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SCOTUS rejects Keyes plea

Another one bites the dust.

In orders that the US Supreme Court published today, the Court denied a petition for a writ of certiorari in the case of Keyes, Alan, et al. v. Obama, President of the U. S., Et al. The attorney was Gary Kreep and Orly Taitz was involved in an earlier stage of the case.

You may be interested in other articles on this case published at Obama Conspiracy Theories.

SNL comedian goes birther

After watching Jon Steward and Steven Colbert, one might jump to the conclusion only liberals have a sense of humor. Not so. Comedian Victoria Jackson, noted for playing a clueless dumb blonde on Saturday Night Live, reprises that role in real life according to the Juneau Empire newspaper. Jackson was in town along with failed Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, promoting an event of the Alaska Restoring Liberty PAC. The event was part of a stopover of the WorldNetDaily Tea Party cruise to Alaska.

The paper said:

imageJackson [pictured right] said she only recently got involved in politics and discovered that Obama was a communist. She endorsed Miller’s call for tea party members to get involved in efforts such as serving as local poll workers, which she said now are “mostly old hippies.”

Another report from the Alaska Dispatch said:

Miller was joined at the event by conservative personalities Jerome Corsi and Victoria Jackson, both of whom leveled strong criticism of President Barack Obama, claiming respectively that his birth certificate is a forgery and that he’s actually a communist.

Jackson herself wrote an article at birther website, and cruise sponsor, WorldNetDaily. The article is inexplicably titled “Make me a Liberal,” but then one can never take a WorldNetDaily headline seriously. It is not clear why most of the WND photos of Jackson have her upside down. I guess the implication is that anyone capable of doing a handstand must know what they’re talking about.

Here’s Jackson’s video program that we can expect soon:

You will have to anxiously await my video of Joseph Farah explaining his youthful encounter with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn; my video of Joe Miller explaining the Murkowski mess (she is voting with the Obama agenda – a true liberal in RINO clothing); my video of Native Hoonah fisherman filleting fish and admitting they voted for Obama and Murkowski because they didn’t know any other candidates (they got Internet three months ago); my video of Jerome Corsi explaining HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research) and contrails; and my video of Aaron Klein (, ABC Radio), author of "The Manchurian President," discussing Israel. There is no technical way for me to get the videos through cyberspace from this remote location.

Vacation from hell

I’ve always wanted to take a cruise to Alaska…

but not this one

It’s a Tea Party cruise sponsored by WorldNetDaily, featuring Jerome Corsi, says the Anchorage Daily News. Other celebrity notables include Floyd Brown (author of Obama Unmasked: Did Slick Hollywood Handlers Create the Perfect Candidate?) and anti-Obama plaintiff Alan Keyes.

Keyes v Bowen at SCOTUS

US Supreme Court

The California case of Keyes v Bowen is now docketed at the Supreme Court on appeal from the Supreme Court of California.

Keyes’ attorney Gary Kreep argued that California Secretary of State Debra Bowen failed to meet her obligation to verify the eligibility of candidate Barack Obama to be President, and his right to appear on the California Ballot. California argued successfully that the California Secretary of State has no such statutory responsibility.

Leo Donofrio and Cort Wrotnowski unsuccessfully attempted to have the Supreme Court review similar cases coming out of the 2008 election.

A response is due from the State of California by June 3.

Obama’s legal fees

An argument in the form of a question

Central to the birther position is a question that is some variation of:

If Obama has nothing to hide, when why has he spent $81 Berjillion1 dollars on legal fees to seal his records?”

This question actually hides two assumptions:

  1. Obama has spent $81 Berjillion1 dollars on legal fees
  2. Obama is using lawyers to seal his records

Usually, since the argument is made in the form of a question, no one actually justifies the underlying claims in the question. Let’s look at them.

Obama has spent $81 Berjillion dollars on legal fees

Where does this number come from? I’ve seen two arguments. The first involves the fact that the same legal firm, Perkins Coie, represented both President Obama and his Presidential Campaign. Federal Election Commission filings reveal millions of dollars in legal fees spent by the Campaign. If one had the total of all the legal expenses and subtracted all the other campaign legal expenses, what would be left should be what was spent by the Campaign defending Obama eligibility lawsuits. However, since the “all other” number is not known, the answer is just a wild guess. Another approach is to assume that all other campaign legal expenses ended the moment Obama was elected and that every legal expense since them is for defending Obama eligibility lawsuits. However, one need only glance at the FEC page to see hundreds of campaign filings made since November of 2008 and add that to the cost of FEC post-election audits. To top that off, no one has shown (to my knowledge) that any Campaign dollars went to defend Obama eligibility lawsuits. Continue Reading →