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Unfortunate advertising

This on ORYR today:


Google seems to think that ORYR is a good place to advertise to me on immigration reform. I doubt ORYR supports it. Orly certainly doesn’t with her headline last Tuesday:

Keep calling every congressman, tell him to vote “no” on any immigration bill or corrupt “ledership” (“sic”) in Congress will turn it into amnesty. We have to throw all this” leadership” out of Congress, they are all on the take of the New World Order-Bilderberg-Davos1 criminal enterprise and are seeking to rob Americans of their jobs and benefits by bringing a huge supply of cheap labor. The don’t give a care that the whole nation will be like Detroit and Flint MI

My third favorite targeted at was this one at the WND web site:

My second favorite appeared at WND too:

But my all-time favorite was from the Orly Taitz web site, an add for the Obama Campaign’s Fight the Smears web site that said: “Where was Obama born? The President was born in Hawaii. Don’t believe the lies. Learn more!”

1Does she mean “Davros?”


Yes, I know that Davos is a town Switzerland where the World Economic Summit met in 1998.

Rush plays the idiot, tells lie

We have campaign finance laws in the United States that prohibit political contributions from foreigners; if you make a political contribution, you’ll be asked to state that you aren’t one. This is also true when you buy merchandise from the Barack Obama store, including the insanely popular (just kidding) button pictured below.


Rush Limbaugh thought it ironic saying:

You have to prove your citizenship to buy one of those, because it’s a campaign contribution. I kid you not, folks. [My call screener Bo] Snerdley is in there laughing. He’s got fluids coming out of every bodily orifice in there laughing so hard. It’s true. They’re the ones out there selling all the birth-certificate stuff, trying to make money.

Limbaugh is lying. You don’t have to prove your citizenship; you just have to say so. And anyhow, Obama has already proven his citizenship. So, has anybody seen Rush’s birth certificate?

Birther trading card set features Trump as the Jester

KPHO Channel 5 in Phoenix reports a local man has created a set of birther trading cards. All in fun, creator Ron Blake says:

I thought, gosh, after four years, this thing is still going on.

The set of 6 cards have the President’s birth certificate on the back, 5 with an unflattering drawing of Barack on the front, and one with Donald Trump as the Jester.

I was disappointed when I read this article, thinking perhaps it was birthers who would be pictured. That I’d pay for. I’d love to have something like the Iraqi most-wanted playing cards. Only for birthers, it would be the most-un-wanted.


This little Orly goes to market …

I don’t think the birthers like the Obama birth certificate mugs and t-shirts one little bit. As Orly Taitz put it:

Obama is flaunting his crimes, rubbing them into our faces by selling mugs and T-shirts with his forged birth certificate for $22.50.

So not to be outdone, Orly is going to flaunt her epic losses in court by selling autographed, professional videos of the debacle in Georgia before Judge Malihi (losing to an empty chair) and the presentation that broke down into threatening shouts before the New Hampshire Ballot Commission.

You can have a video in a “beautiful commemorative case” autographed by Orly herself for $22.50 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling – or for $50 you can get a set of two videos. And stand by: The humiliating loss in Indiana is coming soon.

One commenter said:

Will they be available on DVD? I’d be more apt to buy if I knew this and if you”ll (sic) also throw in some pizza bagels.

Another comment began:

Copies of your infamous DVD should be sent to every member of congress and double copies to scotus.

Apparently Orly is letting quite a bit through in comments, including one I won’t copy and this one:

What a little, spoiled whore this Orly turned out to be. How dare you ask for money…

It wasn’t immediately apparent how to order a video.

NH ballot challenge spurs new round of merchandising

The electoral challenge by Orly Taitz and 4 New Hampshire state representatives was to no avail; President Obama will appear on the 2012 Presidential Ballot in New Hampshire. However, following the shameless business of political fundraising, the Obama Campaign is using the occasion to re-release its anti-birther coffee mug from last April.

It is interesting, but hardly surprising, that the Obama Campaign does follow the ins and outs of the birther movement, as evidenced by their latest email message from Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot to supporters that is an obvious reference to the latest birther goalposts:image

Sadly, I don’t have any microfiches on hand, but we have the next  best thing: In honor of birthers everywhere, we’re re-releasing the campaign’s limited-edition “Made in the USA” mugs.

The mugs feature a photo of Barack Obama with the title “Made in the USA” with his long-form birth certificate on the back. You can get your own with a $20 contribution at