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Our Irish President–new audio book

Way back in December of 2008, when Leo Donofrio was defending his novel invention of  the two citizen parent definition of “natural born citizen,” he spun some stories about another U. S. President who had a non-citizen father, Chester A. Arthur. One of the things Donofrio did was to publish a purported photograph of the 1884 book, “How a  British Subject  Became President of the United States” by A. P. Hinman. Donofrio obviously hadn’t read the book, and no copy then existed on the Internet. I got the book through interlibrary loan, scanned it, and now there are copies on the Internet.

Hinman believed that President Arthur was born in Canada, and hence the ineligibility thesis in his book.

Donofrio tried to put forward the theory that the naturalization status of Arthur’s father was a deep secret that he tried to hide in every way he could. In fact, as we learned in Hinman’s book, the facts of Arthur’s birth seemed to be known all over the world. A dispatch from Russia, printed in a London newspaper used the phrase “born Irishmen like the American president.” The fact that Hinman included this newspaper story in his book, and never so much as hinted that Arthur was ineligible for this reason, proves beyond a doubt that Hinman was not a subscriber to the “two citizen parent” eligibility theory, nor was it likely that any one else in Arthur’s time thought that either.

To further the process of making this interesting proto-birther work accessible, I have produced an audio book version, available through and the Internet Archive.

Learn more:

Berg Book

imageFinally Phil Berg’s Obama book is out. It’s called ObamaScare, and available both in paperback and Kindle formats. The book has 32 chapters plus an appendix and index for 266 pages.

I have a moral objection to giving money to bad guys, specifically buying their books, so I look for used copies. In this case Amazon lets me read the book for free through their Kindle Unlimited program. One immediately notes that there is a big difference between the paperback edition and the Kindle edition (as seen by previews on the Amazon web site)—the Kindle edition has no table of contents.

What I wanted to look at was the chapter titled “Malaysia MH17 – Obama could have Avoided the Destruction.” Berg blames the conflict in the Ukraine, and the air disaster, on Obama’s foreign policy. He doesn’t develop the idea or present specifics, but it happened, and it must be Obama’s fault, and this at a hasty glance, appears to be most of what the book is about. Oh, and Benghazi.

Berg both denies Obama is a US citizen, and asserts that he is guilty of treason. He also makes a case for impeachment. He says that ObamaCare and Benghazi will “bring him down.”

Yes, there are standard birther talking points in the book such as:

And Obama has spent over Three Million [$3] Dollars to keep his records sealed.

You’d think someone like Berg would know better. And Berg says following a paragraph on the “grandmother tape”:

When New York Times bestseller author Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya to investigate the claims, he was almost immediately kicked out of the country by Kenyan officials.

Only Corsi was detained in Kenya on October 7, 2008, and subsequently deported. The “grandmother tape” was recorded October 16, 2008. Corsi could have hardly gone to Kenya to investigate the grandmother tape, as the interview had not occurred.

Berg seems to be stuck in time, including very little discussion about Obama’s long-form birth certificate in 2011, and what there is appears amidst a chapter on Berg’s 2009 lawsuit.

He also talks quite a lot about Orly Taitz, concluding:

There are so many other appearances by Orly Taitz that has (sic) undermined the efforts of others and yes, my efforts to expose the real fraud of Soetoro/Obama.

The book is a mess.

Obama makes 10 big government lies list

In a list of 10 big government lies, published by Moyers & company last June, Barack Obama heads the list with his infamous 2009 statement about the proposed Affordable Care Act:

If you like the [health care] plan you have, you can keep it.

Of all the government lies I can think of, this one seems ill-suited for the most notable list, as it was actually true for 95% of people1, hardly in the same league with Nixon denying that the White House was involved in the Watergate break-in, or George W. Bush announcing that we had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But quibbles aside, the government does lie sometimes, and birtherism holds the premise that the Obama administration lies about everything, along with the State of Hawaii when it comes to birth records.

I think that it is beyond the resources of most people to verify everything the government says to them. This leaves the individual to decide who to trust. I take the “innocent until proven guilty” stance towards government pronouncements and leave it to investigative journalists to set the record straight when necessary. While I think my approach is practical and usually works, it is not without chance of error. What is the alternative? For those who lack confidence in both the press and the government, they can choose to believe whatever matches their personal preference and is in line with their prejudices. Police violence would seem to be one topic where facts  are taking second place to prejudice on both sides (this is a “reserve judgment” issue for me).

imageThe book that prompted the Moyers & company story is 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity by Chuck Lewis. Lewis makes the point that facts become irrelevant in a democracy when most people don’t believe them. His example for this is weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I would cite Republicans and birtherism, or conservatives and climate change. We are in a sad state when facts become matters of opinion.

I’m reading the book.

1It was PolitiFact’s 2013 Lie of the Year.

The Obama Timeline

A fellow by the name of Don Frederick has published what he calls “The Complete Obama Timeline” on a web site and in two books (material prior to September of 2009 appears in the books). He says that the timeline is over 10,000 pages long and spans Obama’s entire life.

What Frederick has done is to search the Internet finding anything negative about Obama published online (both blogs, comments by political opponents and actual news reporting), and placed it in documents by month in PDF format. Some of the stories I found in a quick scan of the material don’t actually relate to Obama personally but to more general topics such as climate change.

