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O-Bot fiction

Wouldn’t it be fun?

I was just indulging in a bit of reverie after reading the WorldNetDaily “story” about a 100-strong Obot army being directed from Pennsylvania Avenue. Wouldn’t it be fun to be in the birther’s fictional Obot army?

I mean, every morning you’d get the “message of the day,” the talking points to make combating birthers. You’d be on the “inside” and be part of the “team.” We could like have secret handshakes and make up code words. It would be a hoot.

And the money! Wow, with all those millions sitting around in Obama’s campaign war chest, think of the money! Maybe we could even have an Obot group health plan – or MAYBE we could even get that health plan that our members of Congress have.

Plus you don’t have to do all that demeaning and degrading stuff the birthers have to do, like lying and smearing people’s character. Obots just have to be friendly, know the facts, and point out the obvious – sort of like being a librarian!

Back in January of 2009 I tried writing some Obot fiction, an essay that met with deathly silence from the community here. I believe that to write good fiction, you have to first write out of yourself all the bad fiction. I haven’t gotten all the bad fiction out yet (probably never will). Nevertheless, my character, “kenny” is quite a bit like what the birthers might imagine a member of the Obot army to be.

Anyway, a fantasy about being an Obot political insider is fun for a moment, but not realistic.

The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: “Galena”

(Continued from The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 2)

Galena Porkulin awoke at 5 am sharp. She needed no alarm clock; the early years in the Soviet Army left her with that uncanny ability. She still considered herself KGB, although the KGB was officially disbanded and her old masters had new jobs in the Russian government. As she set off for her short two-mile morning run, she went over in her mind the conversation she had with her handler and mentor Boris Krushkin the day before.

Krushkin attained quite a following in the Kremlin as the former KGB apparatchik began to give his predictions of massive disruptions in the United States economy followed by riots and political disintegration in 2010.  Obama, he felt, had been a windfall, the perfect scapegoat for a country that had only a thin veneer of tolerance over an essentially racist population. Krushkin had every intention of making his prediction come true. Galena Porkulin was his tool. Continue Reading →

The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 “eddy”

(to Chapter 1)

eddy sipped his Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee as he put down his whole grain oat muffin and logged into the CNN homepage to see what Obama was up to today. “Hmmm, interview with Al Jazeera. That fool Obama will screw that up for sure,” he thought as he hit the Play icon. “Respect…respect…with respect…respect…more respect.” eddy stopped counting and started typing: Continue Reading →

The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 “kenny”

“kenny” (officially O-BOT 631) struggled to consciousness after a restless and very short night’s sleep. The first word that came into his slowly clearing brain was “Obama” and the second “coffee”.

“Why do I do this?” kenny thought to himself as he sipped his coffee and headed to the secret O-BOT discussion board hidden at to pick up the latest directives. Continue Reading →