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Birther Report touts missing article

Malik Obama not well-respected in his own country

Birther Report, raising the topic of a video by Joel Gilbert interviewing Obama’s half brother Malik, presents an article that has disappeared. The article, “OBAMA’s family str!ps him n@ked & brings out the devil in him – His visit is a waste of time” appeared at a web site called Kenya News, with hidden domain registration, and hosted in the UK. Today, the page is 404. Google has a cached version.

The article is not original with Kenya News, but is represented as coming from the Kenyan DAILY POST, whose article of the same title is still there.

Comments at the Kenyan DAILY POST are not terribly sympathetic to Malik:

  • malik give us a break cry baby kwani mntaka asaide familia yote ????? fanya kazi bwana (tr. because you want to help the whole family ????? go to work, sir)
  • Malik you are stupid I do not curse people but I saw your skpye thing it was disgusting. First and foremost never bring your dirty laundry to the public shame on you. Also, remember this man was born in America so whatever you expect him to handout to you is a waste of time. You are that kind of people who want want but cannot do anything for yourself. Best advise “get a life” he has his own and you are not going to stop his but your is while waiting for a handout. SHAME ON YOU AGAIN.
  • Malik is a lazy dickhead who wants handouts.
  • These are the type of lazy Kenyans who only want a government that will be giving them handouts without working or offered white collar jobs. The type of people who go at the gates of parliament building whenever there are proceedings in parliament waiting for those handouts from politicians.
  • How do you claim that he is an imposter while at the same time say you regret for being his brother. Kenya has benefited alot from Obama including the most recent 50 billion, now then do you accuse him of being mean, Maliki or whatever you call your self, give is a break. Francis Khafweli

Shocking results from Google image search

One of the neat features of Google is its ability to search for images. I took this photo of Barack Obama, taken circa 1991 and asked Google to find it. Reader, please note that all of what follows are the actual Google image search results. This is not a spoof article. Truth is stranger than fiction.

And here’s what Google said:


Like father, like son so they say. Among the full results for the image are the actual original photo of President Obama that matches, and many of the Fake Columbia ID card with this picture, mentioned in the previous article. Now for the shocking part (and remember that I was searching with an image, not a name). The similar image display returned:


These photos are of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, his father Barack Obama Sr., then the weird ones: poet Frank Marshall Davis and Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham Sr., the President’s great grandfather.

High school photos? Let’s try:


And the similar results are:


So we have Obama photos and similar ones of Ann Dunham, and another high school yearbook photo of a girl named Hillary Clinton. OK, my head is like totally spinning at this point.

So where does this go? Here’s a nice young photo of the President.


And the results are:


Frank Davis is back, along with the unidentified girl, the caption beneath which is “Our dream is to live like Lenin.”

Are we having fun? Let’s spin the wheel one more time, buy a vowel, and see if you can guess this one, from an Obama toddler photo:


Lots of photos of Obama, his mother, Mitt Romney and Brigham Young.


Obviously those images weren’t selected just because they were “visually similar.” There’s got to be some textual context being taken into account. To add to Frank Marshall Davis, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Brigham Young, we get for:



George Clooney, Mayor Harold Washington, James Baldwin and Fidel Castro. If you repeat this Google search, avoid the 4th image which links to a suspected malware site.

New video debunks Gilbert’s Dreams movie

My hat’s off to Loren Collins, who has taken on Joel Gilbert and his movie Dreams from My Real Father movie, thrown them to the mat and applied an unbreakable submission hold. Loren has done superb research and completed the job with a well-made video. You don’t hear me say this often, but this needs to go viral.

Since this article was written, the original video was removed by YouTube for claims of copyright infringement (see discussion below the video) and what appears following is a new version.

Between the time I watched the video and I hit the Publish button, the original video was made unavailable on YouTube with the note: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Highway 61 Entertainment.”

Highway 61 entertainment is the production company that made Dreams from My Real Father, a brief 25-second excerpt from which appears in Loren’s video. Loren would know better than I, but I believe this is fair use and no copyright infringement exists; nevertheless, the way the law works, it is very easy to get material removed from the Internet, at least in the short term, with a copyright violation claim.

Gilbert child porno movie on Netflix

I saw a tweet about this and checked it out. Joel Gilbert’s film Dreams from My Real Father is available on Netflix for streaming.

As Loren Collins demonstrated, if the nude model in the film is really Stanley Ann Dunham as the film claims, then she would have been 15 at the time those photos were taken, making the film child pornography. I’m not an expert here, but I understand that even picturing an adult model in a salacious context represented as a minor is illegal. See Wikipedia on simulated child pornography.

I have expressed my displeasure to Netflix, and am considering whether to cancel my subscription. What were they thinking?

Two films smear Obama

“There is no evidence for any of this”

So says The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg of Dinesh D’Souza’s book and film, Obama’s America, and it’s claims about Barack Obama’s mother. Goldberg has equally disparaging remarks for Joel Gilbert’s film, Dreams from My Real Father.

Despite their dubious claims, Obama’s America reached the number one spot on the NY Times bestseller list and Dreams is being mailed to a reported one million voters in Ohio and other states.

The title of Goldberg’s article is: “With ‘Dreams From My Real Father,’ Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom?” My answer to this question is that Obama haters have been bottom feeders from the beginning, and this is not a new low. I will admit that this latest round is far worse than what I wrote about in my article, “It’s an insult to his mother” back in August of 2009. I can’t help but believe that most Americans will not react kindly to Obama’s mother being portrayed as a “fat whore.”

Personally, I think Obama takes after his grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Look at the eyes.


Check out Loren Collins’ in-depth look at Dreams at Barackryphal.