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Birthers move goalposts: It’s the historical record, stupid

imageFirst it was keeping Obama out of the White House, then removing him, then preventing him from being re-elected, then removing him again. But that goal is becoming increasingly unlikely. One Birther Report commenter, 4zoltan8, put it this way two days ago:

If nothing happens by June/July than (sic) nothing will happen. The mantra will be he only has 1 and 1/2 years left, we’ll just wait it out and work to get the Republican candidate elected.

That comment still allows for a sliver of hope—but that was before the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday show on yesterday (18 April 2015). Gallups says the investigation is ongoing, but he really resets expectations by saying Arpaio and Zullo are not the saviors of America1:

You keep saying things like: "You know we gotta stop this! It’s up to Arpaio and Zullo." It’s not. Never has been. I praise God for them, praise God for what they’re doing, but if they don’t bring this stuff for five years from now, they’ve still done their job.

Responding to the the Gallups interview, we see a leading commenter at BR reply:

The historical record means everything – you can’t have a country based on lies and deceit, especially when that deceit could have been prevented. When there are lies and deceit that MUST be corrected. And that’s been our biggest problem over the last 60 plus years. Interestingly enough – that coincides with the Communist infiltration.

– Comment at Birther Report2

It looks like the birthers are ready to settle for an asterisk next to the name of the 44th president.

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The Dr. Conspiracy conspiracy

Slow news day.

The character using the screen name Barry Soetoro, Esq. at Birther Report has been making some comments there about me.

You might recall that BSE is a Sandy Hook truther, and the person who tacked so many gerbils onto so many photos as to earn Birther Report its nickname, Gerbil Report™. He also posted a number of photos of me next to a Dr. Kaufmann concluding that we were the same person. The owner of Birther Report told BSE to stop with that particular foolishness.

Now BSE claims that every public photo of me has been Photoshopped. His proof is “zoom in.” He says he thinks that I am an identity fabricated by the CIA. I figure either:

  1. He is nuttier than a fruitcake.
  2. He is a troll trying to stir up trouble at Birther Report.
  3. He is trying to goad me into releasing details about my past that he thinks he could use.

I’m betting on number 2.


The six document experts

This is an adaptation of a comment I made at Birther Report.

First, there is no truth whatever in the oft-repeated comment that the so-called anomalies in the President’s PDF birth certificate file pointed out by birthers cannot be recreated in controlled repeatable experiments on real documents with real scanners. It was true at one time, but not any more. These experiments were published by the scientist who did them, and subjected to review. You can read all that here (and other articles on that site):

The blogger Reality Check also made some videos and a series of popular articles on the findings.

Papit, Papa, Zebest, Vogt and the rest have been made irrelevant.

I do have 6 experts, all of whom have the credentials to testify in court. Here is what WorldNet Daily writer Aaron Klein said about 3 of them:

I decided to go to actual, to some of the nation’s foremost forensic graphic analysts, and I don’t mind naming their names: Jim Pex at International Forensic Experts, also John Berryhill the President and COO of Berryhill Computer Forensics, I[v]an Zatkovich at eComputer Consultants, all with years of expert in criminal and civil testimony. They have consulted for graphics forensic expertise for such companies as Citicorp, McGraw Hill, other major publishing firms, online, others. So, they’re incredibly qualified.

Klein went on to say that none of them found fakery. WorldNetDaily refused to release any of these reports, and recently when I tried to mention them in comments on their site, they BANNED me. Here is the transcript of what Aaron Klein said on his WABC radio program:

WorldNetDaily talked about the Zatkovich report, misrepresenting it, forcing Zatkovich to publish it himself. You can read that here:

The 4th expert is Dr. Neal Krawetz, noted security expert, expert on faked images, forensic software author (see his site) and frequent speaker at conferences. You can read his comments here:

The 5th is Ken Colburn founder and CEO of Data Doctors Computer Services & Data Forensics Labs appearing in an interview on a Phoenix TV station. Here is what he said after looking at the Cold Case Posse presentation:

When I first saw it it was very convincing until we did our test and saw that, wait a minute, our scanner does the same thing.

Here is a link to the video at USA Today.

My prior 5 experts are good, but the 6th expert is the one that I put the most faith in, because he is an expert in exactly the subject under discussion. Dr. Ricardo de Queiroz was a former research scientist for Xerox, and a patent holder in the very compression technology that has so confused the birthers. He is the author of an academic paper on mixed raster content compression (one that discusses why there are halos, for example), and he informally looked at the Obama PDF and responded that it looked like MRC compression to him. Of all the people commenting, he is the one most qualified to look at the PDF and say what it is. Here’s a copy of his paper in the Journal of Electronic Imaging mentioning halos:

His comments on the Obama PDF are informal, made in an email.

