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POSFKBC arises at Birther Report: Doc receives high praise from birther!

A new article appeared at Birther Report™ in which Lucas Smith presents a 2013 report from a redacted expert on footprints, arguing, I think, that the footprint on Smith’s fake Obama Kenyan Certificate is really the footprint of an infant. So what if it is?

What was utterly amazing was a comment from someone at BR, charlesmountain, noted birther litigant and publisher. Here’s the exchange:


I was formulating a detailed and thoughtful reply, not noticing that another commenter entered with:

imageand charlesmountain did a little more looking around, concluding:


“Dr. Douchebag has even done his homework.” That’s one of the nicest things a birther ever said to me!

Here are the text versions of the exchange:


I believe the Lucas Smith, Kenyan BC is real.

Faggus and his Commie buttlicks at the Fagblow thought so too, so they fabricated that horseshit “Kenyan BC” which was quickly debunked to help muddy up the waters…

And then Snopes did the rest by lumping the two together……

A lot of folk fell for that jive, thinking the Smith BC was debunked too…

But it’s never been debunked.

Ain’t that right, Dr. Horseshit?


You need to do a little more in-depth research. Once you do, you will realize he was in Costa Rica when he filmed his videos. He has never been to Kenya. The guy is as big of a fraud as Barry, nothing more needs to be said.


After digging a bit deeper it would appear that you are correct.

In fact, I now suspect that it is most likely a fake and seems to be have been thoroughly debunked.

Looks like Dr. Douchebag has even done his homework on this…

Obama says in video: “surrender your rights to an all-powerful sovereign”

Here’s the video posted on YouTube last May:

The sound track goes:

As for the international order that we have worked for generations to build, [camera cut to audience] ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.

I tried to punctuate that transcript so as to follow what I think the video maker intended people to hear, but it doesn’t quite match the vocal inflection that would dictate a period following the word “build,” creating an incomplete first sentence. Indeed the camera cuts to the audience shot at just that point and the video cuts out an entire paragraph of the actual speech. Rather than praising authoritarian government, Obama is actually critiquing that idea.

More, including the full text of what Obama said, is at

OAS supporters tout fake photo of event

If you do a Google Image Search on the following image, it may be described as a “Tea Party event” perhaps because it has appeared today on the Internet as an Operation American Spring attendance photo.

That copy comes from Before It’s News and linked from Birther Report. That’s quite a crowd! Unfortunately for the OAS folks, it’s not from today or yesterday. That’s really a photo of the 50th Anniversary of the March 8, 2013 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the iconic “I have a dream” speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s not cool to fake images and try to mislead people. Tsk, tsk.

False flag operation

Have you gotten one of these emails about Michelle Obama waving the Communist Chinese flag? Here’s one version from a web site called Now the End Begins in an article titled: “Michelle Obama Proudly and Wildly Waves The Flags of Red Chinese Communism.”


So when did you ever see a national flag tied off at a point? Other photos of the event make it clear that this is not a flag at all. It’s part of a dance with streamers.

michelle obama jumps rope in china 13

But they point out, Michelle has never been seen waving an American flag.


Obama starts World War III to hide birth certificate

or something like that

Thanks to a commenter who pointed me to an “Alternative News & Commentary” web site called State of the Nation. Their March 7 article, “’Universe-Shattering Evidence’ Re: Obama Criminal Investigation To Be Announced By Cold Case Posse,” suggests a tie in with recent political instability in the Ukraine:

Why would Team Obama execute the violent overthrow of yet another democratically elected nation on Russia’s border, unless it was a necessary diversion to soon-to-be-presented “Universe-Shattering Evidence“?

They did? The article goes on to say, of course, there are other very good reasons why Obama would literally start World War III, outlining other problems the Obama administration is having, but I would hardly agree with their assessment of the situation: DESPERATE.

Why do they think that the Obama Administration engineered the crisis in the Ukraine? Well, because everything points to it and because, well, because they did, AND, AND, AND [wait for it …….. ]Benghazi!

The site is pretty flakey, linking to the Dystel publicists brochure from 1991 falsely labeled as a biography from the 1991 Harvard Law Review Year Book. (This fake made the rounds in 2012 and again this past January on some Internet sites.)

State of the Nation is an eclectic collection of conspiracy theories from Chemtrails to Sandy Hook. In fairness to them, they have several articles which I didn’t read on their theories that the US engineered the Ukrainian crisis.

Breaking News: Carl Gallups uploads 2011 video and calls it Breaking!

In a video under an article published today titled: “BREAKING PROOF! OBAMA BORN IN KENYA – Long Form BC A FRAUD?” Carl Gallups presents a 2011 video compendium of all the people in the news business who ever got Obama’s birth place wrong.

His introduction says that this would be compelling evidence in court, but of course what some news reporter says without first hand knowledge wouldn’t even be allowed in court.

It’s old stuff. I had seen some fake letters reportedly from the Kenyan government about Obama’s birth certificate, but this video has one that I missed (from a “reliable source” who is not named), a Kenyan National Security Service memo that talks about a planned construction project at Kogelo village was “to honor the birthplace of President Barack Obama.”


Without a source, the memo itself has no standing. Beyond that, one has to question why the Kenyan National Security Service would be concerned with such a topic in the first place.

In previous material from Zullo, a red box indicates faked evidence.