiyome Fukino in saying Obama was born in Hawaii. She said: “And I think it’s, again, a horrible distraction for the country by those who continue this. … It’s been established. He was born here.”

Rather than putting herself into cryogenic storage, Lingle has found life after the governorship, now named by Illinois governor Bruce Rauner as his chief operating officer and senior adviser, announced in a statement made at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business1, reports the Chicago Sun Times. Rauner named his “superstar” turnaround team:

  • Donna Arduin, CFO
  • Trey Childress, Deputy Governor
  • Linda Lingle, Senior Adviser

According to Rauner:

Linda Lingle was the first woman elected governor of Hawaii, serving two terms from 2002-2010.  Gov. Lingle oversaw a $10 billion annual budget and made state government more transparent, responsive and accountable. Prior to her role as governor, she served as the Mayor of Maui County for eight years, and was a member of the Maui County Council for ten years prior to that. Gov. Lingle began her career as the founder, editor and owner of the Moloka’i Free Press. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge.  She is a native of St. Louis, Mo.

Lingle will start sometime in May or June.

It’s “Pay For Play,” say the gerbils at Gerbil Report™.

The article also repeats a number of long-disproven birther claims, like Obama’s certificate being out of sequence.

Read more:

1The original Gerbil Report™ article had Lingle going to work for the University of Chicago instead of the Governor, which perhaps explains the “Pay for Play” angle. The GR article was later corrected.

Kapi’olani digging

So Rambo Ike asked me over at Birther Report (before I gave it up for Lent) just when was the earliest reference to Obama being born at Kapi’olani hospital. Of course I wasn’t going to kick over a hornet’s nest and mention the birth certificate, which in all fairness didn’t see the light of day until 2011. I had to do a little digging, and here’s my reply:

The earliest Kapi’olani reference is a really good challenge. Most of my interest started with the birthers, and my knowledge of pre-birther history is pretty light. But let’s see what I can do.

The earliest Kapi’olani reference I know of without looking is the one in the Honolulu Advertiser from November 9, 2008, citing “family sources.” You can read about that here:

That’s the interview that contains Tong’s comment;

“We don’t have plans to do anything,” said Kapiolani Medical Center spokeswoman, Claire Tong, when asked how the center plans to commemorate the soon-to-be 44th U.S. president, who, according to Obama’s family and other sources, was born at that hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.

“We can’t confirm or deny it — even though all the information out there says he was born at Kapiolani Hospital. And that’s because of the HIPA (sic) law.”

Tong acknowledged that the center has received daily inquiries from news agencies far and wide asking for confirmation of Obama’s birthplace. Much as she wishes she could do it, Tong said it’s not possible.

“Our hands are tied,” she said.

David Maraniss, who would later write a Biography of Obama, wrote of Obama’s birth at Kapiolani in an article in the Washington Post August 24, 2008. Maraniss doesn’t give a source

The Honolulu Star Bulletin article: “Punahou left lasting impression on Obama” from February 8, 2007 says Kapiolani.

Another article from the Star Bulletin from March 21, 2004 also lists Kapiolani as Obama’s place of birth. That article was copied, mentioning Kapiolani, at the Free Republic forum also in 2004, so we can be pretty sure it wasn’t changed.

FR - Kapiolani 2004

That’s as far back as I can find.

Why Obama’s birth certificate can’t be believed

This is the first (and so far only) submission in my 1000-word challenge to those who think President Obama isn’t constitutionally eligible to office. Adrien Nash, a prolific writer on the subject, presents a good case that it is difficult to dig up details about obscure events from 50 years ago. The views expressed below are those of solely those of the author and do not represent the opinions of Dr. Conspiracy or this blog. Here is the essay:

Why Obama’s birth certificate can’t be believed

The reasons to doubt that Honolulu was the location of Obama’s birth are all tied to what is missing.

