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Hearing in Arpaio v. Obama slated for Monday

A hearing is scheduled for December 22, in an immigration lawsuit filed by Joe Arpaio and his birther attorney Larry Klayman. I’m waiting for the inevitable dismissal for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Yesterday Klayman filed a supplemental declaration by Arpaio, repeating pretty much what they filed before.

I continue to wonder exactly who is filing the lawsuit. It is Joe Arpaio (who is named) or is it the Sheriff of Maricopa County. This latest filing plays with the latter, saying:

The unconstitutional act of the President’s Executive Actions must be enjoined  by a court of law on behalf of not only just myself and my Office which represents the people of Maricopa County, Arizona, but all of the American people.

Klayman had previously requested that Arpaio be allowed to testify live at the hearing and I think I read that this request was denied. The District of Columbia court ECF system is not responding right now, so I can’t check.

Arpaio seeks a preliminary injunction against Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Partial list of documents:


“The Joe Show” airs

imageI just finished watching Randy Murray’s documentary, The Joe Show, on the Investigation Discovery cable channel. This edited version contained most of the “birther thing” clip, plus two clips from Arpaio’s birther news conferences and one from a Tea Party meeting. We get to see Mike Zullo twice (unnamed). Arpaio’s campaign manager says the birther investigation brought in millions.

What I found most compelling in the entire piece was the deaths in the jail and the cruelty there. The section on the false arrest of political enemies was, in my opinion, bungled because it never said that the County had paid out millions to settle those lawsuits. That weakness may be the result of editing for television.

Many things that Arpaio and his people said seemed bizarre to me and I hope they will seem bizarre to the folks in Maricopa County.

If you missed the broadcast and still want to see it, The Joe Show is expected to be available through iTunes on December 16.


Sheriff Joe: On the defensive?

For those following the continuing saga of Joe Arpaio v. federal judge G. Murray Snow, a remarkable twist in the case was reported by the Phoenix New Times. Arpaio requested the court to appoint a defense lawyer for him! But then a spokesperson said that wasn’t what happened. Does he indeed need a criminal defense lawyer?

You be the judge (no pun intended):

The hearing is tomorrow, December 4.

The Joe Show: coming to cable

imageThe Investigation Discovery cable TV channel has acquired the documentary, “The Joe Show,” reported Discovery Communications in a press release July 9. In the documentary, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was caught on tape telling his campaign staff that the birther issue will bring in large campaign contributions.

The broadcast is scheduled for 5 PM EST on December 14 on the Information Discovery Channel in an abridged version (14 minutes cut). I have my DVR programmed to record it. It’s also scheduled to be released on DVD on December 16, full-length with bonus features.

Read more:

Colmes v. Arpaio

The Fox News Channel has pretty much banned the discussion of birthers on its television network, but that doesn’t apply to Fox News Radio, where the lone liberal, Alan Colmes, has free reign. What happens when Alan Colmes gets to tackle Joe Arpaio, one on one?