One final remark on Reed Hayes. Being an expert in one thing doesn’t make someone an expert in everything. The reason that I cannot accept any opinion from Reed Hayes as an expert opinion without first reading his report is that I cannot know whether his report is about something he is an expert in, or whether its conclusions are based on something he is not an expert in. Depending on what Hayes says, he may be an expert, or he may not.


Apuzzo wakes!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to notice the Harvard Law Review Forum article by two former US Solicitor Generals who write, in agreement with Senator Bayard’s book on the Constitution from 1833, that “natural born citizens” are those who are born citizens, in contrast to those who are naturalized. Mario Apuzzo, vocal advocate for the “two-citizen parent born in the country” definition, has a new copyrighted article at Birther Report™ taking issue with Neal Katyal and Paul Clement.

The title of my article stems from the long period of silence at Apuzzo’s blog and reflects the fact that I didn’t know that he had written something last month regarding the eligibility of Ted Cruz, a person born a US citizen in Canada.

To quote Apuzzo as he criticizes Katyal and Clement:

The author’s argument suffers from the fallacy of bald assertion.

Apuzzo’s main criticism is that the authors don’t follow Apuzzo’s sources or agree with him on what is important. Since there is nothing new in Apuzzo’s argument in general, there is nothing new to say about it.

I think that because the subject article appeared at the Harvard Law Review Forum, it’s intended readers are expected to be able to fill in from their own knowledge parts of the argument necessarily skipped to keep the article from being too long. Apuzzo’s papers on the topic run many pages.


I just ran a query with Google to see if perhaps the birthers have found the secret DARPA web site. It appears not. Maybe they don’t know about .onion sites. Nevertheless, while looking at the search results I found:

  • The other explanation is the JPG format was developed by DARPA to mask image modifications in order to support the big gun grab only to have it revealed by a random guy who doesn’t know the first thing about digital image processing. – charles_w
  • Those working in DARPA and other government agencies that have been posting for years running interference for Obama on the web, think they are anonymous. Faggy is chump change and a wannabe. – William
  • DARPA, Apparently worried….. They know that WE know, and so will the rest of the world. It’s not a matter of IF, its only a matter of When…. And that when is now. – William
  • I got DarpaMonitor_52 on my six… – charlesmountain
  • Butterdezillion computer hit by DARPA in the last few minutes – on / off / on / off. Five times. – Falcon
  • So far, DARPA hasn’t impressed me with their subtlety. – SirenDrake
  • DARPA is using BirtherReport as a Quick Reference Guide — to find material DARPA wishes to scrub (remove) from the Web.I don’t know if DARPA attacks sites manually or automatically, but whatever they’re doing, it’s getting material removed……. in less than 30 minutes. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • In late 2013 following more than two years of investigation into the birth certificate image, Zullo revealed that several “Obots” are employed by DARPA1, a division of the Department of Defense.  DARPA works in the areas of psychological warfare and robotics. – Birther Report article, Feb. 2015
  • Just because I question those who have this undying faith in Sheriff Arpaio, does not make me a Darpa. – Mike
  • It’s time we file a complaint with DARPA Customer Service. Their Obots: ScottKB; Dr Cornhole; Foggy Fogbow……… are of the lowest quality, fooling nobody. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • B/c DARPA invested 6 months into building screen ID ScottKB. And they’re sore losers. And they’re still bitter we outed him, causing him to flee this forum. And DARPA thinks it can rehabilitate that screen name. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • Another day nearly gone and AKA Obama and his DARPA-enhanced criminal regime are still not indicted for crimes against the citizens of the U.S.A. – Hoosier_Daddy
  • LOL – I was right, DARPA does have a brain scrambling machine. – Falcon
  • While I’m not surprised that agencies of the Regime (eg DARPA) would resort to traditional National Socialist methods, I’m surprised they’re so obvious and clumsy on a public forum. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • DARPA operatives will be exposed and, where appropriate, prosecuted under US law.– Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • Yeah we get it, everyone except you [BSE} and Falcon is DARPA. – LogicalPatriot

Those selected from  list of 812.

1This is another example of birthers hearing Zullo say something that he didn’t say. Zullo traced something to organizations that had DARPA contracts, not to DARPA employees.

Gerbil bits

I got an email alert that led me over to Gerbil Report™. Sometimes what I see doesn’t make much sense without some context. Here’s the comment by RamboIke:

Commie Tracker has also vetted BSE, PATRIOT_X, Tony Bonn, James Smith, Sluffy1, Fagblow Foggy, and Dr Con.

Folks, the results are disturbing

“Commie Tracker” as I understand it refers to RamboIke himself, and is an ID he used briefly at Gerbil Report™. In 2013 a commenter identifying himself as Rambo Ike left a comment on two sites, Orly Taitz’ and Lucas Smith’s with a “Commie Tracker” profile of another blogger. I couldn’t find an original version of the profile.

