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Sheriff Joe launches re-election campaign

In an email to supporters today, Sheriff Joe Arpaio wrote:

image[A]s one of my most loyal supporters and friends over the years, I wanted you to hear it from me first.

After much thought, prayers and talks with my loving wife, Ava, I have decided to run for re-election for Sheriff.

Naturally, since it was a fundraising letter, he can’t do it without lots of money. It will be an uphill battle against an array of daunting forces:

Al Sharpton, George Lopez, Linda Ronstadt and a gaggle of other celebrity lefties are using their Hollywood megaphone to slander my name and reputation.

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Leo Donofrio: Natural born conspiracy theorist

I came across Leo C. Donofrio first in connection with his Obama and McCain eligibility lawsuit in New Jersey, Donofrio v. Wells. My short biographical page on him was published in December of 2008; there would be many more articles to follow. Donofrio is known famously, or perhaps infamously, as the inventor of a new meaning for the constitutional term “natural born citizen,” the proposition that US Presidents must be born in the country to two citizen parents.

Donofrio showed a conspiracist bent right from the first with his novel claim that US President Chester A. Arthur conspired to keep his father’s naturalization status  (Irish) a secret by lying about his age and burning his papers just before he died. In truth, his father’s nationality was known, but not widely discussed because that was before Donofrio came up with a theory where it mattered.

photo at right by Carlos De Deios © Filminco Productions 2011.) In addition to being a lawyer, a professional poker player and rock musician, Donofrio is also a filmmaker working under the pseudonym Jet Wintzer. To his credit is a film titled Towers, about a post apocalyptic world where most people have been destroyed by radiation from cell phone towers. Donofrio plays a survivor named “DJSpectacle” (photo at right by Carlos De Deios © Filminco Productions 2011). Donofrio’s other film credits include Colourfly (2012) and The Art of Forced Collaboration (2013).

Donofrio’s new film,  NASA NOT SOUND, according to its YouTube trailer, promotes the claim that Moon landing video footage from NASA is fake because one can hear sounds allegedly transmitted through the vacuum.

I have never decided in my own mind whether Donofrio believes any of the stuff, or if he is just trying to prove how smart he is by fooling other people.

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Legal expert Donald Trump says Canadian birth may be problem for Ted Cruz

Speaking to reporters in West Des Moines, Iowa, Trump addressed the issue head on, reports the Dallas Morning News.

“He’s going to have to solve that problem. It could end up in litigation. It could take a long period of time.… It’s certainly a stumbling block that he has that other people don’t have,” Trump said, suggesting that Cruz might only be able to put any doubts to rest by going to court.

“Perhaps he’s going to have to go in for declaratory judgments. Perhaps he’s going to get rulings from some group of electioneers. He’s going to have to do something. Because it is a problem that a lot of people have been mentioning,” Trump said. “He’s going to have to get it resolved one way or the other. And I hope he gets it resolved in a positive way because I think he’ll add a lot.”

“Electioneers”? I thought he said “Mouseketeers.” Sorry about that.

Birther litigant David Farrar is all over the comments on this story, as he is pretty much any time the topic appears above a comment box. I left this reply:

Farrar can go all day like a lumberjack, but in the end he lost his case in Georgia, and so has every other person who made a similar argument.


Sheriff Joe begs for money to defend reputation


… dangerous criminals, drug cartels and illegal aliens threaten the lives of Americans every day. But because Sheriff Joe just wants to enforce the law…he’s the extreme one. 

… Your donation will go towards defending Sheriff Joe’s record on television and print media.

That’s the pitch in a new email sent to potential donors by Citizens for Sheriff Joe.

If you click on the Donate image above, you end up on a page that looks like this:



Note the web site: is just a parked domain at GoDaddy.


The address of the group is that of Coleman Dahm & Associates, a political consulting firm (client list).


Arpaio 2nd criminal investigation canned?

Gary Wilmott (Give Us Liberty 1776) posted 2 comments at Birther Report™ yesterday that give some inside information about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s maybe investigation of Barack Obama or something:

For what it’s worth. I had some face time with Arpaio in mid-October. He wasn’t interested in talking about the issue. In fact he was somewhat irritated and dismissive. I also asked him some very direct questions in a public forum. Also dismissive. I just talked to a good friend and well-known activist who has had 3 conversations on the phone with Zullo in the last month. While there is no representation that A & Z have folded their tents…it was quite apparent that they are not poised to release any information in the near future. Personally as much as it pains me to say it and my friend agrees…we are not optimistic that anything will happen. I think that A & Z have been betrayed by the politicians, they have no viable media outlets (although Arpaio told me that if he needs to get the story out he can do it…but wait he got no traction in his last press conference) and I think they have been intimidated and threatened by forces and powers that we can only imagine. As more time goes by it would seem that there is increasingly less chance that Obama can be convincingly exposed and ultimately removed. I pray that I am wrong. Remember however that Obama has been committing his crimes (at the direction of the puppet masters) with the help of the republican establishment. These traitors will do anything to ensure the status quo.

He followed up with:

Once again…for what it’s worth. Of course I don’t have the inside scoop…I am merely putting 2 and 2 together in my mind and giving my opinion. I want this to happen more than you can imagine. I am living a nightmare. However…let me just say this…I am in regular though infrequent communications with someone who DID have access to the investigation (not Gallups) and was privy to SOME of the universe-shattering info. At one time that person thought that something would be released late last August. That person does not think anything will now happen and that is also part of my calculus. Sorry…I pray that I am wrong because this country is in a world of hurt and its only going to get worse. I love RG’s [BR commenter Reagans_ghost] positive attitude…but my hopes are waning. We are in late January and the focus is going to be on the presidential race and all irresponsible wannabes jockeying for position.

Wilmott has all the pieces — [mixing metaphors] now he just has to read the handwriting on the wall. Mike Zullo never had anything. He was just stringing you on.