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Stocking up on FEMA coffins

Have you noticed all of the birthers who have disappeared into FEMA detention camps over the past 6 years? Me neither. Nevertheless, right-wing nut jobs continue to predict that it is only a matter of time before Obama declares martial law and puts all of the freedom-loving patriots in these camps, or kills them and buries them in FEMA coffins. The latest variation on this theme is the FEMA death train (or the FEMA prison car), often accompanied by this image.

 photo fema-box-cars_zpszrq7fnju.jpg

I copied the image above from a post by ★FALCON★ at Birther Report, but the same thing appears all over the Internet.

What this is, and I should know because I live between the BMW auto plant and the South Carolina Inland Port, is an automotive flatcar. It is designed to deliver cars straight from the factory to the dealer, protecting the contents from accidental damage and vandalism.

I was lucky to find a video on YouTube from Welford, South Carolina, also just down the road from me, showing these automotive rail cars. Pretty much any day of the week, one see cars like these passing. Of course, the conspiracy minded might conclude that upstate South Carolina was a major stockpile point for FEMA prison cars (the second train in the video shows cars just like the one pictured above).

There are many pages on the Internet describing what they really are:


Fake Arms Grab memo

One of the really odd things coming out of conspiracist thinking is the idea that all mass shootings are faked. It boggles the mind how impossible it would be to stage a fake school shooting—how many people would have to be in on the conspiracy, and the impossibility of keeping such a thing secret.

Part of the problem is deliberate fakery targeted at the conspiracists, such as this example from 2013. One birther said: “Yes, this is a real document,” pointing to an image, purportedly from the UN Disarmament Commission, talking about a number of gun restriction goals, a nightmare scenario for the pro-gun side. Of course, it mentions “Agenda 21.” One birther remarked:

… psycho leftwing Snopes is already claiming it’s a fraud even though it’s got the UN bar codes all over it.

Here’s one of those codes:


I hope that’s good enough for you to scan. When I did, it went to a UN page for a real document. You can select “English” and see that the document is from the UN Disarmament Commission, but it’s totally about something else.

imageWe can determine that the document is a fake because the QR Code doesn’t match the document number on the document. The QR Code on the fake document is while the plain text on the fake document is L.72 (see at right).  Even if the conspiracy theorist claims that the UN switched documents on their web site, they cannot get around the internal contradiction between the QR code and the document number on their version.

I couldn’t readily find the Snopes article, but PolitiFact rated the story “Pants on fire.”

Leo Donofrio: Natural born conspiracy theorist

I came across Leo C. Donofrio first in connection with his Obama and McCain eligibility lawsuit in New Jersey, Donofrio v. Wells. My short biographical page on him was published in December of 2008; there would be many more articles to follow. Donofrio is known famously, or perhaps infamously, as the inventor of a new meaning for the constitutional term “natural born citizen,” the proposition that US Presidents must be born in the country to two citizen parents.

Donofrio showed a conspiracist bent right from the first with his novel claim that US President Chester A. Arthur conspired to keep his father’s naturalization status  (Irish) a secret by lying about his age and burning his papers just before he died. In truth, his father’s nationality was known, but not widely discussed because that was before Donofrio came up with a theory where it mattered.

photo at right by Carlos De Deios © Filminco Productions 2011.) In addition to being a lawyer, a professional poker player and rock musician, Donofrio is also a filmmaker working under the pseudonym Jet Wintzer. To his credit is a film titled Towers, about a post apocalyptic world where most people have been destroyed by radiation from cell phone towers. Donofrio plays a survivor named “DJSpectacle” (photo at right by Carlos De Deios © Filminco Productions 2011). Donofrio’s other film credits include Colourfly (2012) and The Art of Forced Collaboration (2013).

Donofrio’s new film,  NASA NOT SOUND, according to its YouTube trailer, promotes the claim that Moon landing video footage from NASA is fake because one can hear sounds allegedly transmitted through the vacuum.

I have never decided in my own mind whether Donofrio believes any of the stuff, or if he is just trying to prove how smart he is by fooling other people.

Read more:

Birther promotes “SONY hack” conspiracy theory

Nathan Bickel, pastor, Sandy Hook truther, birther, and commenter at the homoerotic fetishism web site Gerbil Report™, runs a blog cum news site called “Moral Matters.” On the site, he touts a video about the recent intrusion into SONY computer systems, reportedly by North Korean government-sponsored hackers. Only the video comes to another conclusion:

“…..It’s so freaking obvious. This is all about the Internet. It’s all about censorship. And it’s all about new draconian legislation – courtesy of this scumbag, this…………that makes up the president of the United States.

School records–key to presidential eligibility

No, I’m serious. It’s in the Constitution:

A person shall be qualified for election to the office of the President if … he has been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent.

Who knew?

Photo of BuhariThe “Constitution” cited is that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a country where there is no small controversy right now about Nigeria’s current opposition party presidential hopeful Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (pictured right).

Sahara Reporters carries the story, linking the Buhari controversy to Barack Obama’s battle with the birthers. Reporter Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo offers Buhari some advice:

Therefore, it is imperative that Buhari not only finds his certificates1 or their equivalents, but also presents them for the people to see. That’s all that Buhari needs to do to extinguish this distraction.

It may well be that the people in Nigeria are more reasonable folks, and less conspiracy-minded than their cousins in the the United States, but I suspect that people are pretty much the same all over. Presenting the certificate, presuming he has one, may not make a difference.

Getting educational certificates in Nigeria these days is pretty simple. The student purchases a PIN for about $3 at a post office or bank and then uses it to access a national web site where a printable copy of one’s scores can be made. Of course, older persons like Buhari may have to work with “equivalent” documentation.

1I think the School Certificate in Nigeria refers to the Junior Secondary School Certificate, given to those who pass an exam at the end of the 9th grade.

Public Service Announcement: ACA Open Enrollment

I haven’t talked much about the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) on his blog, but there are certainly any number of conspiracy theories around it, like the one that says everyone is required to have an RFID chip implanted in them.

While Republicans have made the repeal of the Affordable Care Act a high priority, they are having a hard time articulating just what’s wrong with it. Rather than being repealed, the second open enrollment period for enrollment for a health car plan under the exchange started yesterday, November 14, and extends until February 15, 2015.

My understanding is that if you were covered by a healthcare exchange plan in 2014, you will have to re-enroll to maintain your coverage in 2015, but if you want to know for sure, visit

Personally, I was not affected by the Affordable Care Act in any way I could see. I kept my current health plan and doctor.