I quibble with Frederick’s use of the word “Complete” since he has omitted anything positive about Obama from the report. For example, the only thing about Obama’s December 2014 press conference were criticisms from political opponents, and not what Obama said. The Complete Obama Obama Timeline print edition (Volume 2) says:

This Timeline does not shy away from noting rumors about Obama if there is any possibility they may be accurate.

So yes, there is much about Obama’s birth certificate in there.

Don Frederick was one of the dignitaries scheduled to speak at the aborted Birther Summit and he has been a guest on Mark Gillar’s Internet radio program, and Peter Boyles’ radio show.

Barack Obama: The Burden of His Kenyan Roots–a book review

David Karanja is a Kenyan journalist and author. His 2011 book, Barack Obama: The Burden of His Kenyan Roots, touches on some of the same topics that have appeared in the birther movement. The book was published in the context of the run-up to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, and makes the case that Obama’s Kenyan roots are an impediment to his political career.

Karanja mentions briefly Jerome Corsi’s expulsion from Kenya, the accusations of anti-British feeling engendered by events in Kenya’s colonial period, and even gives a shout out to the birthers, albeit a misspelled one:

For Barack Obama, the claim by these Americans, who are popularly known as the berther (sic) movement, is an unnecessary burden because all available evidence indicates that the president was born in the U.S. To try and end debate over his place of birth, Obama published his birth certificate, which indicates he was born in Hawaii. This has not ended the debate and some Americans, including senior politicians, continue to link his birth to Kenya.

The author goes on to cite attacks against the President through stories about members of his Kenyan family, George Hussein Onyango Obama (the poor neglected uncle) and Zeituni Onyango (who was living illegally in the US). The Court’s decision to grant asylum to “Aunt Zeituni” was widely criticized in Kenya.

The review of recent Kenyan history and US-Kenyan relations is the meat of the book and what commends it to a wider audience.

De Facto Arpaio

Former Deputy Chief Brian Sands of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has written a memoir titled “Arpaio De Facto Lawman” detailing his experiences with Sheriff Arpaio and the office. Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times has an article on it. Fine Stephen, but we already know that Sheriff Joe is a narcissist. Tell us about the birthers!

For that, you will have to buy the book, and you will not be disappointed. The birthers get their own short chapter (7) titled, duh, “Birthers.” It mentions “probable cause,” a concept Sheriff Arpaio was not too fluent in. Sands puts it this way in terms of the Obama birth certificate investigation:

Arpaio’s perspective is I want to be involved, so let’s figure out how to establish an excuse for the reasonable test.

One of the questions surrounding the Cold Case Posse investigation was: just who was the Cold Case Posse. Sands answers this by saying:

At first, Zullo had several other Posse people “working” on the case, two of whom were civil private practice attorneys. The attorneys, for whatever reasons, distanced themselves. Now it was primarily Zullo and the newly-recruited [Brian] Reilly.

Enter Jerome Corsi, who was given office space by Arpaio. The Hawaii trip is discussed. When Deputy Chief Sands questioned Zullo about what evidence he had that would lead to a probable indictment, Zullo said nothing.

Sands does not take a firm stand about where Obama was born, but he maintains skepticism about Arpaio and the CCP investigation and makes this reasonable statement:

When the State of Hawaii came out and officially said that Obama was born in the State and denied Arpaio’s claims of not maintaining secure records[, y]ou would think nothing more could be investigated.

Of additional interest, Sands confirms Brian Reilly’s story on some detail points, some up until now, unpublished.

Update: A comment from Brian Reilly

Having just completed reading chapter 7, entitled “Birthers,” I have a few comments to make about former Chief Deputy Sand’s new Kindle book on Amazon.

Sands wrote that Arpaio asked us as Tea Party members to do a petition requesting the birth certificate investigation, and we were to bring the petition back to Arpaio. This was not an accurate statement. When we first met with Arpaio on August 18, 2011, we presented him with a petition with 242 signatures that we gathered the previous night on August 17, 2011. The petition idea was mine and mine alone. Arpaio knew nothing about the petition idea until it was presented to him at the August 18 meeting. At the August 18, meeting, Arpaio asked us to write a formal letter requesting an investigation of the Obama birth certificate and he said “put me in a box” and told me to come back to give all of our evidence and the petition and the letter to him on August 22, 2011, which I did alone.

Additionally, Chief Deputy Sands confirmed that I was unhappy with the conduct of the Zullo birth certificate investigation. (I was not impressed at the time with the biased way in which the investigation was being conducted along with other issues related to liability and I resigned from the Cold Case Posse. )

Chief Deputy Sands also confirmed that no taxpayer dollars were to be used in the investigation, and in fact tax dollars were used.

Sands also confirmed that Zullo had a few years of law enforcement, not the “decades” of law enforcement experience that Carl Gallups has advertised on his Freedom Friday radio show.

Of special note was what Sands related about Zullo’s lack of evidence regarding the birth certificate investigation. Very telling indeed.

I was very impressed with Chief Deputy Sands when I met him on August 18, 2011 when I was a Tea Party member and also when I was a Cold Case Posse member. Chief Sands was the only one to question whether the Jerry Corsi provided “witnesses” were actually considered “experts” and whether they had ever testified in court as experts. As a Cold Case Posse member, I can honestly say, I respected Chief Sands and his “by the book” approach to police work.

And one final note, Sands confirmed that Zullo and I were the only Cold Case Posse members who were actively involved in the investigation.

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