It begins with the absence of any eyewitness, even the women who gave birth at the supposed same time and place. No one remembers him or her. No photos of proud mother with newborn. Wouldn’t someone have taken one of an only child with her firstborn? Not even one photo of pregnancy, -the most dramatic event of Ann’s young life. No hospital claiming bragging rights as the place that a unique President, a Hawaiian supposedly, was born. No public hospital record that the public is allowed to examine. No “half hand written, and half typed” affidavit in possession of the HDOH that anyone has been allowed to examine even though a supposedly real birth certificate is fully public, nullifying privacy concerns.

No Hawaiian official has ever referred to an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate for Obama. No Hawaiian official has ever testified under oath as to anything about Obama’s birth record. No Hawaiian official has released a statement that wasn’t couched in carefully written, legally ambiguous language. No statement made by any Hawaiian official can be taken as true because of a state and party and ideological bias toward supporting their favorite Hawaiian son, -son of one of the most socialistic, welfare-dependent states of all.

The birth certificate image is couched in mystery, with nothing provable about its origin and legitimacy, but everything cloaked in attorney-client privilege, and deliberately so. Even Obama himself was careful to never once mention the long-form bc that he appeared before reporters to present. It was never even allowed in his presence, (plausible deniability).

No unbiased, questioning person was allowed to exam what was supposed created by the Hawaiian DOH. No one can testify that it was not merely a color photocopy of a digital file that was fabricated on a computer using original Obama and non-Obama sources supplied by an insider in the Hawaiian DOH.

No one can explain why the birth certificate of Virginia Sunahara was missing from the database, (and presumably the archive) when inquiry was first made. Nor why her brother was barred by the DoH and a judge from obtaining a copy of her long-form even though she died just days after her birth, nor why her registration number, seen on her short-form, is totally out of sequence when that would have been impossible under the strict administration of Verna Lee, -the registrar at that time.

No one can replicate or explain the layers seen in the 9-layer pdf. No one can explain the layers being pure green-gray and not true black. No one can explain how ink came to be located in the exact perfect position in relation to the letter “a” of the name Alvin to result in an unmistakable appearance of a smiling face. If moved the slightest amount in any direction the effect would not exist. How great does one’s gullibility have to be to believe in such an unbelievable coincidence?

How can an image, or a print from it, be certified by any legitimate authority when it is unsigned, and unsealed and is nothing more than an abstract digital creation from an unknown and unprovable source? What business or organization in the world would accept a document or contract of major importance without a signature when every legal document created requires one? Who would buy a million dollar bridge offered by a Nigerian “businessman” or “government official” based on trusting in a contract stamped with a facsimile of a signature?

Why does no communication from Hawaii regarding Obama bear the actual signature of a human being? How can one have confidence that the secretary that wields the signature stamp ever even consults with the registrar?

How can Obama’s birth place be assured when Hawaii allows and allowed out-of-state births to be register for the purpose of obtaining a birth certificate, including foreign nationals with one year of residency?

Why did Obama Sr. not capitalize on having an American child when seeking an extension of his Visa in late August 1961? Why would one not conclude that he didn’t know of his birth even though the State Dept. did? Why is the State Department microfilm record of the cards filled-out by persons entering the U.S. in the first week or 10 days of August 1961 missing from the archive, but no others?

Why is there no record of a marriage between Obama’s parents, nor witnesses, nor photos of the engaged couple, nor honeymoon, nor place of cohabitation? Why did Obama, or his ghost writer, claim that they lived together for two years when they didn’t live together ever?

Where was Ann Dunham between February and August of 1961? Who can prove or show that she was not living in her familiar home-environment of Seattle during many of the later months of her pregnancy? Who can show that she did not want to hand her child over to an adoption agency when that is what a note by a federal official in Hawaii states the parents were considering? Who can show that she didn’t resort to seeking adoptive parents in Canada (Vancouver) because no parents in Washington volunteered to adopt?

Who can show that the Hawaiian witness (and future adoring teacher of Obama) who heard the statement: “Stanley had a baby” did not hear; “Stanley has a baby”, or that either statement indicates the place of birth?

