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Arizona Auditor General may look into Cold Case Posse donations

According to the Arizona’s Politics blog, the Arizona Auditor General will consider information about the County/MSCO/Posse relationship. Information published on this blog, Brian Reilly’s first hand accounts of the Posse, and my investigation of the lack of CCP financial accountability, are things that may be considered.

I do not understand, however, how the Arizona Auditor General can audit the Cold Case Posse when they are a private non-profit.


The re-branding of Mike Zullo

My apologies to readers. I thought this was a new article, but it was from last summer.

It’s too soon to be certain, but a new article by Floyd Brown (author of Obama’s Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election) looks like the introduction of a new career for Cold Case Posse Commander Mike Zullo.

Readers here have wondered just how Mike Zullo, 53, makes his living. Zullo was a policeman in New Jersey, he said, for 5 years and then was a private investigator for a few more. Then he moved to Arizona and was involved in the automotive sales business. But recently Zullo’s source of income has been a mystery, leading to speculation that he was siphoning off charitable contributions to the Cold Case Posse, speculation only heightened by the opaque finances of that organization.

Now, we learn that Zullo has an occupation of sorts: day trading.1 Brown published the article, “A Dollar Collapse is Coming” on his web site Capitol Hill Daily. It opens up with this introduction of Mike Zullo:

4 computer monitors with day trading softwareMike Zullo is an impressive man. When he strides into my office I can immediately see him carefully observe and analyze his surroundings. This is a result of his years of law enforcement training. Mike spent a number of years as a cop, and then as a detective.

After a successful career in law enforcement, he left to become a trader of equities. Here, Mike also excelled. But recently he has focused less on making money and more on protecting America – a country we both agreed had given us much but was now in grave danger.

The article itself is not a profile of Zullo, quickly jumping from Zullo puffery to its main point: that US currency is unsafe, will crash, and that Brown will one day tell people how to survive. Brown, along with others who advertise at WorldNetDaily, sell financial fear and anxiety—the financial apocalypse is coming any day now.

So what is Zullo doing in the article besides striding in, impressing the author, and agreeing with him? The only reason for Zullo even being in the article that I can think of is that Brown is introducing Zullo to his readers in preparation for Zullo entering the field of financial punditry. After demonstrating that he can sell promises to birthers, year after year, while delivering nothing, Zullo seems the perfect salesman for apocalyptic financial predictions of the collapse to happen any day now.

We’ll just have to wait an see whether Zullo’s new career is pursued and how well he does.

1Some day traders make a consistent living, but most lose money, and many go broke. For some, day trading is a day job, and for others it is gambling addiction. It’s too risky for my blood.


Obot Wars Episode VII: A New Hope

ObotWarsDespite the terror inspired by Emperor Zullo and Darth Gallups1, the Universe-shattering prime weapon of the birther Death Star was not finished on schedule. (In the movie the Emperor and Darth Vader had minions to do their work, but the Cold Case Posse is just the one guy.)  Sheriff Jabba has also been engaged in his own administrative problems over the licensing of some of his land speeders. Boba Volin has gotten nothing but yawns from Congress with his Imperial Toy Sheriff’s Kit™.

I invoke a science fantasy movie image because someone must truly be willing to believe in fantasy to continue to support Zullo as the “March reveal” becomes the midterm election reveal, another in a long line of excuses for doing nothing.

I suppose some might find the latest delay from Zullo as absurd and laughable, like the “Rocky 5,000” sequel gag in Spaceballs. I find his lack of creativity pathetic. I mean, can someone explain to me how some alleged investigation into something unrelated prevents release of the alleged evidence on the birth certificate issue from being presented? Maybe they can’t believe what they are finding.

Only the hardcore birther fans are looking forward to the next publicity event for the movie that’s never coming out.

1After some consideration, I think perhaps the better alignment of dark-side characters is Emperor Corsi and Darth Zullo with some more pawn-like character for Gallups.


Orly Taitz on a roll

or more accurately a “continuous loop”

  • April 4, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet from Judge Hollander…”
  • April 3, Taitz web site, headline: “Still no order from Judge Hollander …”
  • April 2, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in MD case…”
  • April 1, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet … Decision by Judge Hollander is expected any day now”
  • March 31, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case … decision from Judge Hollander any day now…”
  • March 27, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case…”
  • March 26, Taitz web site, headline: No decision yet in MD case …”
  • March 25, Taitz web site, headline: “still no answer [in MD case]
  • March 24, Taitz web site, headline: “no answer in MD case …”

What’s that all about? Does she think Judge Hollander reads Taitz’ blog?

On a lighter note, while scrolling back through Taitz articles to catalog the headlines preceding, I came across another article titled, “Orly Taitz Really Could Finish Second in the Attorney General Primary Vote — and Go to November” by Greg Diamond of the Orange Juice blog (an Orange County web site). Taitz seems to have just copied [link to Taitz web site] the blog entry in toto. The photo’s HTML <title> attribute copied onto Taitz’s own site is “Orly Taitz (red eyes).”


Obama Conspiracy Theories breaks story on a bad situation for Maricopa County posses

The Arizona’s Politics blog has been following the unfolding story of posse vehicles in Maricopa County. Questions began to be asked after Brian Reilly disclosed on this blog that his Cold Case Posse car had county license plates on it, as do all of the many sheriff’s posse cars in the county, and in violation of county policy. It was also discovered that the more than 100 vehicles (except when used in search and rescue operations) are not covered by county insurance. Arizona law requires all vehicles to be registered and to have liability insurance coverage.

This could have been a bad situation in case of an accident, because individual posses, who are separate entities from the Sheriff’s Office, could face serious uncovered liability.

Following my article about the Sun City West Posse ceasing operations with county vehicles, we find that posses across the county have all stopped using vehicles with county plates until they can register them and get proper insurance.

I never want to be part of the story, but here I think we did a good thing.

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