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Homoerotic fetishism at Birther Report

“this thread needs more gay pictures”

When I saw the preceding comment this morning at Birther Report, I took it as coming from a troll, and while that may be true, Birther Report comments in general are known for their fascination with homoerotic imagery and excretory function. Not being gay myself, nor particularly interested in the details of gay sexual expression, a lot of what they talk about, directed at me, goes over my head.

I did, of course, understand the term, “Dr. Colostomy,” but I was completely mystified at why they kept mentioning gerbils in comments directed to me, at least until this morning when I looked it up.


I’m also called “Dr. Crunt” a lot, and one of the definitions of that word is a male genital reference. These guys live in a totally different world with a totally different vocabulary and knowledge base than mine, and frankly I am disgusted by their language.

What triggered this article, however, was what followed in the thread from the comment highlighted above, and that was a series of photos of me, or photos in which my face had been added, the most ambitious of which was this one from “Barry Soetoro, ESQ”:

The image from which this was altered, is one of Michelle Obama, and appeared widely on right-wing web sites as “proof” that she is really a transsexual man (named Michael). That image originated from Michelle Obama’s appearance as a speaker at the 2008 Democratic convention [video of the speech]. However, looking at the entire video, the alleged “object” bulging between the legs does not appear to be actually there and the video frame (if that’s what it is) itself may have been “enhanced.” I have never been able to find an original media source for that image of Michelle Obama.

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Michelle Obama: A man?

I’m not really interested in this story, but I haven’t put up anything Wild & Wacky lately. In the video below what is called “scientific proof” explains why President Obama (whom certain people claim is gay) appears so affectionate towards his wife.

But you have to admit that the First Lady does appear a bit masculine in certain photos, such as this one:

The strange tale of Michelle, Karen, Orly and the “honey trap”

I guess “Obama” conspiracy theories can refer to Michelle Obama as well as to Barack. H/t to Orly Taitz for the lead.

Karen Hudes

Video captured photo of Karen HudesBeyond both being women and attorneys (and perhaps Jewish), Orly Taitz and Karen Hudes (rhymes with “huge”) pictured right would on the surface seem to have little in common–Taitz graduated from an on-line law school, but Hudes got her degree from Yale, and Taitz has never made a living as an attorney but Hudes was on the legal team at the World Bank for 20 years; nevertheless, Taitz highlights Hudes’ story on her web site [link to Taitz web site]. Under the surface there are also things in common–the first involves a story about an Obama and the others we will get to presently. But first…

The Great Conspiracy

On November 27, Hudes in an interview with Forerunner Chronicles, alleged all sorts wrongdoing involving the World Bank, including a startling tale (and what follows is the tip of the iceberg) of something that makes me think of Christopher-Earl: Strunk—that your federal income tax payments are sent directly to the Federal Reserve who sends them to England where the “banksters” keep 40% and send the remaining 60% to the Jesuits in the Vatican. (Hudes says this arrangement comes out of a deal between England and the Vatican from the year 1200 to borrow money to finance a war and secret war reparations from the US to England over the War of 1812, compound interest being what it is.) One might ask exactly how the US government is funded if not through taxes, but Hudes explains that the US government funds itself through drug trafficking. (That’s a lot of drugs.)


Diagram from Forerunner Chronicles

And if that is true, one wonders why someone like, say, President Obama, doesn’t raise an objection. Is it because of fear? According to Hudes, resisting this arrangement with the Jesuits got Abraham Lincoln killed (yes, Virginia, JFK too), but no, it is fear of another kind that supposedly keeps Obama at bay, as we shall see.

The Honey Trap

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