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Taitz to Stockman: You have nothing to lose of the great false hopes put forward by the Zullo/Gallups/Volin triad was Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas who was, according to Mike Zullo “still on board pursuing this matter” in an October 3, 2013 YouTube recording titled “Team Arpaio: Rep. Stockman On Board; There Will Be Obama ID Fraud Action.”

While Stockman made some remarks about impeaching Obama, he never said anything about ID Fraud as a reason.

Tea Party candidate Stockman was crushed by establishment Republican candidate John Cornyn in the recent Texas Republican Primary for the US Senate, and so Stockman will be leaving Congress. Buh-bye.

But wait! Couldn’t the lame duck do something? Orly Taitz thinks so, writing today:

Stockman ran unsuccessful against Cornyn for Senate. He also, spoke out on the issue of Obama’s bogus IDs. As he is leaving Congress, he has nothing to lose, he has everything to gain in bringing to the committees an official complaint and an official request to hold hearings on the issue of Obama’s bogus IDs. Please, contact Stockman, ask him not to talk, but to file the actual complaint and a request for congressional hearing[.]

Некультурная Taitz

Taitz-unculturedI’m venting this morning.

The Russian word in the title literally translates into English as “uncultured.” My encounters with the word in literature suggest a stronger connotation, perhaps equivalent to the English phrase “white trash.”

What got my juices flowing this morning was an article by Taitz yesterday attacking Sandra K. Fluke, a woman whom some conservative demagogues shamelessly lie about and denigrate.1 Here’s what Taitz wrote:

Sandra Fluke became nationally known for waging a campaign and demanding free condoms as a law student. Apparently her activities, which necessitated such great expenses for condoms, led her not to become a lawyer, however this did not deter her from running for the State Senate in CA. With millions of bogus voter registrations, a corrupt establishment in CA and millions of stoned, drunk and otherwise brain dead Liberal Democrats in the Los Angeles area of District 26 Ms. Flukie-Fluke might actually win.

The phrase “Flukie-Fluke” sounds bitchy to me and indicative of a mean-spirited writer,  but the rest of the citation shows how irresponsible Taitz is about her information. First off, Sandra Fluke is a lawyer in California, which any fool can look up in about a minute on the California Bar web site, and one doesn’t have to even finish the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on Fluke to learn that she is an attorney. While Taitz in a follow-up title did issue a correction say that Fluke was a lawyer, she didn’t apologize and she didn’t remove the false statements from her prior article.

The general context Taitz presents for Fluke’s advocacy for contraceptive health coverage at Georgetown University  is also wrong. Fluke wasn’t trying to get condoms for herself but contraceptive coverage for all of the women at Georgetown (a Catholic school), an argument that House Republicans didn’t want to hear. And Taitz, not Fluke, is the one who engaged in a steamy extra-marital affair, reports court documents.

The other factual anomaly in the Taitz article regards the number of “stoned, drunk or otherwise brain dead Liberal Democrats in … District 26.” It’s not “millions”; there are fewer than 150,000 registered Democratic voters in District 26.

If this is what Taitz thinks of the voters in her state, and this is the quality of her public discourse, she has no business running for statewide office in California.

1Rush Limbaugh limply apologized for calling Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” claiming that he was being humorous.

Cropped by Doc

Mario ApuzzoI am sincerely bemused by this story. It started in November of 2009 when I wrote one of a series of quick birther bios on Mario Apuzzo. I wanted to illustrate those articles with photos of the subjects. I don’t know whether I found it myself, or someone sent it to me, but I ended up with a group photo including Apuzzo that  I cropped for my article. Ridiculing someone with a bad photo is not my usual style, and I thought the photo (right) looked rather distinguished. Apuzzo apparently thought so too because he started using the photo on his own web site. Hey, that’s fine with me.

Today, though, I was writing about the Orly Taitz campaign web site, and noticed the nice header graphic. Here’s some of it:

Photo of Orly Taitz, US Flag background

Does that photo look familiar? It’s cropped from a group photo of Taitz with National Republican Chairman Reince Prebius and co-chair of the Romney Campaign, Governor Tim Pawlenty taken during her 2012 Senate race. How do I know that? I cropped it myself. 1

Several anti-Taitz videos have appeared of late on YouTube. This character, DavidJamesManning has been uploading videos for 5 years now according to YouTube. I checked out one of them titled “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”  just now and it has a series of images, including:

imageAnd where have we seen that image before? (And no, I had nothing to do with the videos.)

1OK, the image above is cropped a little tighter than mine, but I still think she got it from me.  The original Taitz image apparently came from a printed photograph that was scanned a bit crooked. I did some resizing and rotating for my version. When I overlay the image from the campaign site onto my own adjusted version of the original, it fits perfectly. It doesn’t quite fit as well to the original photo on the Taitz site. Readers here know about the reliability of amateur forensic photo analysts.

Stockman may not matter


Rep. Steve Stockman was the great birther hope for a Congressional investigation into Obama’s birth documents with the Zullo crowd saying he was “on board” despite official silence. Stockman was on the impeachment wagon, authoring a book: “Impeach­able Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office.” One might think that a very con­ser­va­tive politician was tailor made for advancement in the very con­ser­va­tive state of Texas, but Stockman is not faring very well in a primary battle for the US Senate, as indicated by these University of Texas / Texas Tribune numbers:


It’s a bit of a mystery where Steve Stockman is, the usually punctual Stockman missing 17 straight votes in the House this year, and disappearing for two weeks from the Senate campaign. He was briefly spotted in Egypt reports Politico, but nothing since. This hasn’t helped his popularity among potential voters.

Stockman combined his two passions, guns and anti-abortion, in the memorable Tweet:

If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.


The birther albatross–sharing the pain

Yesterday’s online edition of the Dallas Morning News carried a political story about an endorsement of Katrina Pierson, who is running for Congress from Texas district 32. Typically when we read news of an endorsement, there is a photo of the candidate and the endorser. Here’s such an image (although not newspaper style) from Pierson’s own campaign web site.


The image from the Dallas Morning News showed the endorser, but rather than showing the candidate, the other person in the photo was Mike Zullo. :shock: Here’s the image:


In addition to Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, Pierson has been endorsed by none other than Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and when describing Arpaio, the article said:

In 2013, a federal court ruled that Arpaio’s office had used racial profiling to enforce those laws, a constitutional violation.

Arpaio has also repeatedly asserted that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

I don’t know if this Tea Party candidate is a birther, but now she has the weight of a birther endorsement (maybe that helps where she lives).

Conservatives, long tarred with the birther brush, are anxious to share the pain. In another story yesterday, this one from WorldNetDaily and picturing President Obama’s birth certificate, an article titled: “Dems want GOP candidate’s birth certificate,” they wrote:

While the demand for Barack Obama’s birth documentation has been met with indignation and ridicule, Democrats in Montana, nevertheless, are calling on a Republican congressman running for Senate to release his birth certificate.

The issue? The candidate claims to be a 5th generation Montanan, but was born in Southern California. According to a spokesperson for Republican candidate Steve Daines, his parents raced to California (I’m paraphrasing here) for him to be born, and then quickly returned to Montana. Sound oddly familiar? :roll: