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Mailbox: new twist

I suspect that many you have received phone calls from the “main Windows server” to warn you that your computer is downloading dangerous files. I’ve gotten about 10 variants of this scam since September. There was a new variant of the call this week, the caller asked for me by name.

In the same vein, I get lots of junk emails purporting to be from ladies wanting to start a relationship. There were 6 from “Olga” last week. None of them ever mention me by name, but today there was a new personalized variant directed to my personal email address:

Hello  my  dear,
name is mephia,i saw your contact today here in (
and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.I believe we can move from here!
(Remeber the distance or
colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)Thanks.
My email address is;


Orly does have my personal email address on her site, along with many other email addresses of her supporters and detractors alike. Mephia’s address scraper program wasn’t smart enough, however, to grab a name to go with the address.

The other thing that was a bit odd about this spam is that it actually does appear to come from Hotmail, and for that reason I took the extra step in reporting it to When I reported it, the report form listed not only Microsoft (that runs Hotmail) but the “web site mentioned in the spam,”, and for the first time in thousands of spam reports, I unchecked a spamcop-suggested reporting box. What was a little curious is that the address spamcop proposed to use to file a complaint about was in Romania:

More funnies from the Obama Conspiracy Theories mailbag

Hi Doug, Have you had any success with your misprision of felony applications? Have the courts even responded? I would like to put in one of these applications because a town hall committed felonies against me. Would you have instructions on how to file the misprision of felony application? Thanks so much!! Rob

I forwarded it.

Mailbox 11/7/2014

I got a few of these some months back, and I thought I was shed of them. Another one came yesterday. Here it is, with the specifics redacted:

Comments: Mr. Davidson, this is [redacted] from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As I stated before, you are a suspect in this case. You can confirm that by contacting Mike Zullo directly. I have already represented another person in this matter, and I can represent you for free if you like, not as an attorney, but as a licensed ordained minister of the Christian faith. Please click the attachment for my photo. [No attachment found] I can help you to remain anonymous during initial negotiations with Congress : the CCP does not have the authority to grant you immunity or protection—only Congress can do that in this instance. The criminal case against Barack Obama goes way beyond just the birth certificate at this point—the LFBC matter is a very minor issue compared with the serious criminal charges that Obama will soon face in front of Congress and will shock the entire world (this has now blossomed into an international criminal matter). What I suggest is that you allow me to represent you to Congress anonymously. I will keep uou anonymous and ask that your testimony to be contingent upon you receiving complete immunity and protection for you and your entire family, as it should be. Without me, you will be on your own, and you will need your own attorney. Please understand that Mike Zullo knows I am contacting you. I can offer my services until November 10, 2014. If I do not hear from you by that date, or if you do not accept this offer by that date, I will no longer be available for this matter. Once again, you are a suspect, and from what I know about this case, you will definitely be called to testify and defend yourself against specific charges. [Name, email address and phone number redacted.]

My reply:

I do not know anything about any criminal activity, so there is nothing I can tell Congress. If I needed representation, I would find a competent attorney and not some nut case from an email.

Consider your offer rejected, and I expect you to keep your word, and not contact me again.

Mailbag: DARPA implants

This one arrived through the site’s contact form:

I am implanted by the Antichrist-Invisible Micro Implant From Computer! You Won’t Believe This But It’s True! Howard and thousands of agents install a Darpa Invisible Adv. Alien Tech. micro programs not a real rfid chip in your right eye retina from your computer and believe it or not forms an invisible cell phone connection and an invisible cam that can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture you. Continue Reading →

Obama porn bombs talk show hosts

This one came in an email with title: “URGENT ALERT: Patriots are being set up – PLZ FWD” signed by Bob Powell1 editor of The Truth is Viral blog.

photo of Bob Powell in a suit in front of a world mapThe Obama administration will apparently stoop pretty low in an attempt to save itself from an inevitable implosion, even to the point of planting child porn on the computers of unsuspecting Patriots. They know that they are doomed, and what is the old maxim, "If you can’t kill the message kill the messenger"?

We ALL know what is coming folks. A good many of the talk show hosts that receive this message are dedicated to spreading the truth about this vile, murderous, and, IMO, Satanic administration in their own way, some of you don’t even believe in God; but we are all being targeted in one way or another because each of us has a piece of the puzzle. Just because you haven’t gotten a visit yet doesn’t mean that you won’t in the near future.

The original source of the story (itself poorly substantiated) is two self-reported incidents of anonymous porn-invested emails (watch video starting at 1:30), neither of which targeted talk show hosts or resulted in visits by government agents. These were amplified by the repetition of rumor into an attack on patriots and talk show hosts by the Obama administration.

The email ends with this advice:

My advice? Get right with God, and in the meantime, be VERY careful about opening email attachments.

I can’t fault that advice. I never open email attachments from strangers, and for that matter I don’t open email attachments from friends and family unless I’m expecting them, or they make sense in context—because with all of the address book hacking these days, I get lots of forged emails from friends and family.

If you do get child porn attached to an email, delete it or better report such emails to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tip line that will forward your report to appropriate law enforcement.. You’re not going to get a knock on your door just because a junk email you received has child porn in it. But by all means don’t collect them and burn them onto a DVD! That’s evidence of intent to possess. And by double all means, don’t forward it to everybody in your address book and tell them to forward it to everybody in their address book. :roll:

1I cannot be absolutely certain that the email actually came from Bob Powell.

