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The apotheosis of the birthers

“Apotheosis” is one of a handful of words that I’ve always wanted to use in a sentence. One definition of apotheosis is:

the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax

I got to use it at Birther Report yesterday. Here’s a bit of the exchange:

VeniVidiVici4U: kevin,  your false sense of security is about to come face to face with a serious case of asswhooping reality.

Dr. Conspiracy: You seem to think that as the days pass, you are getting closer to the apotheosis of the birthers. But you’re doing nothing more than going around in circles chanting the same mantra of forgery this and fraud that (and telling yourselves that Zullo will save you).

I used it to describe the mythical transformation of birthers from a bunch of Internet Yahoos to the heroic removers of the usurper president, who saved the Republic from destruction, and are forever enshrined in the pantheon of true patriots™.

What strikes me about the discussion at BR is the earnestness and consistency of the belief. I suppose I could paste a compilation of similar statements, but that would be tedious and not particularly informative. Suffice it say that there are many, and I’ll leave with two examples:

BornTexas: It’s not impeachment that will end the usurpation, it will be the mountain of lies and fraud revealed for all to see. Once released, the feeding frenzy will be epic. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Dems will eat their own to avoid the gallows. Soetoro and his enabling minions will suffer the brunt of the onslaught.

William: I don’t get it. You are going to lose. How you deal with that fact is concerning.

I’m just not seeing this.


A Lutheran response to birthers

I received a comment at Birther Report from a “Guest” who said:

Guest: as a Lutheran, you are bearing false witness. You are complicit in Obama’s forgery as you are guilty of original sin. Since you claim you’re religion, then the same condemns you, as your ELCA also allows homosexuality. What does GOD say about homosexuality? What does GOD say about bearing false witness. Laugh now Dr Con, you’ll be with the goats soon, and whenever you look into the mirror you’ll know that your words have convicted you for eternity.

I replied at length, and not wanting to waste the effort just on a comment at Birther Report that will be lost among other old comments soon enough, I’ll repeat it here. The material is not very different from my Open Letter to Nathan Bickel, linked later on.

Dr. Conspiracy: On the contrary. It is partly because of my religion that I spend so much time telling the truth here and on my blog. My personal take on birtherism is informed in particular by my Lutheran background. This is from Martin Luther’s Small Catechism’s teaching on the Ten Commandments:

The Eighth Commandment

You must not tell lies about your neighbor. (Exodus 20:16 )
What does this mean? We must fear and love God, so that we will not deceive by lying, betraying, slandering or ruining our neighbor’s reputation, but will defend him, say good things about him, and see the best side of everything he does.

I think any objective observer would say that [Birther Report] exists, both in content and comments, to say bad things about and to present in the worst possible light everything that Barack Obama does and by extension to me, the “Obots” and progressives in general. There is a difference between fair criticism and slander. I strive for the former and this site presents the latter.

As scripture says:

So put away all malice and all guile and insincerity and envy and all slander.
(RSV) 1 Peter 2:1

I do not hold myself up as without sin. I lose my temper and I say harsh things. But I also take considerable care not to stretch the truth when I criticize, and I try not to make sweeping generalizations in my articles. I try not to call people a liar when there is some other possible explanation. Obviously when you visit my site you cannot read all of the things I chose not to say, but there is a lot of it. I have refrained from calling all birthers racists. I have tried to couch birther actions in terms of the normal error of thinking common to everybody, except perhaps more exaggerated in their case. I don’t call birthers barking mad as often as I think it.

I care about moderation and fairness, and I work at it. I don’t always succeed, but I am trying. When I fail, I feel bad about it. I have a conscience.

God, according to Moses in the Bible, says the same thing about homosexuality as about eating shrimp. “Abomination” is the word. St. Paul says the same thing about homosexuality as about a man with long hair. “Degrading” is the word. That is a longer topic than I can cover here. The Lutheran Church, not without considerable controversy, no longer requires our clergy who are gay to be celibate. Our understanding of homosexuality has advanced, as has our understanding of shellfish. hair styles, slavery, the value of Pi and other things in the Bible. And despite the irresponsible remarks made [at Birther Report], I am neither a Communist, nor gay.

But don’t try to tag me with “false witness.” It doesn’t fit.

For more on this, see my Open Letter to Nathan Bickel, a Lutheran Pastor (not ELCA).

