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False flag operation

Have you gotten one of these emails about Michelle Obama waving the Communist Chinese flag? Here’s one version from a web site called Now the End Begins in an article titled: “Michelle Obama Proudly and Wildly Waves The Flags of Red Chinese Communism.”


So when did you ever see a national flag tied off at a point? Other photos of the event make it clear that this is not a flag at all. It’s part of a dance with streamers.

michelle obama jumps rope in china 13

But they point out, Michelle has never been seen waving an American flag.


Obama starts World War III to hide birth certificate

or something like that

Thanks to a commenter who pointed me to an “Alternative News & Commentary” web site called State of the Nation. Their March 7 article, “’Universe-Shattering Evidence’ Re: Obama Criminal Investigation To Be Announced By Cold Case Posse,” suggests a tie in with recent political instability in the Ukraine:

Why would Team Obama execute the violent overthrow of yet another democratically elected nation on Russia’s border, unless it was a necessary diversion to soon-to-be-presented “Universe-Shattering Evidence“?

They did? The article goes on to say, of course, there are other very good reasons why Obama would literally start World War III, outlining other problems the Obama administration is having, but I would hardly agree with their assessment of the situation: DESPERATE.

Why do they think that the Obama Administration engineered the crisis in the Ukraine? Well, because everything points to it and because, well, because they did, AND, AND, AND [wait for it …….. ]Benghazi!

The site is pretty flakey, linking to the Dystel publicists brochure from 1991 falsely labeled as a biography from the 1991 Harvard Law Review Year Book. (This fake made the rounds in 2012 and again this past January on some Internet sites.)

State of the Nation is an eclectic collection of conspiracy theories from Chemtrails to Sandy Hook. In fairness to them, they have several articles which I didn’t read on their theories that the US engineered the Ukrainian crisis.

Breaking News: Carl Gallups uploads 2011 video and calls it Breaking!

In a video under an article published today titled: “BREAKING PROOF! OBAMA BORN IN KENYA – Long Form BC A FRAUD?” Carl Gallups presents a 2011 video compendium of all the people in the news business who ever got Obama’s birth place wrong.

His introduction says that this would be compelling evidence in court, but of course what some news reporter says without first hand knowledge wouldn’t even be allowed in court.

It’s old stuff. I had seen some fake letters reportedly from the Kenyan government about Obama’s birth certificate, but this video has one that I missed (from a “reliable source” who is not named), a Kenyan National Security Service memo that talks about a planned construction project at Kogelo village was “to honor the birthplace of President Barack Obama.”


Without a source, the memo itself has no standing. Beyond that, one has to question why the Kenyan National Security Service would be concerned with such a topic in the first place.

In previous material from Zullo, a red box indicates faked evidence.

Questioned birth certificate

Fair is fair. If the birthers are going to question Barack Obama’s birth certificate by comparing it to another “authentic” one, it seems only fair that the birthers should provide some authentication for theirs.

The Hawaii Department of Health says:

On April 27, 2011 President Barack Obama posted a certified copy of his original Certificate of Live Birth.

I have authentication for Obama’s birth certificate. What do the birthers have for this one?

Click for original version

Birthers don’t even say where that redacted image came from, much less provide any authentication.

A number of purported Hawaiian birth certificates have surfaced over the past 5 years, but only Obama’s has any official provenance–and yet Obama’s is the only one called into question by birthers. That seems backwards reasoning to me. The photo above came from a British eccentric, Lord Monckton of Benchley via WorldNetDaily, who never says where he got it. Monckton labeled it “authentic;” however, Vogt labeled another birth certificate (one Jerome Corsi at WorldNetDaily called “authentic”) a forgery. If the birthers cannot even agree on what’s fake and what’s not, why should others have confidence in their judgment about any of them? Continue Reading →

Cold Case Posse tests Xerox (or not)

An interesting comment was made on a YouTube video by birther evangelist Mark Gillar (TeaPartyPowerHour):

As 1961 LFBCs on original safety paper are being tested with the Xerox, the results are different from what NBC Blogger obtained. The Xerox doesn’t fully explain the layering, the halos, or various other anomalies. In addition, saving documents in preview creates a completely different type of clipping mask.

Team Obama played the Xerox card a little too soon. The only birther related delusion I’ve witnessed so far was your assertion that John McCain’s birth certificate was fake.1

This comes on the heels of another birther evangelist Carl Gallups saying that the Xerox theory was of no concern.

Gillar doesn’t say what kind of Xerox the testing is being done with, and of course no actual result has been published. The clipping mask and layers in NBC’s tests are the same as in the President’s PDF. Similar halos are found in other Xerox scans.

The title of this article is an example of jumping to conclusions. The first jump is that the Cold Case Posse is doing the testing. That’s suggested by the source, Gillar, who works with the Posse, and the claim that the tests are being done with authentic 1961 birth certificates, suggesting that it’s being done by someone with enough notoriety to have collected a real birth certificate.

The second jump is that any testing is being done at all. Mark Gillar has been the mouthpiece for Cold Case Posse lies in the past (the narration of the CCP videos containing the fake 1961 race code table). This may be a lie of convenience. The fact that Gallups said the Xerox was no concern tells against testing, but the claim that the results don’t match what NBC did are even more suggestive of a big lie.

Meanwhile the Cold Case Posse itself has remained in the bunker for 71 days without responding to the revelation that the Xerox WorkCentre 7655 explains what birthers claim are marks of forgery in the President’s form birth certificate, and that their investigation in the end has produced nothing.

1The McCain campaign showed a birth certificate to reporter Michael Dobbs, and I have no doubts as to its authenticity. However, another birth certificate for McCain was submitted by Fred Hollander in the  lawsuit, Hollander v. McCain. That certificate from a con man in Panama contradicts the official McCain biography, and what Dobbs reported. In fact, that certificate is one of two exceptionally crude forgeries that appeared for McCain. I wrote several articles on the topic: