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MCSO Cold Case Posse Prayer Support Group

imageWhen I followed the link to the MCSO Cold Case Posse Prayer Support Group Facebook page, my punking antenna was up; however, this seems to be a straight-up page supporting the Cold Case Posse. The group’s founder says:

This page is dedicated to covering the MCSO Cold Case Posse in prayer for the Lord’s wisdom and safety over these people. Join us today as the day nears when this criminal investigation will finally expose the fraudulent usurpation of the office of President of the United States. We will be posting articles and updates here on a continuous basis. If you are a man or woman of prayer please join us, especially now as the day approaches.

I have Mike Zullo on my personal prayer list, which means I have to be nicer to him in print than I might otherwise be inclined to be, and I can subscribe to part of that mission statement: wisdom and safety. I do not however, acknowledge that any day is nearing when Obama will be “exposed” for something he didn’t do. The only danger to the Cold Case Posse is the just consequences of their own actions. I can pray for justice tempered with mercy, but not that the Posse’s misdeeds go without recognition and sanction.

So far I have refrained from commenting on the Facebook page because I can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t go towards confirming the prejudices against anti-birthers that many in the birther community hold. If it devolves into hate speech, I’ll reconsider.

I’ve been thinking about writing an essay titled “The Conservative attack on Christianity.” If I do, it will be published on one of my other blogs, perhaps Jesus was a Liberal, and I’ll leave a note in the Open Thread here. There is no shortage of precedent in the Bible for prayer to end oppression,1 and these birthers, fanned by the right-wing media, earnestly believe that Obama is an oppressor as well as a usurper, but the virulent hate speech we see coming from those attaching the President is inimical to Christian principles.

1Why do you hide your face?
Why do you forget our affliction and oppression?

–Psalms 44:24 (ESV)

Gallups, Taitz talk: Glass half full, or half wrong?

Orly Taitz published a fake email from Carl Gallups and that lead to a long exchange of “is it real?” among her commenters. If I read Taitz’ string of articles correctly, the same person who wrote the fake Gallups email,  one about the Court in Mississippi, and another one claiming to come from Paul Vallely (US Army retired). There appears to be an ongoing punk-jihad at the Taitz site.

Whoever writes the Carl Gallups Facebook page confirmed that the original email with his name on it was a fake, but there was a follow-up conversation between Gallups and Taitz, and Gallups wasn’t too happy about how Taitz reported it:

Half of what Orly wrote about her conversation with Carl is untrie and words twisted. Seems to be a pattern. Sad but true.

So what did Orly report? [link to Taitz site] Let me get on my boots and my rubber gloves.

I told Gallops that since I have him on the phone, I would like to ask him a couple of questions. I asked, why didn’t he report on my ongoing cases? He said that he invited me before. I responded that the last time I was on his show, was in 2009, 4 years ago. I stated that he reported repeatedly on someone else’s  case in AL, which was dismissed and on appeal, but he did not report on numerous other cases that were filed by me. He said that he did not know about them, that nobody gave him info on any of my cases.

I further asked him for the affidavit of expert Reed Hayes, so I can submit it to court. He said that it was copy-righted by Arpaio and Zullo, so it will not get into wrong hands and so that if anyone uses it, they can sue that person. I responded to Carl that he was a police officer and that he knows or should know that a sheriff cannot copyright an expert affidavit relating to a serious crime and sit on it for a year, that this is obstruction of justice. Gallops responded that he knows only what Zullo said on his show

In addition to the phone conversation, Gallups sent Taitz a letter, which according to Facebook is accurate, and to this reader, incriminating, where it says:

Mike Zullo has assured me that if you can provide him with the I.P. address of the letter that he has the ability to trace it down to determine the actual sender.

That sounds seriously unethical and probably illegal, but Zullo could just be lying again.

Sock Puppets Pro

When commenting on the Internet, have you ever been accused of being a pro-Obama propagandist paid for by George Soros? I have, lots. Here’s an example from ORYR:

You are deliberately spreading propaganda, deception, lies & misinformation. You are exposed as a paid Soros & Obama obot & fraud. Dr. C’s intentional propaganda, deception, lies & misinformation = -100 Truth & Facts = + 100. You always are a loser with your paid propaganda lies, misinformation, deception you promote.

