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They all look alike


These two hands are obviously from the same person because they show 4 knuckles. The image on the left is from Stanley Ann Dunham, and the one on the right is from Frank Marshall Davis, family friend of the Dunhams in Hawaii.

As you know, birthers claim that all photos of Barack Obama prior to him becoming a national figure are fake, including those in contemporary school yearbooks. Now in an article by birther and anti-Christ contender Jerome Corsi, another photo is called into question. Not only is the photo considered fake, but somehow the figure of Frank Marshall Davis is replaced by the diminutive Stanley Ann Dunham.

Here’s the color adjusted image Corsi showed, and yes Dunham’s hand looks dark:

You can read Corsi’s July 19 article for all of the details of why some guy named Robert Nikolakakis concluded that the photo from which the above is taken is a fake. I am not a graphics expert, so I wouldn’t really know “airbrush” from “hairbrush.” However, when I was in elementary school they taught us a useful technique called “measuring things with a ruler.”

Mr. Nikolalakis says:

The chair on the far left next to Ann Dunham is brown and smaller than the chairs on the right, which are white. The horizontal support bar for the brown chair does not align with the white chairs’ support bar.

The problem is, however, that the chair on the left is not smaller than the chair on the right (within the precision I was able to cut and position). I took a vertical slice of the picture from the right side and pasted next to the chair on the left (note that the top part of the left chair is brown):




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