Why has Obama steadfastly refused to present one of his “two certified copies” to any court under any circumstances? Why has every court folded and caved to Obama even when, in one glaring instance, his lawyer failed to even show up in court? What naïve fool would assume that Obama-appointed functionaries in the government, including the NSA, IRS, and FBI did not and do not feed his political operatives private information, like that which Harry Reid claimed before the Senate regarding Romney’s supposed non-payment of taxes?

What naïve fool would assume that the revelations of Edward Snowden do not reveal anything about how secrets are uncovered and covered-up by government? What naïve fool would assume that key Obama supporters in the Hawaiian government wouldn’t justify “the means” used to provide him a way to present the appearance of having a Hawaiian birth certificate by “the ends” of not seeing his presidential legitimacy crack apart and crumble?

Even if none of these possibilities reflect reality, they definitely could and you can’t tell the difference between the truth and the lie because none of them have been answered.

By Adrien Nash july 2013 obama–

Yahoo News throws birthers a bone (and then retracts it)

Yahoo News, and in particular reporter Rachel Rose Hartman, has joined the ranks of media screw-ups who have said President Obama was born in Africa, in this case:

President Barack Obama makes the first extended trip to Africa of his presidency next week—but he won’t be stopping in the country of his birth.

What was she thinking (if anything)?

Yahoo News issued a correction later.

Read the story at The Washington Post.

We’re not in Hawaii anymore

I don’t think I have ever mentioned Linda Joy Adams in an article before1. She is a prolific blogger who has a unique take on Barack Obama’s birth place. She believes that Obama was born in Topeka, Kansas.

I was in Topeka, Kansas, about 20 years ago, installing some software on and IBM System/38 that served the County (Sedgwick County, if memory serves me right). About all I remember from that trip was discovering a peculiarity about IBM 3277 terminals connected to a remote controller differing from ones connected to a local controller.

Memories are funny things, and I remember a whole lot more about Tulsa than I do Topeka. But I digress. Linda Joy Adams writes in her most recent blog article that:

Spent time posting comments on various articles on line about the multiple versions of the Hawaii Birth certificates showing up at the Alabama Supreme court case on Ballot eligibility on President Obama.

Personally I don’t think he ever had anything but the notice of birth generated from a Phone call either pretending to  be the hospital, or since there is an eye witness who saw Stanley Ann on a list of births, someone may have added the name to the births to be called in both to the county for the Notice of birth and to the newspapers. No certified copies were issued until the form itself arrived from the Hospital. I am speculating based on years of experience with these kinds of documents and having conducted criminal investigations for social  security and medicaire (sic) in the earlier years of my career with SSA when  SSN’s were not filed for soon after birth  as they are now, etc.

I’m not sure I can follow the logic of that. I don’t know what the multiple versions are, but it is certainly true that no certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate would have been issued before the State of Hawaii received the birth certificate from the hospital on August 8, 1961. And it is also true that in 1961 children didn’t usually get social-security numbers soon after birth. But how this makes Obama’s birth certificate, signed by a physician at Kapi’olani hospital in Honolulu, go away escapes me. Her next remark:

I also recall there were some kind of alerts about these Hawaii birth records and problems and there may be an old criminal investigation file in Hawaii and it was soon after 1961 the law got changed  tightening security measures there.

appears totally made up. At least I’ve never seen any such thing, and Adams doesn’t provide any sources. But birthers making stuff up, or being confused about what they know, is par for the course.

BTW, “Topeka, Kansas” is an anagram of “sneak oak past” and “takes oak nap.” Ponder that!

1I turns out that I did mention her before in my article: “Obama birth certificate found in Kansas.”

How do they know?

Recently, birthers have been recycling long-discredited rumors about Barack Obama. One way to recycle rumors is to aggregate them into a pile, where they look more impressive than singly. One such aggregation of old news appeared on the Orly Taitz blog from a commenter named “Adam.” I respond to this compilation of people who have said Obama was born in Kenya by asking the obvious question: how do they know? I ask because if there is no way they could have know, then they don’t know.

