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Birther announces military coup

This is not a drill!!! This is not a joke or parody!!! This is real bat guano crazy!

Bobby Powell, yes the same Bobby Powell who organized the million-man “Walk Like an Egyptian” march September 9 to oust President Obama, which no one including Powell attended, has erased that boondoggle from the public awareness by putting forward something even more bizarre, “military coup in progress in Washington D.C. 9/10/2013.”

photo of Bobby PowellI have received information originating from a well-known former General at the Pentagon; everybody knows this guy’s name. This information comes to me second hand, but I consider the go-between to be very reliable.

The information that I have received so far is that five of the US Military’s highest-ranking Generals have met with Barack Obama and warned him that if he orders an attack on Syria he will be arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, namely the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria.

The generals reportedly punctuated that statement with a promise that if he is convicted of Treason, Barack Obama will find himself swinging at the end of a rope at Leavenworth.

This is so over top that I could just let it stand without comment, but I will, however, point out a couple of things for educational purposes.

First, the piece is an appeal to anonymous authority, which is worthless. We don’t know who this “well-known former general” is supposed to be, nor who the reliable go-between is. The “five generals” are also nameless. The meeting doesn’t have a date.

I find the piece insulting to the US Military, who are loyal to the Constitution and have a noble tradition of staying out of domestic politics. While Powell and his right-wing nut job cronies may want to turn the United States into Egypt, I see no such sentiment in our military leadership. The President of the United States can be impeached by the Congress and removed from office, but not tried for a crime while in office. The US Military does not arrest Presidents.

Photo of Anton LeVeyThe hate-filled Powell is a blight on the American landscape. A few Nut job blogs are picking it up—Godlike Productions, PP Simmons and Oppressed Sons.

OK, tell me. Do you think that Powell is going for an Anton LaVey look?

September 9 March on Washington

Taking back America

So today was the day of that big march of “freedom loving people” on Washington, DC, to take the government back from the rest of us freedom loving people. Some title the  march “Walk like an Egyptian,” a not-too-subtle reference to removing a government through popular uprising.

It’s all over the Internet…

Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association:

Dear Friends,
we need millions upon millions of American people to attend and march on Washington DC, September 9th, (peacefully,) look at what is happening right now in Egypt, millions and millions of Egyptians citizens are demonstrating peacefully & demanding their tyrannical government step down, they are doing it peacefully, WITH NO WEAPONS! , now the Egyptian military has sided with the people and has given the tyrannical government 48 hours to step down or the military will intervene,
we can do the same here, but we need millions and millions to stand up go to Washington , and have our military stand with we the people & the constitution once and for all !
Chief Kessler

The Western Center for Journalism:

by Bobby Powell


Ordinary citizens are not the only people up in arms over the tyrannical policies of the Obama administration. Members of law enforcement – Police Chiefs and municipal police, Sheriffs and their deputies, and State Troopers from around the country – plan to take a message of dissatisfaction to Washington D.C. on September 9th and redress their Congressmen with a list of grievances.

U.S. Patriot

Walk Like the Egyptians: September 9, 2013 in DC by 1389 on July 9, 2013 in 1389 (blog admin), Barack Hussein Obama, Egypt The Conservative Speaker: March on DC – Sept. 9, 2013 (h/t: anyonebutbarry2012) [Following was Kessler’s letter cited above.]

March on DC September 9th 2012 Facebook page

March On Washington D.C. September 9th 2013.
We are NOT going to ask congress to Impeach Obama And HIS Administration,
We ARE going to DEMAND it!

The Facebook page organizer wrote about 2:30 PM:

I have walked from the monument to the white house down around the capital building and have not found anyone from the march yet but ran into a lot of good people.

Here’s the view of the National Mall from the Washington Monument at 3:48 PM.

Elevated view of National Mall from the Washington Monument

What if they held a revolution and nobody came?

How to start a movement:

Taitz headed back to DC for protest

Orly Taitz carrying anti-Obama protest signAfter her last dismal showing in DC (two supporters), Orly Taitz is once again headed to the the Federal District [Link to Taitz web site] to picket the Supreme Court and lobby Congress, calling attention to her case, Noonan v. Bowen, scheduled for conference at the Supreme Court next Friday, February 15. Orly has high hopes for a much larger turnout, perhaps as many as 5 people this time (from Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, California and Nevada).

I would go and support you on Tuesday at 11, but I have to stay home and picket my nose.

