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My comments get delete on other folks’ blogs.

What’s up, Doc?

I’ve been really busy on a project, and just get bits of what’s going on. Falcon at Gerbil Report™ has been on the war path against Brian Reilly after an unusual absence of 6 days or so. Here’s the smoking steaming gun:

Falcon: I’ve decided to not wait. We have all waited long enough. And thank you to those that believed in me and waited this long.

Brian Reilly was under a previous or current criminal investigation. He failed to disclose that to Zullo who fired him.

Reilly never disclosed to anyone his current / previous history – that was discovered outside of his CCP involvement.

Now it’s up to Brian Reilly to come clean.

The comment is remarkable for its lack of specificity. What Reilly allegedly didn’t tell Zullo could only have come from Zullo, so we know what Falcon’s source. My guess is that Zullo didn’t tell Falcon anything specific, using Falcon as a tool (as he uses others) to do his smears for him. I’ve seen Reilly’s letter of resignation from the Cold Case Posse, so I don’t believe for a minute that Zullo fired him, abd I have no reason to believe the rest of it. Even if partially true, being investigated for something is not a crime or evidence of wrongdoing.

So I commented, defending Reilly, but rather than responding to my comment, Falcon chose to attack me: Continue Reading →

Rats @ Gerbil Report

I smell a rat…

The article isn’t about this image, posted by Barry Soetoro, ESQ at GR 4 days ago:

Once I started the article, that image came to mind and I went looking for it. Some of the folks who comment at GR seem to watch their Intense Debate profile intensely (the rat photo accompanied a comment that I had visited BSE’s Intense Debate profile). Of course, I visit a number of ID profiles because it’s the easiest way to find content.

The title of the story is related to the Quote of the Day from Falcon, who said back in 2013:

By the way – RC ratted you all out. Mole / Fagblow.

I won’t bother with hyperlinks to Gerbil Report comments because they’re more trouble than they’re worth to use. Reality Check (RC) commented on the Quote today pointing to a problem with what Falcon said:

I love the quote of the day. I need to [do] a better job of ratting next time. Nothing seems to have come from it.

So this article is, well, rubbing it in. Dates following are approximate due to the lack of precision in Intense Debate date information:

Falcon 10/18/2013: They know RC ratted them out, but don’t know who else has the archive and can turn it over. And they’re not mentally stable to start with. Dangerous times at the dangerous Fagbow.

Falcon 11/15/2013: And Dr. Dirty, you fool no one. I know you’re involved in the crime itself – and I know RC ratted your dumb ass out. Get ready for your next career – prison bitch.

Falcon 11/15/2013: Hey Commie fart-knocker ObamaCare Wavigator how does it feel to know that you got ratted out? I’ve been warning your slag filled ass for over two months and then you had the balls to actually post here and further your involvement. You just might be the dumbest [expletive deleted] that ever posted here.

Some weeks later, I came upon some of these rat droppings, and commented: Continue Reading →

A Lutheran response to birthers

I received a comment at Birther Report from a “Guest” who said:

Guest: as a Lutheran, you are bearing false witness. You are complicit in Obama’s forgery as you are guilty of original sin. Since you claim you’re religion, then the same condemns you, as your ELCA also allows homosexuality. What does GOD say about homosexuality? What does GOD say about bearing false witness. Laugh now Dr Con, you’ll be with the goats soon, and whenever you look into the mirror you’ll know that your words have convicted you for eternity.

I replied at length, and not wanting to waste the effort just on a comment at Birther Report that will be lost among other old comments soon enough, I’ll repeat it here. The material is not very different from my Open Letter to Nathan Bickel, linked later on.

Dr. Conspiracy: On the contrary. It is partly because of my religion that I spend so much time telling the truth here and on my blog. My personal take on birtherism is informed in particular by my Lutheran background. This is from Martin Luther’s Small Catechism’s teaching on the Ten Commandments:

The Eighth Commandment

You must not tell lies about your neighbor. (Exodus 20:16 )
What does this mean? We must fear and love God, so that we will not deceive by lying, betraying, slandering or ruining our neighbor’s reputation, but will defend him, say good things about him, and see the best side of everything he does.

I think any objective observer would say that [Birther Report] exists, both in content and comments, to say bad things about and to present in the worst possible light everything that Barack Obama does and by extension to me, the “Obots” and progressives in general. There is a difference between fair criticism and slander. I strive for the former and this site presents the latter.

As scripture says:

So put away all malice and all guile and insincerity and envy and all slander.
(RSV) 1 Peter 2:1

I do not hold myself up as without sin. I lose my temper and I say harsh things. But I also take considerable care not to stretch the truth when I criticize, and I try not to make sweeping generalizations in my articles. I try not to call people a liar when there is some other possible explanation. Obviously when you visit my site you cannot read all of the things I chose not to say, but there is a lot of it. I have refrained from calling all birthers racists. I have tried to couch birther actions in terms of the normal error of thinking common to everybody, except perhaps more exaggerated in their case. I don’t call birthers barking mad as often as I think it.

I care about moderation and fairness, and I work at it. I don’t always succeed, but I am trying. When I fail, I feel bad about it. I have a conscience.

