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Gallups and Soetoro: New alliance?

imageI talk about the pseudonymous Internet commenter Barry Soetoro Esq. primarily because of his artistic endeavors to combine DARPA, the Wienermobile, me, gerbils, and Barack Obama with homoerotic and fecal imagery in crude paste-up productions that he posts at Birther Report; however, BSE’s actual claim to notoriety is his theory that bombing and shooting incidents (including Charlie Hebedo, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook school shooting) are really staged “false flag” operations: The (not really) dead and wounded are actors, and the purpose of it all is to take away guns from the population, so says BSE.

I talk about Carl Gallups because he is a birther, and mouthpiece for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse commander Mike Zullo; however, Gallups’ actual claim to notoriety comes from his books related to the Apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus. (Actually Jesus already came and Gallups was Left Behind™.)

The literature suggests that people who believe one conspiracy theory are more likely to believe others, and that is true of Gallups and Soetoro. Now the two have come together with Gallups publishing Soetoro’s false flag conspiracy theories on Gallups’ PPSIMMONS YouTube channel in the form of an interview.


The Jade Helm thing

I was very much impressed by something that Peggy Noonan wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2011. She said:

Here is the fact of the age: People believe nothing. They think everything is spin and lies. The minute a government says A is true, half the people on Earth know A is a lie. And when people believe nothing, as we know, they will believe anything. We faked the moon landing, there was a second gunman in Dallas, the World Trade Center was blown up in a U.S.-Zionist conspiracy, Hitler grew old in Argentina.

A military training exercise called “Jade Helm 15” scheduled for later this year provides fertile ground for those who will “believe anything” and generated quite a buzz last April that continues to the present. The multi-state exercise labels parts of the country as friendly or hostile territory. Conspiracy theorists say that the hostile areas will be subjected to martial law, guns confiscated, and patriots shipped off to FEMA camps or killed. (See my article: Stocking up on FEMA coffins.) A number of Wal-Marts in Texas, closed for renovations, are thought to be processing centers for the incarceration of patriots.dalek One report has Turkish pilots staging at a Wal-Mart and another that 5 Wal-Mart stores are connected by a network of underground tunnels, such as the one shown at right. A mass of ISIS terrorists are staged to cross the Mexican Border in an attack that will justify martial law. Even Texas Governor  Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the training exercise. Continue Reading →

Birther Report touts missing article

Malik Obama not well-respected in his own country

Birther Report, raising the topic of a video by Joel Gilbert interviewing Obama’s half brother Malik, presents an article that has disappeared. The article, “OBAMA’s family str!ps him n@ked & brings out the devil in him – His visit is a waste of time” appeared at a web site called Kenya News, with hidden domain registration, and hosted in the UK. Today, the page is 404. Google has a cached version.

The article is not original with Kenya News, but is represented as coming from the Kenyan DAILY POST, whose article of the same title is still there.

Comments at the Kenyan DAILY POST are not terribly sympathetic to Malik:

  • malik give us a break cry baby kwani mntaka asaide familia yote ????? fanya kazi bwana (tr. because you want to help the whole family ????? go to work, sir)
  • Malik you are stupid I do not curse people but I saw your skpye thing it was disgusting. First and foremost never bring your dirty laundry to the public shame on you. Also, remember this man was born in America so whatever you expect him to handout to you is a waste of time. You are that kind of people who want want but cannot do anything for yourself. Best advise “get a life” he has his own and you are not going to stop his but your is while waiting for a handout. SHAME ON YOU AGAIN.
  • Malik is a lazy dickhead who wants handouts.
  • These are the type of lazy Kenyans who only want a government that will be giving them handouts without working or offered white collar jobs. The type of people who go at the gates of parliament building whenever there are proceedings in parliament waiting for those handouts from politicians.
  • How do you claim that he is an imposter while at the same time say you regret for being his brother. Kenya has benefited alot from Obama including the most recent 50 billion, now then do you accuse him of being mean, Maliki or whatever you call your self, give is a break. Francis Khafweli

Linguistic analysis expert debunks Obama ghost writer theory

Obama's memoir, Dreams from my is an academic website developed by Professor Peter Millican of Oxford University made in support of the “New Degree Programme in Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University.” I found the web site through some research on authorship identification software and a discipline called Stylometry. I didn’t have in mind Jack Cashill’s book that claims Bill Ayers is the ghost writer of Obama’s “Dreams from My Father,” but that is certainly within the purview of stylometry and Millican’s expertise.

Professor Millican provides a detailed analysis of Cashill’s claims that technically-inclined readers will certainly want to read, but the summary is this:

I have prepared the following analysis, which will I hope make clear how I see things in regard to the Ayers allegation made by Jack Cashill, an American author. In short, I feel very confident that it is false.

Millican notes that the writing styles of Bill Clinton and Bill Ayers are far more similar than Ayers and Obama.

Stocking up on FEMA coffins

Have you noticed all of the birthers who have disappeared into FEMA detention camps over the past 6 years? Me neither. Nevertheless, right-wing nut jobs continue to predict that it is only a matter of time before Obama declares martial law and puts all of the freedom-loving patriots in these camps, or kills them and buries them in FEMA coffins. The latest variation on this theme is the FEMA death train (or the FEMA prison car), often accompanied by this image.

 photo fema-box-cars_zpszrq7fnju.jpg

I copied the image above from a post by ★FALCON★ at Birther Report, but the same thing appears all over the Internet.

What this is, and I should know because I live between the BMW auto plant and the South Carolina Inland Port, is an automotive flatcar. It is designed to deliver cars straight from the factory to the dealer, protecting the contents from accidental damage and vandalism.

I was lucky to find a video on YouTube from Welford, South Carolina, also just down the road from me, showing these automotive rail cars. Pretty much any day of the week, one see cars like these passing. Of course, the conspiracy minded might conclude that upstate South Carolina was a major stockpile point for FEMA prison cars (the second train in the video shows cars just like the one pictured above).

There are many pages on the Internet describing what they really are:

Fake Arms Grab memo

One of the really odd things coming out of conspiracist thinking is the idea that all mass shootings are faked. It boggles the mind how impossible it would be to stage a fake school shooting—how many people would have to be in on the conspiracy, and the impossibility of keeping such a thing secret.

Part of the problem is deliberate fakery targeted at the conspiracists, such as this example from 2013. One birther said: “Yes, this is a real document,” pointing to an image, purportedly from the UN Disarmament Commission, talking about a number of gun restriction goals, a nightmare scenario for the pro-gun side. Of course, it mentions “Agenda 21.” One birther remarked:

… psycho leftwing Snopes is already claiming it’s a fraud even though it’s got the UN bar codes all over it.

Here’s one of those codes:


I hope that’s good enough for you to scan. When I did, it went to a UN page for a real document. You can select “English” and see that the document is from the UN Disarmament Commission, but it’s totally about something else.

imageWe can determine that the document is a fake because the QR Code doesn’t match the document number on the document. The QR Code on the fake document is while the plain text on the fake document is L.72 (see at right).  Even if the conspiracy theorist claims that the UN switched documents on their web site, they cannot get around the internal contradiction between the QR code and the document number on their version.

I couldn’t readily find the Snopes article, but PolitiFact rated the story “Pants on fire.”