Joe Arpaio: live feed

In a partnership with WorldNetDaily (WND), Western Center for Journalism, and Article II Super PAC, Vattelevision is pleased to announce that it will provide complete video operations and support for live-streaming video of the March 1 press conference in which the initial findings of Maricopa County’s Cold Case Posse investigation into the eligibility of Barack H. Obama will be released.

I don’t pretend to understand the relationships here. The aptly-misnamed “Birther Summit” in the hyperlinks seems to be run by a group called Vattelevision (perhaps a name that will enter the vernacular as a synonym of “myopia”) and then there is the Article II Super PAC, and the Article II Super PAC legal defense fund. Joseph Farah is behind both WorldNetDaily and the Western Center for journalism. I looked up “front organization” in the Wikipedia for help. So whether we’re looking at 5 organizations here, or just 2, is a question worth considering.

Understanding the relationships is not necessary to report the story, and that is Vattelevision plans to provide live streaming coverage of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio’s press conference next Thursday, March 1.

The Phoenix New Times reported last November:

We spoke to Arpaio yesterday afternoon. His surprise for the "birthers": Hawaiian twins and microfiche.

"No one has talked about microfiche. The controversy has been over the birth certificate — maybe the numbers are not in sequence, or it’s been forged; I can go on and on," Arpaio explains. "To help the president of the United States, let’s go to the microfiche."

I don’t know where Arpaio is going to get his hands on any microfiche, or anything else that’s not accessible others – and that issue, the lack of any ability for an Arizona County Sheriff to investigate anything in Hawaii, leads one to ask why Arpaio is doing this, and what he could possibly add to what’s already known.

I hope WorldNetDaily’s participation doesn’t signal that Arpaio’s report will be the same kind of fact-less innuendo-driven political smear characteristic of WND’s reporting.  It seems to me that WorldNetDaily wouldn’t invest itself into an issue where they didn’t already know the outcome. If Arpaio just recites content from Jerome Corsi’s books, then it will energize the birthers and boost WND site visits, but be roundly put down by everyone else, just as Corsi’s books have been.

I’m not hopeful. Energized birthers can be really insufferable.  I think it’s time to put on the mud guards.

Read more:

SNL comedian goes birther

After watching Jon Steward and Steven Colbert, one might jump to the conclusion only liberals have a sense of humor. Not so. Comedian Victoria Jackson, noted for playing a clueless dumb blonde on Saturday Night Live, reprises that role in real life according to the Juneau Empire newspaper. Jackson was in town along with failed Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, promoting an event of the Alaska Restoring Liberty PAC. The event was part of a stopover of the WorldNetDaily Tea Party cruise to Alaska.

The paper said:

imageJackson [pictured right] said she only recently got involved in politics and discovered that Obama was a communist. She endorsed Miller’s call for tea party members to get involved in efforts such as serving as local poll workers, which she said now are “mostly old hippies.”

Another report from the Alaska Dispatch said:

Miller was joined at the event by conservative personalities Jerome Corsi and Victoria Jackson, both of whom leveled strong criticism of President Barack Obama, claiming respectively that his birth certificate is a forgery and that he’s actually a communist.

Jackson herself wrote an article at birther website, and cruise sponsor, WorldNetDaily. The article is inexplicably titled “Make me a Liberal,” but then one can never take a WorldNetDaily headline seriously. It is not clear why most of the WND photos of Jackson have her upside down. I guess the implication is that anyone capable of doing a handstand must know what they’re talking about.

Here’s Jackson’s video program that we can expect soon:

You will have to anxiously await my video of Joseph Farah explaining his youthful encounter with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn; my video of Joe Miller explaining the Murkowski mess (she is voting with the Obama agenda – a true liberal in RINO clothing); my video of Native Hoonah fisherman filleting fish and admitting they voted for Obama and Murkowski because they didn’t know any other candidates (they got Internet three months ago); my video of Jerome Corsi explaining HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research) and contrails; and my video of Aaron Klein (, ABC Radio), author of "The Manchurian President," discussing Israel. There is no technical way for me to get the videos through cyberspace from this remote location.

Birther offers $5,000 for old newspaper

According to news reports, the Birther Summit is offering $5,000 for a copy of an original Honolulu newspaper announcing Barack Obama’s birth. Summit director Dean Haskins said:

the only evidence anyone has actually seen of the birth’s announcements has been copies of microfiche versions of those newspapers, and they contain suspicious anomalies

The papers in question are: Aug. 13, 1961 edition of The Honolulu Advertiser or the Aug. 14, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Haskins, of course, says that the newspaper wouldn’t prove anything. Sure it would: that birthers are crazy.

I just hope some hoarder from 50 years ago has a copy, so at least someone will benefit from birther stupidity.