Kenyan National Assembly members state at various times that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a native born American:

The link in the proceeding is not any official source; it’s to a newspaper ad,  but there are a couple of quotations from Kenyan politicians that say, or might be understood to say, that President Obama was born in Kenya. I ask: how do they know? They were not speaking about where Obama was born, but about something else, using Obama just as an example. They weren’t authoritative statements on the subject of the President’s birthplace. Have you never heard a US politician make a glaring mistake, shoot from the hip, run off their mouth with their brain not engaged? If the Kenyan politicians don’t give a source, then don’t know any more than anyone else.

Kenyan Ambassador to the United States says on a U.S. radio show that Obama’s birth location in Kenya is well known:

In this case the Ambassador was misunderstood. He talked about the Obama birth place being a popular tourist attraction. That refers to Kogelo Village where Barack Obama Sr. was born. When contacted next day, a spokesperson for the Ambassador stated flat out that the Ambassador had no information about where President Obama was born. We needn’t ask how he knew, because he tells us that he didn’t.

Newspapers in Kenya and other African countries report as far back as 2004 that Obama is Kenyan born:

A very few, relatively speaking, of these did appear. However, they never give sources, and they don’t explain how they knew. Some printed retractions.

Obama’s family members in Kenya say he was born there:

Obama family members might reasonably know where the President was born, but they never said he was born in Kenya. They consistently say he was born in Hawaii.

Michelle Obama the wife of Barack Hussein Obama says in 2008 that Kenya is her husband’s “home country”:

Figure of speech. Even if Michelle Obama knew her husband were born in Kenya, she would never say so in public.

Michelle Obama the wife of Barack Hussein Obama in 2007 says her husband is a Kenyan:

Figure of speech. Even if Michelle Obama knew her husband were born in Kenya, she would never say so in public.

NPR radio says that Obama is Kenyan born:

How do they know? What source do they have that is not available to all of us? Anyway, they corrected the mistake quickly.

Gov Richardson of New Mexico says Obama is an immigrant:

How does he know? Whatever he meant, he has no way to know if President Obama was born in Kenya.

School records in Indonesia report that he is an Indonesian citizen:

Those school records also say he was born in Hawaii. If you accept the school record, then you have to throw out everything that says Obama was born in Kenya. According to school officials, the nationality of the parent (in this case Lolo Soetoro) was usually put down for nationality, as was the religion, Islam. Obama becoming an Indonesian citizen was impossible both under US and Indonesian law.

No hospital records exist in Hawaii proving Obama was born there per Tim Adams a 2008 Hawaii Election official’s sworn affidavit:

How does Adams know? The best he has said is that it was an office rumor or something his supervisor told him. How did the supervisor know? The Elections Division does not have access to any birth records in Hawaii. They had no way to know, so they don’t know.

Obama’s Hawaiian birth registration records was likely created by an affidavit led by Obama’s maternal grandmother declaring him born at home with no witnesses using a simple mail-in form available in 1961 simply to gain her new foreign born grandson Citizenship. Birth registration fraud to gain Citizenship occurs now and it occurred then. His vital records were likely subsequently amended upon the marriage of his mother to her second husband, Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii. His official name in the vital records of Hawaii may show his name still as Soetoro. The online Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is a forgery:

So how do they know this? Given that all the details on Obama long-form birth certificate have been verified by the State of Hawaii, and in particular that President Obama was born in a hospital, this is clearly not true.

This particular list omitted the publicist’s brochure mentioning that Obama was born in Kenya. However, the author of that brochure stated specifically that she had no information from Obama that it was true. So asking how did she know, we know the answer: she didn’t.

The general response: how did then know, or how do you know, is a fairly non-aggressive way to argue, and quickly arrive at the result that the speaker believes something without good reason and really does not know.

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