Somebody could go over my 3,600 articles and pick out the worst and most extreme examples out of everything I’ve said, pile it up ignoring every moderate thing I’ve ever said, and call me a hypocrite. This is exactly what the 8th Commandment prohibits, putting someone in the worst possible light.


Throw Lingle under the bus

imageThe crew over at Gerbil Report™ have piled up the poo to fling at Linda Lingle, former Republican governor of Hawaii (pictured right), one who famously supported her Republican appointee Health Director Chiyome Fukino in saying Obama was born in Hawaii. She said: “And I think it’s, again, a horrible distraction for the country by those who continue this. … It’s been established. He was born here.”

Rather than putting herself into cryogenic storage, Lingle has found life after the governorship, now named by Illinois governor Bruce Rauner as his chief operating officer and senior adviser, announced in a statement made at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business1, reports the Chicago Sun Times. Rauner named his “superstar” turnaround team:

  • Donna Arduin, CFO
  • Trey Childress, Deputy Governor
  • Linda Lingle, Senior Adviser

According to Rauner:

Linda Lingle was the first woman elected governor of Hawaii, serving two terms from 2002-2010.  Gov. Lingle oversaw a $10 billion annual budget and made state government more transparent, responsive and accountable. Prior to her role as governor, she served as the Mayor of Maui County for eight years, and was a member of the Maui County Council for ten years prior to that. Gov. Lingle began her career as the founder, editor and owner of the Moloka’i Free Press. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge.  She is a native of St. Louis, Mo.

Lingle will start sometime in May or June.

It’s “Pay For Play,” say the gerbils at Gerbil Report™.

The article also repeats a number of long-disproven birther claims, like Obama’s certificate being out of sequence.

Read more:

1The original Gerbil Report™ article had Lingle going to work for the University of Chicago instead of the Governor, which perhaps explains the “Pay for Play” angle. The GR article was later corrected.


Arpaio 2nd criminal investigation canned?

Gary Wilmott (Give Us Liberty 1776) posted 2 comments at Birther Report™ yesterday that give some inside information about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s maybe investigation of Barack Obama or something:

For what it’s worth. I had some face time with Arpaio in mid-October. He wasn’t interested in talking about the issue. In fact he was somewhat irritated and dismissive. I also asked him some very direct questions in a public forum. Also dismissive. I just talked to a good friend and well-known activist who has had 3 conversations on the phone with Zullo in the last month. While there is no representation that A & Z have folded their tents…it was quite apparent that they are not poised to release any information in the near future. Personally as much as it pains me to say it and my friend agrees…we are not optimistic that anything will happen. I think that A & Z have been betrayed by the politicians, they have no viable media outlets (although Arpaio told me that if he needs to get the story out he can do it…but wait he got no traction in his last press conference) and I think they have been intimidated and threatened by forces and powers that we can only imagine. As more time goes by it would seem that there is increasingly less chance that Obama can be convincingly exposed and ultimately removed. I pray that I am wrong. Remember however that Obama has been committing his crimes (at the direction of the puppet masters) with the help of the republican establishment. These traitors will do anything to ensure the status quo.

He followed up with:

Once again…for what it’s worth. Of course I don’t have the inside scoop…I am merely putting 2 and 2 together in my mind and giving my opinion. I want this to happen more than you can imagine. I am living a nightmare. However…let me just say this…I am in regular though infrequent communications with someone who DID have access to the investigation (not Gallups) and was privy to SOME of the universe-shattering info. At one time that person thought that something would be released late last August. That person does not think anything will now happen and that is also part of my calculus. Sorry…I pray that I am wrong because this country is in a world of hurt and its only going to get worse. I love RG’s [BR commenter Reagans_ghost] positive attitude…but my hopes are waning. We are in late January and the focus is going to be on the presidential race and all irresponsible wannabes jockeying for position.

Wilmott has all the pieces — [mixing metaphors] now he just has to read the handwriting on the wall. Mike Zullo never had anything. He was just stringing you on.


Flinging poo

Monkey flinging pooThe opening paragraphs of my recent article, “Run Cruz, run!” started out as a comment at Birther Report. They posted a new article titled, “Backlash Warning: TP Publisher Under Fire For Suggesting Foreign-Born Candidate For POTUS” about the candidacy of Ted Cruz. My comment appeared second on the article, making it prominent. Here’s what I said:

While I personally think foreign-born Cruz is eligible because he was a US citizen at birth, there is certainly an argument to be made the other way. It will be interesting to see how strong the opposition to Cruz is compared with the parentage-based opposition to Obama.

