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Birther Report allows advocacy of violence

Here’s a comment from Falcon over at Birther Report yesterday:

In my opinion Obama is done. And so are his sycophants who ran over America and her citizens for the last five years. Obama is no Lazarus and will not recover from the public beating he’s about to take. This will also take down all who refused to even consider Obama was a fraud when it was staring them dead in the face.

I hope this all leads to an Uncivil War and the communists are imprisoned in their beloved FEMA Camps. I also hope the rail cars with guillotines are used. It’s a shame to let all that looted DHS money go to waste.

An even worse call to criminal action comes from commenter Chris Farrell, perhaps incited by Falcon:

Any who facilitate the ongoing usurpation of the office of the presidency by a criminal who fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president while knowingly not so are actively engaging in a conspiracy to contravene the Constitution of the United States of America and do by their actions define themselves as legitimate targets of opportunity for American patriots to engage at will. The words ‘Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes’ come to mind as most apropos to the present situation.

Falcon continues:

There’s no love for Obama and most have had a first hand look at his totalitarian society and want no parts of it. Lastly, Congress will be forced to act or they will find themselves on the receiving end of a blood-bath of epic proportions. America wants this to end and quickly – everyone knows what’s going on here and can barely contain their contempt for another second of it. It’s going to come to an end one way or the other.

I would consider that a threat against the President and certainly a violation of Blogger’s Content Policy on the advocacy of violence.

The triggering event, Obama’s “public beating” at the hand of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would seem a highly improbable thing. Obama has been quite effective in weathering guilt by association attacks, and pure nonsense hasn’t gotten his opponents anywhere.

All of this stems from a BR article highlighting a new Mike Volin video compendium of old stuff presented as a stand-in for the so-far absent real stuff from Sheriff Arpaio, referring to the “Sheriff’s Kit 2” coming any day now to a website near you.


Let’s all take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Birtherism is a war of words on the Internet. It is not a real conflict. Obama is president, and will eave office in 2017 and the country will muddle on as it always has. Nobody is threatening the birthers, and they have no cause to advocate violence in return. They lost at the polls—get over it already.

How big is the conspiracy? (Updated)

By conspiracy here I do not mean necessarily people acting as part of a unified effort. I’m including people who inexplicably fail to carry out their legal, statutory, ethical or professional responsibilities. I am talking about people who take bribes, cover up and tell public lies.

Update: Quite a few additional items have been added since the original publication of this article, and continue to be added.

According to the Obama denialists the “truth” involves many actors hiding that truth including:

  1. The United States Army. There are several instances of this, including the allegation that the Army rescinded deployment of Major Cook to keep Obama’s records from coming out (they wouldn’t) and the refusal by the Investigating officer in the Lakin prosecution to allow him to subpoena Obama’s kindergarten records.
  2. Billionaire George Soros who is secretly pulling the strings behind “all this.”
  3. Nancy Peolsi, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention who signed an affidavit that Obama was eligible.
  4. The document forgers who forged the COLB and created fake microfilm containing Obama birth announcement in Hawaii newspapers, and their accomplices who have replaced all the copies in all the libraries.
  5. John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the entire Republican Party who inexplicably failed to raise the eligibility issue during the debates and the campaign.
  6. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs who keeps reporters from asking probing questions about Obama’s eligibility.
  7. The FEMA officials who hiding the fact that  they are planning to house all the birthers once they are rounded up. Continue Reading →

Scapegoats and Lynch Mobs

George Meadows

George Meadows

Today’s Americans probably know little about lynching, mob murder of someone they take a dislike to. For the reader who is not familiar with this blot on American history, I suggest Lynching in the United States.  Between 1880 and 1951 the Tuskegee Institute recorded 3,437 lynchings of African Americans, as well as 1,293 whites.

René Girard talks  about mob violence in his book, The Scapegoat. Girard’s thesis is that pressures in a community build up, and through an act of violence opposing forces can unite at least for a time, and some sense of relief can be found.

At this time in American history with the economy in shambles, two wars, high profile public figures shown corrupt, and threats of terrorism and global ecological disaster, there is no shortage of pressure. When the mob chooses a victim, they pick someone who is “different”. To many Barack Obama is “different” because of his race, the fact that he’s mixed race, lived in Indonesia and doesn’t pass the right-wing litmus test on anything.

Of course, no one can lynch the President, Continue Reading →