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Violent rhetoric is bullying

What prompted this article is a new perspective on the violent birther rhetoric gained from reading from Joe McGinniss’ book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.

McGinniss went to Alaska in 2010 to conduct interviews for the book and by a totally unforeseen turn of events, ended up renting a house next door to the Palin’s in Wasilla, Alaska. Although there was no basis for the claim, the Palins considered McGinniss, a stalker and Sarah Palin posted a photo of him on his back porch (looking the other way) on her Facebook page and said he was looking into her children’s bedrooms (something not possible from the McGinniss house). National conservative pundits like Glenn Beck pushed the story, and a storm of violent rhetoric appeared in comments on Andrew Breitbart’s web site and others, comments such as:

“This is one psychotic liberal . I hope someone mistakes him for a moose and puts an end to his publicity stunt. It would be nice if he ends up at the bottom of Lake Lucille.”

“If trapped in a house and not able to get out for food, does anyone know how long a freaky marxist fanatic can survive on a diet of KY Jelly?”

“I hope someone knocks his teeth down his throat.”

“What a spineless creepy bordering on sex-predator freak. I hope he tries to break into the Palin’s yard and gets a gut full of shotgun shell.”

Those are just about me. They get worse:

“hey, Joe, sleep with one eye open, you POS. can’t wait for your grandkids to show up and play in the woods and water.” And, after publishing my home address: “Joe’s lonely wife needs mail, phone calls and other assurances of concern and good will in Joe’s absence.”

Mcginniss, Joe (2011-09-20). The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin (Kindle Locations 1161-1172). Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

Some of the locals suggested McGinniss should leave town for his own safety and the local police regularly patrolled the area to prevent an incident. He had to change his home phone number because of the death threats.

McGinniss labels this behavior (by the Palins, the conservative media and the blog commenters) as “bullying” and I completely agree.

Bullying must be vigorously opposed from the start.

Chop chop

Birther Report allows advocacy of violence

Here’s a comment from Falcon over at Birther Report yesterday:

In my opinion Obama is done. And so are his sycophants who ran over America and her citizens for the last five years. Obama is no Lazarus and will not recover from the public beating he’s about to take. This will also take down all who refused to even consider Obama was a fraud when it was staring them dead in the face.

I hope this all leads to an Uncivil War and the communists are imprisoned in their beloved FEMA Camps. I also hope the rail cars with guillotines are used. It’s a shame to let all that looted DHS money go to waste.

An even worse call to criminal action comes from commenter Chris Farrell, perhaps incited by Falcon:

Any who facilitate the ongoing usurpation of the office of the presidency by a criminal who fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president while knowingly not so are actively engaging in a conspiracy to contravene the Constitution of the United States of America and do by their actions define themselves as legitimate targets of opportunity for American patriots to engage at will. The words ‘Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes’ come to mind as most apropos to the present situation.

Falcon continues:

There’s no love for Obama and most have had a first hand look at his totalitarian society and want no parts of it. Lastly, Congress will be forced to act or they will find themselves on the receiving end of a blood-bath of epic proportions. America wants this to end and quickly – everyone knows what’s going on here and can barely contain their contempt for another second of it. It’s going to come to an end one way or the other.

I would consider that a threat against the President and certainly a violation of Blogger’s Content Policy on the advocacy of violence.

The triggering event, Obama’s “public beating” at the hand of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would seem a highly improbable thing. Obama has been quite effective in weathering guilt by association attacks, and pure nonsense hasn’t gotten his opponents anywhere.

All of this stems from a BR article highlighting a new Mike Volin video compendium of old stuff presented as a stand-in for the so-far absent real stuff from Sheriff Arpaio, referring to the “Sheriff’s Kit 2” coming any day now to a website near you.


Let’s all take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Birtherism is a war of words on the Internet. It is not a real conflict. Obama is president, and will eave office in 2017 and the country will muddle on as it always has. Nobody is threatening the birthers, and they have no cause to advocate violence in return. They lost at the polls—get over it already.

Swensson charges Governor with misprision

Carl SwenssonCarl Swensson is pretty hacked off over the rapid dismissal of his ballot challenge in Georgia, and he is fired up by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference declaring “probable cause” that the President’s birth certificate is forged. In fact, he’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any more!

His frustration shows in a letter addressed to Georgia’s Governor Deal, SOS Brian Kemp, and State Atty. Gen. Sam Olens. If they don’t act, Swensson says, they are guilty of misprision of felony. [Thanks to my spell checker for fixing that.]