If Cruz is a serious candidate, it would certainly be possible for a legitimate challenger for the Republican nomination to bring a lawsuit (even if it were a friendly suit) claiming that Cruz was ineligible, resulting in the adjudication of the definition of "natural born citizen" by the Supreme Court. I think that would be a good thing.

I knew that a comment that high up from someone like me would not be well-received, and I was right:

charlesmountain: No one gives a damn what you have to say, evil, disinfo fag… .Save it for your wack blog or pack it in your asscrack…whichever floats your tampon…

That’s not the whole comment. It goes on from there. I think this kind of poo flinging is designed to drive away the target.

I contemplated this article before the BR incident, mainly based on a series of comments exchanged on an article at WorldNetDaily called, “Obama’s identity fraud and Mickey Mouse media.” I’ve been commenting, along with Dave B., Ran Talbott and someone posting as Jan123456. On the other side are several birthers, notably three with the names of Veritas Aequitas and TruthToBeTold and Joseph Figarelli.

Here’s a comment from Dave B.:

The Supreme Court didn’t provide an exclusive definition of "natural born citizen" in Minor v. Happersett for ANY purpose– not for establishing the facts of the case, not for rationalizing the decision, and certainly not for the entirely unrelated purpose of presidential eligibility. What Chief Justice Waite DID do, however, is conflate native citizenship, acquired by birth in the United States, with natural born citizenship and presidential eligibility; as opposed to naturalized citizenship, acquired under Congress’s naturalization power. Native citizens are by no rational understanding of the term naturalized; they are and have always been natural born citizens.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Another no argument comment from an idiot.

At another point I said:

And the Sheriff or Mike Zullo never proved any records were forged either. All of that stuff fell apart under scrutiny. We even caught Zullo lying and fabricating evidence in the 2nd news conference.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Who is we? You are just a lonely old man that doesn’t have any friends that belongs in a padded white room.

And in another part of the massive thread I said:

Obama’s past is no more unknown than that of any other public figure, and his records are no more sealed that the records of anyone else. Obama released information in line with what other presidential candidates have released, some a little more, and some a little less. Romney wouldn’t release his tax return. Bush wouldn’t release his college grades (they got out by accident). McCain wouldn’t release his medical records or his birth certificate.

The idea that Obama is unknown and hiding his records is a total fraud and not true to the facts.

And got back from Joseph Figarelli:

What exactly are you smoking?, *** for brains.

I could go on for a very long time from that particular article, but these are good examples. I label this flinging poo to cover up impotence. I have lost my temper sometimes at birthers who are being particularly obtuse and will resort to calling them “idiot,” but never if they are trying to be reasonable. If someone makes an argument, I will respond appropriately. All told, I fling a lot less poo, and it is not as smelly.

I think part of the birther frustration at WND is that they are very poor birthers. They’re still living in the past with the Travel Ban to Pakistan that never existed. This particularly is pretty easy to pick apart, and they say things that they cannot back up when challenged. When that happens, all they can do is fling poo.


GR vs. BR

If you search at Google Images for “Gerbil Report” one of he first images you’ll see is one from this blog, part of the image below:


Readers might notice that sometimes I say Birther Report and sometimes I say Gerbil Report™. The choice is not random or accidental, but rather indicative of how serious I am in the article.

If I am going to make a substantive criticism of the site, I will say Birther Report and if I am making fun of or reporting hijinks at the site I will say Gerbil Report™ and if I am talking about some of the really outlandish posters, it’s Gerbil Report™ for sure. If I want to give credit for a news article, it’s Birther Report. If it’s just a casual mention—Gerbil Report™.

The problem now is that after the recent crackdown on Barry Soetoro, Esq. at Gerbil Report™, there aren’t any more gerbils. This is going to be a problem for me in the long term because the term I coined and am so proud of, may become meaningless.

In other BR news, I would remind folks that Birther Report and Obama­Release­Your­Records are now two disjoint sites with content after last November 23 on the former and older content on the latter. I don’t know how long this will continue. I’m pretty sure both are still hosted by Google, but on different servers.