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The re-branding of Mike Zullo

My apologies to readers. I thought this was a new article, but it was from last summer.

It’s too soon to be certain, but a new article by Floyd Brown (author of Obama’s Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election) looks like the introduction of a new career for Cold Case Posse Commander Mike Zullo.

Readers here have wondered just how Mike Zullo, 53, makes his living. Zullo was a policeman in New Jersey, he said, for 5 years and then was a private investigator for a few more. Then he moved to Arizona and was involved in the automotive sales business. But recently Zullo’s source of income has been a mystery, leading to speculation that he was siphoning off charitable contributions to the Cold Case Posse, speculation only heightened by the opaque finances of that organization.

Now, we learn that Zullo has an occupation of sorts: day trading.1 Brown published the article, “A Dollar Collapse is Coming” on his web site Capitol Hill Daily. It opens up with this introduction of Mike Zullo:

4 computer monitors with day trading softwareMike Zullo is an impressive man. When he strides into my office I can immediately see him carefully observe and analyze his surroundings. This is a result of his years of law enforcement training. Mike spent a number of years as a cop, and then as a detective.

After a successful career in law enforcement, he left to become a trader of equities. Here, Mike also excelled. But recently he has focused less on making money and more on protecting America – a country we both agreed had given us much but was now in grave danger.

The article itself is not a profile of Zullo, quickly jumping from Zullo puffery to its main point: that US currency is unsafe, will crash, and that Brown will one day tell people how to survive. Brown, along with others who advertise at WorldNetDaily, sell financial fear and anxiety—the financial apocalypse is coming any day now.

So what is Zullo doing in the article besides striding in, impressing the author, and agreeing with him? The only reason for Zullo even being in the article that I can think of is that Brown is introducing Zullo to his readers in preparation for Zullo entering the field of financial punditry. After demonstrating that he can sell promises to birthers, year after year, while delivering nothing, Zullo seems the perfect salesman for apocalyptic financial predictions of the collapse to happen any day now.

We’ll just have to wait an see whether Zullo’s new career is pursued and how well he does.

1Some day traders make a consistent living, but most lose money, and many go broke. For some, day trading is a day job, and for others it is gambling addiction. It’s too risky for my blood.


Wikipedia was in the forefront of the battle over the Smith birth certificate

I was over at Birther Report last night to see if anyone had picked up on my April Fool’s Takedown, and I came across a comment by RS1 under an article about the new Lucas Smith Oppenheim birth certificate:

Roadburner101 – please note also the british DD/MM/YYYY date format used this time as opposed to the american MM/DD/YYYY date format he used last time – this also means one or the other is fake, so which is it lucas?

Wrong dingbat, OBot Road Rash. We were onto your change “the Kenyan date format” operations way back when. A Dr. CONspiracy BS Ops.

I, and a few others caught OBots in the BS act back in the day. Post from FR. Like this one:
- – - – - – - – -

” “That document is a fraud. The dates on it are American style month/day/year, most other countries including the UK format dates day/month/year.” [ <-- OBot propaganda BS]

[The truth -->] “Without commenting on authenticity of the CPGH BC, I personally researched the Wiki date format by country page in Sept of 2009 and found that Kenya was one of only three countries, IIRC, employing both the European and US style date formats. When I put this information up on the web, the Wiki page was immediately hacked by an Obot named Mystylplx who flagrantly tried to expunge Kenya as showing dual use. A war ensued for months with folks trying to restore the original data and Obots hacking it to cover for Barry without regard to the truth of the original page.

I just checked the page and the dual date format for Kenya has been restored for the moment. Obots never succeeded in removing the color on the global map showing Kenya as a dual format country, which it still show.…
93 posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 9:37:04 PM by Seizethecarp”

- – - – - – - – - – -
This CON-job - “Mystylpxl” – - remember this poster OBot bonehead? You DUmbass OBots trying to pull a lying fast one on everyone again.

The essential claim in all of that is that anti-birthers altered the Wikipedia to hide the fact that Kenya uses both the US and British date formatting systems. Did they?

In January of 2011 the Date Formats by Country article was split off from the main Date Formats article. And indeed, when one looks at the Wikipedia history for that main article, as it appeared on February 15, 2009, one finds:

imageThe reference link [74] goes to, a link no longer valid, but that may be familiar to long-time readers here, since that web site is one promoted by Lucas Smith himself as an example of official use of the US date format in Kenya. You can see what it once looked like in my 2011 article, “Date formats in Kenya.” That reference is not a source by Wikipedia standards, because it doesn’t actually say what Kenyan date formats are, only uses them (and apparently in a broken manner). To say that Kenya officially uses US date formatting from this source would be a conclusion of “original research” not allowed on the Wikipedia. I say all of that to conclude that the US date format item in the Wikipedia article was faulty since February of 2009, being unsourced, and as such any Wikipedia editor could have legitimately removed it.

