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Long-time Republican Party of Orange County committeewoman Marilyn Davenport sent an email to a few friends (presumably just to her white friends and not her black friends), reveals Orange County’s OC Weekly newspaper. Somehow the email got beyond her select few friends and has appeared as far away as The Telegraph in the UK. Why the stir? The email had a family portrait of monkeys with Barack Obama’s head superimposed on the infant monkey, accompanied by the caption: “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

The unrepentant Davenport rebuffs calls for her resignation, calling whoever leaked the email a “coward” and saying that she is not a racist, she has black friends (at least she used to), and that the photo was just intended to be funny. I didn’t find it funny, but I did find it revealing. I have mixed feelings about publishing the photo, but the news is the news.

Photo credit: OCWeekly

This is the second racist email from a local Republican leader this week. In Virginia Beach, Republican Party Chair Dave Bartholomew forwarded an email joke comparing African Americans to dogs.

Just for the record, I always thought George W. Bush looked like a chimp. That brings us to the following question: why is the preceding incident not funny, but the following one hilarious?

Click for more Bush/Monkey images


The more rabid of the birther clan have a distinct view of the world: everything is seen through the lens of Obama not being president. Their heroes are miscreants like Lucas Smith and Walter Fitzpatrick, their villains are honorable officials such as Dr. Chiyome Fukino in Hawaii and Judge David O. Carter in California (called by them criminals and traitors respectively).

The latest target of birther distortion and disrespect is military judge Col. Denise Lind, in a particularly vulgar misogynist smear on the web site, titled: “What is that on her shoulders? Rank or Jewelry?” [Warning: the article is highly offensive. Because this is the site’s “home page” and subject to change, I have archived a copy in case the native copy goes away — just leave a comment if the link goes to some new insult.]

H/t to the banned John/James/Tim for the reference.

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