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Zullo tries to extricate himself from race code morass

I’ve been putting off writing something about Zullo’s latest comments on the fake race code table he presented at his 2nd big news conference. Now the esteemed HistorianDude has written a comment here that covers the topic well. So here is what he said:

Question: Who verified the coding theory promoted by the Cold Case Posse?

July 17, 2012:

Zullo: “These codings we learned through our investigation, and then locating the mysterious U.K. Lee, which has plagued this thing for four years, where people were wondering who this is, we located Verna Lee. Verna Lee is 95 years old, amazingly sharp. We spoke with her and she confirms to us what I’m going to share with you now.”

“You can’t have a document coded like other documents double-checked and have a code that says 9, “not stated” and have a piece of information sitting in the box. That just can’t happen. Verna Lee confirmed that for us.”

October 4, 2014:

Zullo: “And for two feverish days Jerry Corsi sent his associate who this woman stayed in the lobby of the CDC for eight hours a day for two days trying to get the answer to this question. On the third day, it was about two and a half hours I believe before the press conference was going to go, at that point in time the “9” code issue was not going to be in it. As fate would have it, Attorney Larry Klayman happened to be in Phoenix so he stopped in wanted to say hello to the sheriff. Larry Klayman, Larry Klayman’s associate, Sheriff Arpaio, myself and Jerry Corsi were all in the conference room when the phone rang from the woman from the CDC. And I have her information, who she is and she’s not a clerk. She’s a highly educated individual. Jerry put her on speaker phone. I remember Jerry sitting there with his fingers crossed. And she confirmed for us that what we were saying and requesting, what the number 9 meant was in fact what it was. He asked her to repeat it. ‘Are you saying this 9 in this box yada-yada-yada means X?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’”

Discussion: In 2012, there was no mention whatsoever about a CDC verification, or of the mysterious Corsi “associate” that allegedly waited in the CDC lobby for three days to get a verification. It was instead long retired Verna K. Lee who took center stage in the press conference as the external authority who could corroborate the Posse theory. In retrospect it becomes clear that Lee’s alleged verification applies at best only to the process by which coding took place, and not to the specific codes or meanings of codes used in 1961. Zullo made no effort to make that distinction clear.

Worse, the alleged “CDC verification” now claimed by Zullo two years later apparently entails no actual, tangible CDC verification whatsoever. There is nothing in writing from the CDC. There is no individual from the CDC identified as a source. There is no statement, email, quotation (attributable or otherwise) or even a paraphrase of anybody associated with the CDC providing any information whatsoever, let alone a verification of the 1961 meaning of the “9” code for race, to the Cold Case Posse.

And of course, most damning is the fact that the actual 1961 CDC coding manual has been found proving that the Posse theory is objectively wrong out of the gate.

“Banned ‘Birther’ Breaks the BR Censorship Barrier, Part 2

The Cold Case Posse’s “Universe Shattering” Evidence

Opinion: By Brian Reilly To: Kevin Davidson, Dr. Conspiracy

In my last article, published on this site, through the courtesy of Dr. Conspiracy, it was necessary for me to establish the fact that I indeed came up with the idea to request Sheriff Arpaio to investigate what I believed were anomalies that I saw on the PDF copy of President Obama’s birth certificate that was posted on the White House website, April 27, 2011. It was my belief that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), reported to be the third largest in the nation, would have had the resources to give me answers regarding the authenticity of the purported Obama birth certificate document. It was also my belief that Sheriff Arpaio was among the few who would have the will to take on the project. Unfortunately, the MCSO didn’t do the investigation. On August 22, 2011, Sheriff Arpaio decided to turn the “investigation” over to Commander Mike Zullo and his all volunteer “Cold Case Posse Inc.” so that, as I was told by Arpaio, no tax payer dollars would be spent on the project. As we all know, Commander Zullo’s first trip to Hawaii incurred approximately $9,600.00 in taxpayer funded expenses. The non-profit Cold Case Posse Inc. was supposedly operating only on public donations. But as we have learned, the Cold Case Posse has filed no Form 990s with the IRS and the Sheriff when interviewed said that his office has no financial oversight of the CCP. The CCP finances remain an enigma with zero accountability to the public.

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Banned ‘Birther’ Breaks the BR Censorship Barrier

The Cold Case Posse’s “Universe Shattering” Evidence

Opinion: By Brian Reilly To: Kevin Davidson, Dr. Conspiracy

Once again, America is being told by Birther news outlets that new, universe shattering evidence about the Obama investigation will be released by Commander Mike Zullo and his non-profit, all volunteer, Cold Case Posse in March, or possibly April or possibly May or, possibly never, depending on who the Birther spokesperson is for the day. Even if new evidence were released this month, the Cold Case Posse has cried wolf so many times, who really is going to listen, except hardcore, agenda driven Birthers?

But wait a minute…..Brian Reilly…..isn’t he a Birther? Why is he writing to Dr. Conspiracy??? I’m glad that you asked. I’ve been banned at many Birther websites, including Birther Report. Many Birther sites put my comments into an endless, black cavern of moderation with my comments never seeing the light of day or the courtesy of a reply or a posting. My comments don’t fit the Birther narrative. On one particularly nefarious Birther website I’ve read threats and defamatory statements directed toward me for simply speaking my opinion. Do these tactics sound familiar? I came to Dr. Conspiracy’s website because, I had no other choice. I believed that he would give me the freedom to write and publish my thoughts. I was right. I am grateful for Dr. Conspiracy’s courtesy.

