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Shot fired at Obama Denver HQ

The Denver Post reports that a shot was fired at the Denver headquarters of Obama for America, destroying a plate glass storefront window. Workers were in the office when the shooting occurred, but no one was injured. Police have a description of a "possible vehicle of interest."

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Photo credit: Sam Levin

Obviously this is the result of Joel Gilbert’s film Dreams from My Real Father appearing on Netflix.

Shocking video: Secret Service visits birther

YouTube birther Rudy, aka Lonestar1776, gets wound up pretty tight, as I pointed out in my article: “This is death penalty stuff.” I think I first noticed him around June of 2010 when he got all excited about Tim Adams. That video, “Us birthers were right all along” was subsequently removed from YouTube.

I figure that the Secret Service keeps up with “threats” like this, and a new video shows what happens when they come calling. I think the video that prompted the visit is the one titled “Public Beheading”.

Rudy posted the following video after the Secret Service visit, sharing his thoughts:

Watch more:

This is death penalty stuff!

That’s what a fellow on YouTube said after listening to the Arizona press conference where Sheriff Joe Arpaio uttered those infamous words “probable cause.” He believes that the proper penalty for someone forging their way into the White House is the death penalty. After Obama is convicted, LoneStar1776 volunteers to be the  executioner.

I’m so excited that I can’t even talk.

This video is so far out there that I had to create a new category for it, Birther Extremism. This fellow is wound up way too tight, but it just goes to show what Farah, Corsi, and Arpaio are playing with.