God, according to Moses in the Bible, says the same thing about homosexuality as about eating shrimp. “Abomination” is the word. St. Paul says the same thing about homosexuality as about a man with long hair. “Degrading” is the word. That is a longer topic than I can cover here. The Lutheran Church, not without considerable controversy, no longer requires our clergy who are gay to be celibate. Our understanding of homosexuality has advanced, as has our understanding of shellfish. hair styles, slavery, the value of Pi and other things in the Bible. And despite the irresponsible remarks made [at Birther Report], I am neither a Communist, nor gay.

But don’t try to tag me with “false witness.” It doesn’t fit.

For more on this, see my Open Letter to Nathan Bickel, a Lutheran Pastor (not ELCA).

Somebody could go over my 3,600 articles and pick out the worst and most extreme examples out of everything I’ve said, pile it up ignoring every moderate thing I’ve ever said, and call me a hypocrite. This is exactly what the 8th Commandment prohibits, putting someone in the worst possible light.

Flinging poo

Monkey flinging pooThe opening paragraphs of my recent article, “Run Cruz, run!” started out as a comment at Birther Report. They posted a new article titled, “Backlash Warning: TP Publisher Under Fire For Suggesting Foreign-Born Candidate For POTUS” about the candidacy of Ted Cruz. My comment appeared second on the article, making it prominent. Here’s what I said:

While I personally think foreign-born Cruz is eligible because he was a US citizen at birth, there is certainly an argument to be made the other way. It will be interesting to see how strong the opposition to Cruz is compared with the parentage-based opposition to Obama.

If Cruz is a serious candidate, it would certainly be possible for a legitimate challenger for the Republican nomination to bring a lawsuit (even if it were a friendly suit) claiming that Cruz was ineligible, resulting in the adjudication of the definition of "natural born citizen" by the Supreme Court. I think that would be a good thing.

I knew that a comment that high up from someone like me would not be well-received, and I was right:

charlesmountain: No one gives a damn what you have to say, evil, disinfo fag… .Save it for your wack blog or pack it in your asscrack…whichever floats your tampon…

That’s not the whole comment. It goes on from there. I think this kind of poo flinging is designed to drive away the target.

I contemplated this article before the BR incident, mainly based on a series of comments exchanged on an article at WorldNetDaily called, “Obama’s identity fraud and Mickey Mouse media.” I’ve been commenting, along with Dave B., Ran Talbott and someone posting as Jan123456. On the other side are several birthers, notably three with the names of Veritas Aequitas and TruthToBeTold and Joseph Figarelli.

Here’s a comment from Dave B.:

The Supreme Court didn’t provide an exclusive definition of "natural born citizen" in Minor v. Happersett for ANY purpose– not for establishing the facts of the case, not for rationalizing the decision, and certainly not for the entirely unrelated purpose of presidential eligibility. What Chief Justice Waite DID do, however, is conflate native citizenship, acquired by birth in the United States, with natural born citizenship and presidential eligibility; as opposed to naturalized citizenship, acquired under Congress’s naturalization power. Native citizens are by no rational understanding of the term naturalized; they are and have always been natural born citizens.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Another no argument comment from an idiot.

At another point I said:

And the Sheriff or Mike Zullo never proved any records were forged either. All of that stuff fell apart under scrutiny. We even caught Zullo lying and fabricating evidence in the 2nd news conference.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Who is we? You are just a lonely old man that doesn’t have any friends that belongs in a padded white room.

And in another part of the massive thread I said:

Obama’s past is no more unknown than that of any other public figure, and his records are no more sealed that the records of anyone else. Obama released information in line with what other presidential candidates have released, some a little more, and some a little less. Romney wouldn’t release his tax return. Bush wouldn’t release his college grades (they got out by accident). McCain wouldn’t release his medical records or his birth certificate.

The idea that Obama is unknown and hiding his records is a total fraud and not true to the facts.

And got back from Joseph Figarelli:

What exactly are you smoking?, *** for brains.

I could go on for a very long time from that particular article, but these are good examples. I label this flinging poo to cover up impotence. I have lost my temper sometimes at birthers who are being particularly obtuse and will resort to calling them “idiot,” but never if they are trying to be reasonable. If someone makes an argument, I will respond appropriately. All told, I fling a lot less poo, and it is not as smelly.

I think part of the birther frustration at WND is that they are very poor birthers. They’re still living in the past with the Travel Ban to Pakistan that never existed. This particularly is pretty easy to pick apart, and they say things that they cannot back up when challenged. When that happens, all they can do is fling poo.

Journeys among the birthers: comments at BR

I have been spending a great deal of time at Birther Report™ lately, commenting, but mainly looking at others’ comments over the past 5 weeks. I don’t mean to say that I have read all of them—that would a huge task, and a lot to stomach. It is an active site with several “new” articles daily.

Birther Report carries advertising and I presume that they get enough advertising revenue to make it important to them. Advertising revenue runs on traffic, and I believe that comments are a big driver of their traffic, and I suspect that one of the reasons that they let me post there is because I get a lot of responses when I post; however, my recent sojourn has taught me that I had a false impression of what they allow at BR, thinking that I was the token Obot, when in fact there are several reasonable, fact-based commenters there who take exception to the birther line and some seem to get their piece said without being deleted. At least one name you would recognize, and several others I haven’t a clue about. I won’t post names so as not to generate publicity that might jeopardize their status.

I got one reply today from SirenDrake that I have made the Quote of the Day. It said:

If you, Foggy, and your cohorts would shut up and go away, this site would be a model for intelligent, civilized debate and discussion.


Continue Reading →