Yes, Dr. Conspiracy has me listed on his Birthers A-Z list, but I have never considered myself a Birther. I simply had questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, based on the PDF I saw posted on April 27, 2011 on the White House website. Many wanted answers as did I. But no, I don’t consider myself a Birther. Continue Reading →

The Many Lies of Joseph Farah

by Loren Collins

I retired my blog, Barackryphal, at the end of 2013 because I was burnt out on Birtherism. After five years, it’s simply become a rehashing of the same tropes, and there’s little new to address.

However, after WorldNetDaily all but gave up on its Birther interests in the fall of 2012, WND President Joseph Farah has recently raised its spectre again, and in doing so yet again demonstrated some abject dishonesty that I felt compelled to address. Others have called him out for his supposed hypocrisy over his reactions to Barack Obama and Ted Cruz.

But I’m not here to call him a hypocrite. I’m here to document that he’s a liar. To wit, in his column of April 23, 2011, Joseph Farah wrote:

“WND never reported that Obama had spent $2 million hiding his birth certificate.”

Whereas five months earlier, on December 9, 2010, Farah said:

“Obama has spent at least $2 million fighting efforts to release his birth certificate.”

And that’s just Farah himself; he claimed that WND had never reported this, when in fact WND reporters had said this dozens of times.

On February 19, 2011, Joseph Farah wrote:

“I don’t know any thinking, rational person who questions the existence of Obama’s birth certificate.”

But what did Farah himself say two years earlier, on Chuck Crismier’s radio show on June 5, 2009?

“There’s a reason that Barack Obama will not show the American people his birth certificate. I believe he doesn’t have one.”

And who else questions the existence of Obama’s birth certificate? Why, none other than WND’s senior reporter, Jerome Corsi. Because Corsi had this to say on The Alex Jones Show on January 20, 2011, just one month before Farah claimed that no “thinking, rational person” would say such a thing:

“The key document that should be produced, if it exists and I don’t believe it does, is the long-form, hospital-generated Hawaiian birth certificate for Barack Obama.”

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Scanning for Dummies – Why the CCP Analysis Fails

1983 – My First Computer Job

Fresh out of College, I got my first job at a testing company.  Anybody who has ever taken a test using a number 2 pencil and fill in the square or rectangle on your answer sheet knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The answer sheets came in, we scanned them, then we graded them and produced reports about the test-taker.  One of my jobs was coding the computer to recognize the scans and grade them accordingly.  We didn’t have such things as graphics and image viewing, just a simple scanner.  Here’s how the scanner worked.  Every time it saw a notch along the side, it flashed a light at the paper and then measured via sensor how much light was reflected back.  There was 80 sensors along the read head and each one saved its measurement.  It knew when to start/stop the page by the number of notches along the side and I would start a new record by counting the lines per each page.  When it jammed (and it did) you had to clear the file and rescan the whole group because it would lose the proper paging.  Now, once they were scanned, that’s where the programmer’s job began.  You see, the file that the scanner creates of the scan is nothing more than a series of numbers representing the intensity of the reflection of the light.  On our particular scanner, a zero meant no light was reflected back (no mark) up to 5 being the most amount of light being reflected back. So, a single line of data might look like


Now, knowing the location on the answer sheet of where answers were, I could tell which answers were marked and which ones were left blank.  I would program it to only recognize darkness of 3 or greater so hopefully it would not recognize erased answers or something else that was on the answer sheet.  I then created a file of what their answers were, 1=D, 2=B, 3=A, etc.  Then we edited the file for missing/multiple answers (think erasure) and put in the correct answers manually.  We then used the second file to create a personality profile of the test taker and then produce a report about the person according to their profile. Very basic, and all the equipment used is probably in a museum now. Continue Reading →

Is Mike Zullo running a scam on the birthers?

I have been watching Mike Zullo and the CCP trying to get the goods on President Obama for almost 2 years now, and what struck me is the total dishonesty with which this so-called investigation was being run and presented. If I could describe it in one way, it is that Mr. Zullo is running a scam on the birthers. So, I went out to the internet and looked for ways that a con game can be recognized and avoided.

“Fraud — credit card fraud, telemarketing scares, Internet scares, identity theft and hundreds of other items that are geared to separate you from your money — is a multi-billion dollar business, both in the U.S. and worldwide. From a simple three-card Monte game on a street corner to sophisticated banking and Wall Street swindles, cons, frauds and scams are destined to strike one in ten Americans this year.”

A successful scam has 3 elements

1) A trustworthy con man – “con” is short for confidence. The most important element of any con is that the victims trust is gained by the con man. A con man can be a single person, or a group of people working in concert together to separate the victim from their money.

2) A gullible victim – they have to believe that the con man can deliver what they want, be it love, financial gain, or to protect them from real or imagined dangers.

3) Using the victim’s wants/needs/greed against them – the con must convince the victim that they have the answer to the victim’s needs, and they can get it.

The Con Artist

Credentials—exaggerated and fabricated

Con artists may “prove” themselves by namedropping or volunteering detailed resumes or credentials. If you’re at all suspicious, check their references.”

As we have seen and heard many times, Mr. Zullo has been called commander and lieutenant, and his investigation has been described as an “Official Police Investigation”. As we well know, Mr. Zullo is nothing more than a private citizen running a personal inquiry on the President, his accomplices to the con are there to help build him and his investigation up so they look more official than they really are.

Building your trust

Con artists will sometimes honor their commitments in the beginning so that you begin to trust them. They’ll pay back initial loans, or appear to be unselfishly helping other people. Their objective is to get you to drop your guard.”

Mr. Zullo claims that it was a true investigation, and yet he never interviewed witnesses who might clear the President and the State of Hawaii of any wrongdoing. But, more important to him, is that he made claims that was not backed up by the evidence, but WAS backed up by what his victims wanted to hear. Building their trust that he would be the one to get to the bottom of this. Continue Reading →