“Misprision of felony” is not a term one runs across very often. It generally refers to covering up a crime. From the Wikipedia:

"Misprision of felony" is still an offense under United States federal law after being codified in 1909 under 18 U.S.C. § 4:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Of course calling Georgia officials guilty of such an offense is ludicrous for a couple of reasons. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s allegations are not “knowledge of the actual commission of a felony” on the part of Georgia officials, even if Sheriff Joe had actually said Barack Obama was guilty of a felony, which he carefully avoided doing. The second problem is that the federal courts in United States v. Johnson, 546 F.2d 1225 (5th Cir. 1977) required an actual cover up. Since Sheriff Joe’s claims are public, there is no way anyone could be guilty of covering them up.

But apart from the legal fallacy of Swensson’s position, this article is about how tight he is wound up, not whether he’s right, and that powerful frustration comes out clearly in this excerpt:

You know what must be done but continue to refuse to do it. Doing the right thing may spare the lot of you some extremely unpleasant time being incarcerated. Then again, you really don’t have a choice now, do you? You’ve made your bed and are comfortably sleeping with the enemy of the State. That comfort level is about to change as the anger continues to well up in those who know what you’ve done. Obama, or whoever the hell he is, is being protected in the State of GA by you and you alone. The rest of us are now just watching and waiting for the shoe to drop and by default it must drop on you, the criminal conspirators who continue this charade by subverting our GA law at every turn for indefensible reasons. There were no tough decisions to make, the law is clear or at least was until this triumvirate started changing it on the fly. Keep in mind that when the three of you consciously decided to discard your Oath of Office and change our laws for political or monetary gain, you relieved the Citizenry of our responsibility to do the same.

And in one final parting shot:

May God have mercy on your pathetic souls. That is, if you were born with one.

Secret Services exercises restraint dealing with deranged birthers

In my mind, somebody has to be nutty as a fruitcake to think that they could just waltz up to the President of the United States and arrest him. Nevertheless Kansas birther Neil Jednoralski publicly announced that he was going to do just that.

Is Jednoralski  in jail? After all, threatening the President is a crime. Is he in a FEMA camp? No. The Secret Service just took his guns and handcuffs away, and said they would arrest him if he came close to the President.

This from Dave Edwards at The Raw Story. See this comment for more background on Jednoralski. Local news coverage here.

Birther encounters the real world

In the real world, you can’t go around threatening the President  and in the real world, having an opinion doesn’t usually put food on the table. Birther Daryn Moran on a YouTube video called President Obama a “known forger” (I didn’t know that) and said he was going to “gas up the car” and head to Washington and arrest the President himself, not with a shotgun or a knife, but with a Constitution and a Bible (and whole lot of delusional thinking IMO).

It’s that up close and personal thing that got Moran noticed by the Secret Service, who takes any physical threat to the President very seriously. It didn’t help, I suppose, that Moran goaded the Secret Service saying: “Call your Secret Service, coward…wimp…coward…You have no proof of who you are.”

According to an extended interview with Moran that appears in the Post & Email, Moran was visited at 3:30 AM by two Secret Service agents and a county sheriff. So I guess the trip to DC is off. Since then all of his Obama eligibility videos were taken down from YouTube. The following was reposted by someone else.

Sheriff, I’m gonna do your job


Moran, who says he is unemployed since his discharge from the Air Force, has had another reality check. He explained his lack of income this way:

So I’ve been tied up, and I’ve been concerned about how an application for a job would go over when I go in for an interview and I have to explain the whole story, and I might need to tell them things that they might not like.

Moran has made an appeal for private charity, since he has no income due to his obsession with Obama taking up the time that could have been used looking for a job. I have no objection to people taking moral stands, but they should understand that moral stands can have consequences.


Moran arrived in DC and was again visited by the Secret Service and the Capitol Police, according to an email from Moran to the Post and Email.

My finances may run out and I may have to return home.

I agree with the Secret Service: he should seek psychiatric help. I’m not worried about Obama, but this guy may harm himself.

Texas birther gets visit from Secret Service

Birther William Mattison from Amarillo, Texas was visited by the Secret Service after sending a email threatening Barack Obama to his congressman, Republican Mac Thornberry, according to the Amarillo Globe News. After admitting that he wrote that he was considering assassination of the President, Mattison explained: “I’m tired of having a president that refuses to make public his birth certificate.”

Threatening the President is a felony that carries a penalty  of up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The case is still under investigation.