“Dr Con” of course replies to me and Foggy refers to the esteemed proprietor of The Fogbow news and discussion forum.

The rest of the list has me scratching my head.

BSE usually refers to Barry Soetoro, Esq. the Gerbilmeister himself (not the site owner, but the guy with the Gerbil images). What do he and I possibly have in common?

At first glance, PATRIOT_X wouldn’t seem to belong in the same list as Foggy and I either. Here’s a sample:

We can PROVE the April 2011 .pdf of “Obama’s” LFBC is a constructed document. It was not a Xerox. It was not an accident. It was done on purpose.

I took this PATRIOT_X comment to be sarcasm:

Right again, Martha. You caught us. I’m “Bari X” and BornTexas is Elizabeth Duke. Good catch…

However, RC reports a comment by PATRIOT_X saying that he is “Scott,” someone on the Birther Report “do not fly” list. (I had a note about PATRIOT_X and ScottKB1978 being the same, but forgot about it.)There is also this comment from PATRIOT_X:

With one exception, this is the ID I’ve been using, and you’ll forgive me if I do protect my actual IP at this point given past events. As a test, I used a new ID — “Naked_Aztec” one time a few days ago for one post. That is an ID I will use on my sports forums. That’s the only other ID I’ve used here since I canned “ScottKB1978″ (for reasons unrelated to this site).

You can be as suspicious of me as you want, but just like before, you’re going to always find that I’m being straight with everyone here.

PATRIOT_X posted one comment on this blog under another identity, but it’s not informative as to their birther orientation.

Tony Bonn is another GR commenter that I have barely noticed. He doesn’t have an Intense Debate profile so it’s tedious to scan his comments. Here’s one:

you would have to be a blithering idiot to not believe that conspiracies exist and that history is not propelled by them, the jewtard cass sunstein notwithstanding.

James Smith appears to be a person named James Smith in real life. Like Tony Bonn, Smith does not have an Intense Debate profile. One of his claims is about Alex Jones:

I would stake my life on the fact that alex jones of inforwars is a 100% a cointelpro agent which proves he’s a combative enemy treasonous controlled opposition traitor, period.


Who cares what the washington post has to write other than retrieving more evidence they’re combative enemies against the American people. The editors of the washington post are 100% under arrest for high treason at wartime and that’s life in prison or worse…. period.

Sluffy1 is a some-time commenter at Gerbil Report™ and arch nemesis of RamboIke and Falcon. Sluffy1 is the person who disclosed at GR the 3 initials of Falcon’s real name and perhaps that is the underlying reason why this commenter was banned, or so it is reported. The ban is significant because the three initials Sluffy1 disclosed are indeed the actual initials of Falcon, so Sluffy1 knows and could spill the beans any time. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sluffy1 is the 6th person I have confirmed that knows the personal details of Falcon, including myself.

On the same article, William (who commented on this blog in 2009) commented:

Shout out to Dr. Con.,
You need not follow me (not that I give a shit), but if you have a question, just ask.

That is probably because I visited William’s Intense Debate Profile a few days back. I do that to read comments because it’s more convenient for me than reading them at Gerbil Report™. I mean, there’s nothing secret at Intense Debate that can’t be read openly on GR and it’s a lit easier to look there to see what he said, than to ask him what he said. Duh.

Finally RamboIke lets us know that he visited here:

Dr Con, 2/21/15: “I have asked for years for comments and criticisms on my articles. I do that for a reason. I want this web site to be a good current and historical reference for the topic.” “……People make mistakes, but when they allow those mistakes to remain uncorrected, mistakes turn into lies.”
Noisewater, 2/21/15: “And that’s the difference………..You correct mistakes………..”

RamboIke has this funny notion in his head that my expressed desire to make the site accurate extends to altering the comments left by others and making other changes to his satisfaction. For example, he objects to my calling the Peter Boyles’ phone Kapi’olani hospital “confirmation.” I disagree. It’s as least as good as the publicists client list that says Obama was born in Kenya—probably better because Kapi’olani never said they were mistaken, while the Dystel employee did. What RamboIke misses is that valid complaints by Mark Gillar did result in the correction/clarification of a couple of articles just recently.  Of course, RamboIke wasn’t looking for the truth, but rather for confirmation of his prejudices. That was made very clear in a recent comment in response to Tracy Fair, who disclosed that I had been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and a contributor to Amnesty International, organizations she believes are “connected” to Communists. RamboIke replied:

You know how you get a feeling about websites or someone after reading the comments for a period of time but lack that rock solid proof? I think you just provided it. I can now wrap up what I’ve been looking for.