That said, can we blame the original Wikipedia MDY format entry for Kenya on Smith or one of his supporters?

No. Here’s the Wikipedia page from October 28, 2008, where the US date format entry originated. The entry is sourced from a Microsoft page that has since been moved; however, I found the current version, and indeed, it has m/d/yyyy formatting for “Kiswahili (Kenya).” Kiswahili became an official national language in Kenya in 2010. (Of course the Smith Obama certificate is not written in Kiswahili.)


At the time the editing wars occurred, the Microsoft link had gone bad, along with any hint that the MDY format related to Kiswahili. This whole controversy appears to be just a mistake, exacerbated by web reference pages whose links went bad, and politicized by the birther/anti-birther conflict.

I’ve fixed the Wikipedia.

Breaking News–recycled from 2012

I noticed something familiar in the Twitter feed that pointed to an article published today at the Resist The Tyranny site. It starts off:

“NEW DISCOVERY: A government document found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive bolsters a growing mountain of evidentiary data against Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president.

This is a good example of birther recycling. There’s hardly anything “new” about the story. It’s nothing but an excerpt from an old article at The Last Great Stand, from August of 2013, and it wasn’t a “NEW DISCOVERY” even then.

The story originated at the Daily Pen blog in 2012, one of the birther web sites that intentionally lies about evidence. Indeed, it was through researching that story that I found solid proof in INS statistical reports that the President wasn’t born in Kenya.

You can read my March, 2012 debunking: “US citizen births in Africa – rare in 1961” and the startling follow-up article, one of my all-time favorites: “Born in Africa myth crushed under weight of its complexity.”

Queen Orly hoax?

Did I punk myself?

In an article published today, I quoted an earlier article that I had written, “Orly Taitz demands to be made Queen of the United States” that includes a quotation ostensibly from one of Taitz’s email broadsides saying “I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.”

One of the issues with that referenced article is that it is dated April 1, 2010, and categorized “Wild & Wacky.” That’s a bad sign. Did I quote my own April Fool’s joke as a real story?

Taitz thinks so, writing on her own blog the same day an article [link to Taitz web site]  titled:

New April 1 hoax. Last year it was a hoax, starting with the words “quietly eligibility case reaches Supreme Court” It still goes around, even there is no such case in the Supreme Court. Now Obots came up with 3 new ones: Orly Queen of england, Queen of America and Queen of US. Are those dumb Obots paid with our taxpayer money?”

And she was right (except for the paid part), so it turns out, as I wrote in a comment on that article I wrote:

Yes, this is an April Fool joke, as you have surmised. It has gotten a little bit of replication on other web sites that may not have gotten the memo.

My favorite comment was: “You might think this is an April Fools day joke, but it’s not.”

I’m always a little uneasy about starting a rumor, even on April Fool’s Day, but ya gotta have a little fun now and then.

And in a later comment I confirmed that the specific quotation was a total fabrication. So here I am, hoist on me own petard.

Vogt’s gambit tried and failed before

Douglas Vogt filed a petition in federal court in Seattle in attempt to notify the judge of a crime and to compel him to refer the matter to a grand jury. The case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Vogt complains that the case was mislabeled as a lawsuit, when it was a miscellaneous notification. The case is currently on appeal.

In digging back through old records on this site, I came across a similar case in the District of Columbia, Patriot’s Heart Network v. Soetoro from 2009, also presenting evidence and demanding referral to a grand jury. The complaint is some 185 pages in length, a veritable kitchen sink of birther theories. In a response, plaintiff Penny C. Kelso wrote:

… This petition is not a lawsuit between two adversaries where the petitioners are required to prove that certain, direct damage, injury or legal harm happened to them…

Pacer #09-442 is merely an attempt to inform (a petition, as you will) a public office holder, a judge, the Honorable Royce C. Lambreth (sic), specifically, about a probable cause of criminal activity by certain named defendants.

In dismissing this “Civil Miscellaneous Case,” Judge Lamberth wrote:

It follows, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly held, that an individual has no judicially cognizable interest in the criminal prosecution or non-prosecution of another person. See, e.g., Linda R.S. v. Richard D., 410 U.S. 614, 619 (1973); see also Powell v. Katzenbach, 359 F.2d 234, 234-35 (D.C. Cir. 1965) (per curiam) ("[T]he question of whether and when prosecution to be instituted is within the discretion of the Attorney General."). Furthermore, this principle has been applied to hold that a party lacks standing to compel the impaneling of a grand jury. Brown v. U. S. Attorney’s Office, 53 Fed. App’x. 118, 118 (D.C. Cir. 2002). Since this is the precisely the relief that petitioners seek, they do not have standing. Accordingly, their petition is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.