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Chit chat and things about building the site.

Hacked again

My status site ( got hacked. It’s not as bad as having your house broken into, but you just don’t feel safe any more. Thanks to a commenter here, I learned about the problem and was able to fix it. That was last week.

Today the status site suffered a brute force login attack from Thailand. New security plug-ins detected and blocked access from that IP address. The brute-force attempt was doomed to fail for two reasons: the default WordPress administrator account being used doesn’t exist on that site, and the password to the real administrator account is a very long random thing.


It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to

Actually, I don’t have much to whine about. My taxes are done and filed, taking the big load off that comes this time every year. I’m even getting a refund. 😉

I got my old computer taken to the recycling center this morning, reducing clutter by .002%. Most of the spring planting is done. The grass doesn’t need mowing. The garbage is out at the curb.

I finished watching again all 8 Harry Potter movies yesterday (I still say they blew the ending.1) I’m singing a solo in church tomorrow.

Life is good.

1I much preferred the book ending where Harry uses the Elder Wand to repair his old wand, rather than just throwing the Elder Wand away. The relationship between wand and wizard is a major continuing theme throughout the stories, and this lack of closure is a disappointment.

Obama Conspiracy Theories: The posthumous articles

I have been pondering some end of life topics the last few days. I suppose that there will be birthers longer than there will be me, but I am resolved to stop publishing new articles on this blog whenever the next president takes office in January of 2017. The blog is destined to remain as a historical artifact for the curious in future generations. Towards that end I am slowly working through the 800 (it was more than I thought) broken hyperlinks on the blog.

There are some things about the blog that I want to disclose for historical purposes, and I think the “end of blog” time frame is appropriate for those disclosures (and no, birthers, this blog really is a one-man show not connected with any organization). I may write those now and set the auto-publish date for Inauguration Day.

In the process of writing the blog, I receive lots of information and some of it I don’t publish. I also do a great deal of research on birthers that I don’t publish either. (You might be stunned by the extent.) Twenty years from now, that information might be of use to some bored academic researcher, and I want to make it available. I am thinking of leaving a large document behind for my heirs to publish. The document already exists; just without release instructions. If I were to publish an article on this research, the title would be “Birthers are nobodies.” (I consider myself a “nobody” too.)

A-Z with Dr. Conspiracy

Hey, anything to scroll that other article off the top.

When I start typing in the address line of my web browser, the browser automatically starts filling in a guess as to what I want. It will do that after the very first letter. So, what does it suggest for those one-letter guesses? Here are some samples, skipping some uninteresting results:

  • A – – where you can find birther books and discussions
  • B – Birther Report
  • D – – I hate telemarketers
  • E – English Wikipedia
  • F – Facebook
  • I – Google Images
  • M – Google Maps
  • N – Network Solutions Whois
  • O – Orly Taitz
  • S – SpamCop – I hate spammers too
  • T- Twitter
  • U – United Nations (that one surprised me)
  • W – Wayback Machine ( – I use this a LOT
  • Y – YouTube
  • Z – (you can’t really view that web site any more except on the Web Archive). It’s not that I visit that site a lot but rather that it was the only “z.”

Bad links

This blog has been running since December of 2008 and in that time I have written many articles, and to provide more information and references, those articles contain many hyperlinks, 13,659 of them to be specific.

One of my favorite web articles is titled “Cool URIs don’t change.” It is an article that I read a very long time ago, perhaps 10 years ago or more. Today it is still at the same address as ever. Despite the debunked arguments for moving files, and the tools to lessen the impact of moves, web pages disappear and links go bad. In my case, there are 74 84 87 89 104 bad links (and counting!) still on this blog that I know of. In addition to those there are 247 redirects (the web site tells you where the file has gone) and 7 “warnings” that I still have to look at.

To quantify and deal with the problem, I have installed the “Broken Link Checker” plug-in and I must say that it is a very nice piece of software in most respects. I found it through an “ad” at (which, by the way, is getting a new user interface). I support financially, and have a donation link on this site’s sidebar (I hope it still works 😯 ).

I always wanted this to be a reference site and that makes hyperlinks all the more important. Some links, particularly to removed YouTube videos, are a lost cause. The biggest offenders seem to be newspapers. Over the following days, I will be working through the list and fixing what I can.