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Where in the world is Dr. Conspiracy?

Last year I published a photo of myself standing next to a truck in the article, “Anti-birther partisans flee country.” Looking back on that article, I found this quote from Gerbil Report™ by commenter “Joe Mannix,” whom I believe is likely to be Mike Zullo:

Dr. Conspiracy/Kevin Davidson is a person of interest in the birth certificate forgery. His background into working with birth certificates and vital statistics is key. You are being looked at Mr. Davidson.

Whether Mannix is Zullo or not, I recently learned that I was indeed investigated by the Cold Case Posse early on (to the extent that they really investigated anything—they looked on the Internet). Zullo thought I was a suspicious character because, believe it or not, my blog has a security paper background.

That tidbit aside, there is new photo of me standing next to a meat truck for your puzzling pleasure. The project that took up so much time of late was a vacation.



Turning dark

Mike Zullo spoke to the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots November 18, and according to interviewer Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email:

Zullo “said that the investigation that they started ‘turned very dark,’ whatever ‘dark’ means,” the individual added.

Indeed, what does that mean?

Here’s a quotation from the Associated Press just today:

A detective investigating the high school shooting in Washington state that left five teens dead says in court papers that the young shooter’s texts turned dark the week before he opened fire, with references to his funeral and the message: “Bang bang I’m dead.”

Writing in the American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry (2007) we see something similar in the Columbine school shooting:

Three days after his arrest, Klebold made one of his few entries into his diary. He wrote about his love for a female student and wondered if the feelings were mutual. But the note turned dark. He talked about suicide, blowing himself up with a bomb strapped to his neck.

I certainly hope that there is not some kind of murder-suicide pact about to be acted out by the Cold Case Posse!

Barry Cooper, a former drug enforcement officer said:

In fact, governments have always turned dark and corrupt which has always led to mass suffering.

Certainly there are suspicions of corruption in the Cold Case Posse, and they have clearly lied to the public about evidence. Still, I find it unlikely that Mike Zullo would be admitting this to his Tea Party audience.

Turning dark can be a sign of illness. In a chilling true story titled “Biohazard,” author Ken Alibek discusses a case of the Marburg virus:

By the fifteenth day, the tiny bruises on Ustinov’s body had turned dark blue, and his skin was as thin as parchment. The blood pooling underneath began oozing through. It streamed from his nose, mouth, and genitals.

Enough of that. Generally “turning dark” refers to reduction in light, nightfall, or a scene being obscured by smoke. It’s also associated with the end of an activity, such as a company going out of business (turning out the lights). A blog goes dark when it disappears from the web. “Going dark” in police jargon can refer to the failure of an investigation due to lack of evidence and leads. FBI Director James B. Comey spoke last month at the Brookings Institution of the conflicts between the need for privacy and criminal investigation:

Unfortunately, the law hasn’t kept pace with technology, and this disconnect has created a significant public safety problem. We call it “Going Dark,” and what it means is this: Those charged with protecting our people aren’t always able to access the evidence we need to prosecute crime and prevent terrorism even with lawful authority. We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications and information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so.

It probably makes more sense to view the comment in some kind of context, and a commenter here reminded us of this quote from Carl Gallups 22 November 2013:

…the investigation has gone “deeper and darker” than they ever imagined…

I think that what Zullo intended was that his audience assume that the Cold Case Posse had uncovered some great evil in its investigation, but in fact to say nothing. Even back to the early Cold Case Posse press conferences, Zullo proved himself a master at leaving his audience thinking he said things he didn’t actually say. So as far as I am concerned, “turned dark” coming from Mike Zullo means exactly nothing.

I want to give credit to the Tea Party member who spoke to Rondeau. He didn’t jump to any conclusion about what Mike Zullo meant. I also want to credit Rondeau who, no matter what one thinks about her slant on things, does an outstanding job of getting birther stories.

Mailbox 11/7/2014

I got a few of these some months back, and I thought I was shed of them. Another one came yesterday. Here it is, with the specifics redacted:

Comments: Mr. Davidson, this is [redacted] from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As I stated before, you are a suspect in this case. You can confirm that by contacting Mike Zullo directly. I have already represented another person in this matter, and I can represent you for free if you like, not as an attorney, but as a licensed ordained minister of the Christian faith. Please click the attachment for my photo. [No attachment found] I can help you to remain anonymous during initial negotiations with Congress : the CCP does not have the authority to grant you immunity or protection—only Congress can do that in this instance. The criminal case against Barack Obama goes way beyond just the birth certificate at this point—the LFBC matter is a very minor issue compared with the serious criminal charges that Obama will soon face in front of Congress and will shock the entire world (this has now blossomed into an international criminal matter). What I suggest is that you allow me to represent you to Congress anonymously. I will keep uou anonymous and ask that your testimony to be contingent upon you receiving complete immunity and protection for you and your entire family, as it should be. Without me, you will be on your own, and you will need your own attorney. Please understand that Mike Zullo knows I am contacting you. I can offer my services until November 10, 2014. If I do not hear from you by that date, or if you do not accept this offer by that date, I will no longer be available for this matter. Once again, you are a suspect, and from what I know about this case, you will definitely be called to testify and defend yourself against specific charges. [Name, email address and phone number redacted.]

My reply:

I do not know anything about any criminal activity, so there is nothing I can tell Congress. If I needed representation, I would find a competent attorney and not some nut case from an email.

Consider your offer rejected, and I expect you to keep your word, and not contact me again.

Taitz berates a and Z

Perhaps we need a word in the English language to describe the particular blend  of factual, linguistic, legal and typographical errors we see commonly from Orly Taitz. Here’s a headline on her blog from October 31:

Mike Zullo, president of old case Posse for sheriff arpaio admits to getting large donations, such as a $10,000 check from a donor. Neither Zullo, nor CCP, no arpaio never filed a complaint against Obama with the authorities on the issue of Obama’s bogus IDs, even though moneys were collected for investigation and evidence was collected

What Taitz from her standpoint as a birther wouldn’t realize is that the evidence the Cold Case Posse based all of their publicity on so far has been discredited. A case cannot be built on speculation.

Zullo responds, maybe, someday

So we’ve been waiting for a very long time for a very long list of things promised by Mike Zullo. Now, via Carl Gallups on Facebook, we have something else to wait for:

INFORMATION COMING HERE on the CBS-5 NEWS EXPOSE (Hit Piece) on Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio, and the Cold-Case Posse. Carl Gallups will have quotes and comments from Mike Zullo to contribute to the information.


You use that word “information,” but don’t think it means what you think it does.

Mike Zullo’s business card

I just wanted to document for reference this business card from the Newsblaze site, supposedly that of Mike Zullo.


Just looking at it, one might get the mistaken impression that Zullo was an employee of the Sheriff’s Office.