I’ve been among the anti-birther community for approaching 5 years now, and I have never found any reason to suspect that any of the regular anti-birther cast has any connection for Soros, or gets paid for their online activity, quite the contrary, and I don’t have any evidence that this is the case with the birther side either, but …

In a new book NPR media reporter David Folkenflik discloses that Fox News’ paid PR staffers did write pseudonymous blog posts to counter negative or even neutral comments about Fox News on Internet blogs. They used various techniques to erase links back to Fox, including using untraceable broadband Internet connections and even resorted to an AOL dial-up connection to obscure their multiple accounts. A former Fox News staffer disclosed that they had personally used 100 fake accounts to plant Fox-friendly commentary.

Read more:

Silly story of Hillary, the birther

I don’t know why, but one of the very frequent tweets tagged #birther says in various forms that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement.

One Twitter message had this picture attached:


Obama Conspiracy Theories, after extensive research, has gotten to the root of the phenomenon, and here are the graphic results:


I think these tweets are indeed the result of the principle, “monkey see, monkey do.” One of the promoters of this “monkey business” threw some Monkey Chow™ to the birthers last April. Jerome Corsi at WND wrote an article titled “Sheriff Joe Expands Obama Probe to Hillary Supporters,” by which he means that (according to Corsi) Sheriff Arpaio is going to find out what Clinton supporters in 2008 knew about Obama’s eligibility. Corsi gets in the monkey swing of things by saying that there are “dozens” of unnamed Clinton supporters ready to come up with evidence and affidavits. Corsi makes his story more attractive by putting lipstick (Arpaio) on it.

“Oh, any day now! Any day now! Oh please, I want it to be true! Zullo and Arpaio will save us from shame. We will be vindicated and all the Obots will go to jail. We birthers will rise from the nut heap of history, and become the patriotic saviors of America.” Not.

This is a story that I have generally ignored. I ignored it because there’s no evidence to sift, no logic to analyze. The claim originally came allegedly from a Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano1 who said (and that is all there is) that she heard Bill Clinton say Obama is not eligible. To explain why Clinton never raised the issue in the campaign, they say Obama threatened to kill Chelsea Clinton. That’s silly. Rather than allow his daughter to be threatened, Bill Clinton (as every good “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy theorist knows) would just have had Obama killed.

The Clinton’s were never birthers, because neither of them is stupid enough to believe that garbage. If you really want to know where the birthers started, read Loren’s article, “The Secret Origins of the Birthers.”

1The Internet Movie Database credits Viviano with 9 films.

Taitz Facebook profile hacked?

Orly Taitz posted on her Facebook page that someone had altered her profile:

Somebody hacked into this account and changed my profile1 from “Dentist and Attorney ” to “former family dentist and attorney”. Please, help me find the thug, so i can file a complaint this person

Sure, just give me your account password and I’ll get right on it—not! Now if it was me, I’d ask Facebook to help find the culprit because a bunch of clueless Facebook friends can’t do Jack. (Taitz has 5,403 “friends” on Facebook.) Perhaps she should create a more imaginative password than “h8obama” (just kidding).

As of this writing, 45 people clicked “Like” on this post, and I don’t know whether they like that she got her account compromised or they are trying to express sympathy.

Commenters speculated that the culprit is:

  • Someone from the IRS
  • IRS & DOJ
  • eric holder
  • Obot Facebook employee

Once she gets her White House press credentials, she can ask Jay Carney about it.

1It has been suggested that Taitz’ account was never hacked, but she just filled out her Facebook profile wrong, forgetting the check the box that says “I currently work here”:


(The image above is not Taitz’ real Facebook profile, but a mock up.)

What me virus?

Odd thing on Twitter:


The last thing I want is any kind of malware on this site. I use strong passwords and keep all the software current. To my knowledge, the site has never been compromised, nor had any malware on it. My role is to study, report and comment on the birther movement, not to be an active part of the story.

I think what this alleges is that the tweeter followed the link to the Birther Headlines page that was in my article. So far as I know, nothing is wrong with that site either. Here’s some more of the tweeting:




The links in my article were the long-published Birther Headlines web site (which is now invite only) and the site currently linked in the @birtherheadline Twitter profile.