Reply to MAC

From time to time I get emails like the one I’m including below. I don’t usually answer them for a couple of reasons: the writer wouldn’t listen if I did, and the return email addresses they give typically don’t work. The latter is the case with this email, which besides the name “MAC” and a non-functional1 email address, has no identification of the sender. I’ll insert some comments in [boldface].

Name: MAC

Comments: The guy in the WH had a father who WAS NEVER AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!  Both parents need to be American Citizens. That keeps him from qualifying to run for President.  But as long as
you and all the dysfunctional Secretaries of States  cannot figure out what is going on, you think you’re right. 

[It’s not just me and the secretaries of state. It is several Constitutional law scholars, the Congressional Research Service and 10 court decisions. Basically nobody with any gravitas agrees with your crank theory of presidential eligibility, which is in no textbook, law or court decision. You certainly give one no reason to think that you’re even qualified to have an opinion much less better qualified than the law professors and judges who say otherwise. From my point of view, you are doing a good job of establishing yourself as a crank.]

He told you energy costs would skyrocket under his policies.  How is THAT good for the American public?  This government still allows energy companies to put our resources on the world market, which prevents us from having any control over what we have to pay!  We now produce more oil than Saudi Arabia, but our prices continue to net increase, doubling in the past 8 years!  The Fed is creating money out of thin air [not EVEN bothering to actually print it, but digitally creating it!] which is going to cause our money to inflate to the point we shall not be able to eat enough to stay healthy! YOU are brain-washed, and that vulnerability makes you a slave to liars.

[I note that we’re in a period of remarkably low inflation, and I don’t see that the Obama administration has presided over any unusual increase in energy prices. They have been increasing for as long as I can remember. Here is a chart of retail gas prices that shows that the price of gas today is about what it was in 2008:]


Anytime plans are made in secret, which government leaders and their handlers definitely have done for forever, there is conspiring going on!; If we get wind of it, or make an educated guess about it, it becomes a theory, a very high standing in the scientific world. So a Conspiracy Theory is not to be scoffed at, but should be looked into with an open mind, for evidence and real investigation. Otherwise, we are just mushrooms: Fed excrement and kept in the dark.  Some apparently like it that way:  Just believe what they tell you to believe. Just feel what they tell is alright to feel.  Just keep it simple stupid, and don’t rock the boat.

[Keeping an open mind doesn’t mean accepting inexpert testimony or swallowing whole any crazy story someone makes up. Yes, there are real conspiracies, but there is also plenty of  utter nonsense going around the Internet all the time. It is important both that people keep an open mind and that they make rational judgments after examining the facts. At some point a conspiracy theory is discredited, and this has long been the case with the birthers.]

"I dared to think, and having thought, not wanting to ‘rock the boat,’ sat down, so as to blend in with those who hadn’t yet dared to think… or having done so, had also decided not to ‘rock the boat.’ Henceforth, we were all in the same boat, those who had dared to think and chose to sit, and those who just sat, not daring to think."

[Rocking the boat for no no good reason is of no benefit to anyone.]

Thank God some of us have dared to think!
The rest of you apparently don’t know how or just don’t want to. You’d rather fight with those who can and do.

[Says the arm-chair warrior.]

I wish you had your country, and I had mine.
We could see who comes out happier: The NWO supporters, the globalist supporters, the corrupt banking supporters, the dictator supporters, the rights-for-false safety traders … or the Truthers, Birthers, Tea Party members, the people willing to start over and demand something better than what has taken over our country at this time. 

[A noble experiment, but not practical. I believe the old adage goes “be careful what you wish for.”]

This would take a lot of time to separate out and have two different countries with two different governments.  Even Texas has a crap
governor who tried to mandate the now proven dangerous HPV vaccine for little girls!  Some have died, some are permanently ill, and some will develop illness and dysfunction over time, if they don’t get the right help in time.  He prove himself to be a sell out to the pharma industry, who like the food industry, has destroyed a couple of generations of children with their crappy money making schemes that poison people’s children and their parents and grandparents.

[So in your country 4,000 women a year will die from cervical cancer, and in my country a lot less. Here is the science on the HPV vaccine. Vaccine denialism is where conspiracy theory becomes a public menace instead of harmless crankery.]

I’m a retired research scientist. I have high ethics and standards, and have done over ten years of research into both industries and continue to do it. I have over a hundred pages on my web site that reveal this information, over the past 12 years.  What do you have?

[You have 100 web pages? I have over 2,500 web pages. I guess that makes me 25 times smarter than you. Based on your remarks, you were a very bad scientist and it is good for everybody that you retired. By the way, you never mentioned what your web site is.]

What good have you done?  You’re just a debunker who wastes everyones time with your false fight.

[I don’t waste anyone’s time except possibly my own. No one is forced to view this web site; they do it because they choose to. Every day about 1,500 people choose to visit this site. Do you think that some hot-headed crank spouting nonsense is going to encourage me to stop blogging. It is idiots like you that got me started in the first place. At least I haven’t killed anybody. Your bogus vaccine conspiracy theory might just kill somebody.

By writing this article, however, you didn’t end up wasting my time for reading your email.]

Anyway that is what I would have replied if I had taken the time and MAC’s email address was working.

1Typically the email address is just bogus. This one, however, had a different error message: “ Relaying denied: You must check for new mail before sending mail.” I tried sending this through my Internet service provider and through the Obama Conspiracy Theories hosting provider. Same error.