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Birther judge runs afoul of campaign laws

The San Diego City Beat reports that birther litigator turned Superior Court judge, Gary Kreep, has received a formal warning from the California Fair Political Practices Commission that he violated California campaign finance law requiring the reporting of certain transactions.

The details are a bit complicated, and interested readers are referred to the City Beat article itself.

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Kreep strikes back

Newly-elected San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep threatens “action” against the San Diego Bar Association, who rated him “lacking in qualifications” in his successful his run for the judgeship. Bar Association President Marvin Mizell said that this is the first time a person with this rating has been elected so far as he is aware.

Kreep says it’s anti-religious and political bigotry (Kreep is against abortion and gay marriage), but Mizell says religion and politics are not a factor in the rating by 21 members of the bar. Check out station KPBS’ report of the story.

Kreep wins!

The media reports that Gary Kreep, noted advocate in birther lawsuits and infomercials, has been elected Superior Court Judge in San Diego in a nail-biting count to the finish over former prosecutor and male model Garland Peed.

The San Diego City Beat wrote:

Dear San Diego County voters: Are you aware that you have elected a lunatic to the Superior Court bench? Did you really think he was the best man for the job? Or did you choose him because his last name tickled your fancy?

This may indeed have been a contest between “Kreep” (the name) and “Peed” (the name), since the San Diego Bar had given Gary Kreep it’s lowest rating: “lacking qualifications.”

Let’s hope Kreep “exceeds expectations.”

SCOTUS rejects Keyes plea

Another one bites the dust.

In orders that the US Supreme Court published today, the Court denied a petition for a writ of certiorari in the case of Keyes, Alan, et al. v. Obama, President of the U. S., Et al. The attorney was Gary Kreep and Orly Taitz was involved in an earlier stage of the case.

You may be interested in other articles on this case published at Obama Conspiracy Theories.

Taitz loses badly: Kreep Wins!

With 100% of the California Senate Primary vote tallied, Orly Taitz trails far behind the number two candidate, Republican Elizabeth Emken (3.1% to 12.5%). Democrat Dianne Feinstein has a commanding lead overall at 49.3%. Emken and Feinstein where the only candidates to achieve double-digit numbers. Taitz finished fifth also behind Republicans Dan Hughes (6.7%) and Rick Williams (3.3%). Emken will face Feinstein in the general election, and Taitz will face another loss for statewide office in California.

Taitz appeared on the Rick Amato radio show early this morning and she says:

I would like to take this opportunity to expose 24 corrupt CAGop board members, who sold the endorsement to Emken on the first day of the campaign and prevented me and others from addressing the county central committees. They endorsed Emken, when they had results of 2010 election, where I got 537,000 votes in my race and Emken got only 11,000 in her race. CAGOP board ran a sham endorsement process, where they charged each candidate 500 under false pretenses, when they already made a decision and told several candidates not to bother to even show up at the endorsement meeting, as the decision was already made. I was not even told that I could come to the endorsement meeting and address the board. Dirty politics as usual. a number of candidates are planning to meet and discuss further strategies, as to what to do to end this corruption on the CA GOP board.

These corrupt board members listed this endorsement in 17 million sample ballots that were sent to voters. That did the trick. The voters looked in the sample ballot at the names of party endorsed candidates and marked them. Until and unless we remove all of the corrupt party bosses and go to paper ballots, where votes can be actually counted and verified, we would never have clean elections and we would have the same corrupt puppets in positions of power destroying this country and destroying our lives.

Kreep Wins!

imageAccording to the UT San Diego Web site, birther attorney Gary Kreep in a nail-biting close race, narrowly outran challenger Garland Peed for a seat on the San Diego Superior Court. Throughout the evening, Kreep trailed in the two-man race and when 94.9% of the votes were counted, he was down by 1 full percentage point. However, as the last few votes came in, Kreep inched ahead and narrowly passed his opponent, victorious with a mere 50.01% of the vote. In an election with over a quarter million votes cast, Kreep won by 56.

Birther conspiracy theorist that he is, Gary Kreep doesn’t believe natural born citizens must have US Citizen parents. The San Diego Bar Association gave Kreep its lowest rating: “lacking qualifications;” however, commenters here at Obama Conspiracy Theories gave him the nod as the best of the birther attorneys.


My understanding is that Kreep, having received over 50% of the vote, is the winner outright and need not complete in the General Election. California Proposition 14 only applies to statewide offices. See the article on the election.

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