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Arpaio 2nd criminal investigation canned?

Gary Wilmott (Give Us Liberty 1776) posted 2 comments at Birther Report™ yesterday that give some inside information about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s maybe investigation of Barack Obama or something:

For what it’s worth. I had some face time with Arpaio in mid-October. He wasn’t interested in talking about the issue. In fact he was somewhat irritated and dismissive. I also asked him some very direct questions in a public forum. Also dismissive. I just talked to a good friend and well-known activist who has had 3 conversations on the phone with Zullo in the last month. While there is no representation that A & Z have folded their tents…it was quite apparent that they are not poised to release any information in the near future. Personally as much as it pains me to say it and my friend agrees…we are not optimistic that anything will happen. I think that A & Z have been betrayed by the politicians, they have no viable media outlets (although Arpaio told me that if he needs to get the story out he can do it…but wait he got no traction in his last press conference) and I think they have been intimidated and threatened by forces and powers that we can only imagine. As more time goes by it would seem that there is increasingly less chance that Obama can be convincingly exposed and ultimately removed. I pray that I am wrong. Remember however that Obama has been committing his crimes (at the direction of the puppet masters) with the help of the republican establishment. These traitors will do anything to ensure the status quo.

He followed up with:

Once again…for what it’s worth. Of course I don’t have the inside scoop…I am merely putting 2 and 2 together in my mind and giving my opinion. I want this to happen more than you can imagine. I am living a nightmare. However…let me just say this…I am in regular though infrequent communications with someone who DID have access to the investigation (not Gallups) and was privy to SOME of the universe-shattering info. At one time that person thought that something would be released late last August. That person does not think anything will now happen and that is also part of my calculus. Sorry…I pray that I am wrong because this country is in a world of hurt and its only going to get worse. I love RG’s [BR commenter Reagans_ghost] positive attitude…but my hopes are waning. We are in late January and the focus is going to be on the presidential race and all irresponsible wannabes jockeying for position.

Wilmott has all the pieces — [mixing metaphors] now he just has to read the handwriting on the wall. Mike Zullo never had anything. He was just stringing you on.


Evading Zullo

I just finished watching the PBS Frontline documentary, “The United States of Secrets.” It covers warrantless NSA wiretapping of Internet traffic and the Edward Snowden leaks. For just a moment I reviewed in my head my own Internet activity and considered whether I should perhaps start using some encryption. The mental review didn’t last very long and I concluded that there wasn’t anything I had that would interest the NSA. There really are only a couple of things in my digital life that I want to keep secret: my financial account information and things that others have shared with me in confidence. In that last category, there is again nothing that the NSA or law enforcement would care about, but I want to keep it private out of respect for the privacy of other people.1

imageWorldNetDaily has a thread that I’ve been commenting on for a few days, and on that thread there are repeated references to the Cold Case Posse investigation of Obama’s birth certificate in Maricopa County, Arizona. Mike Zullo (pictured right) is the only known member of the Posse, so I’ll just refer to him for the rest of the article. I said that I would happily pay for a trip to Arizona for the pleasure of watching Mike Zullo under cross-examination, and the reply was that I might not have a choice about attending, with the implication that I might be a subject of prosecution. One commenter said:


You might be interested to read the transcript of Zullo’s official interrogation of me by phone last year:


The transcript is blank because the event never occurred. Zullo has never so much as even asked me a question in an email. What law enforcement investigation names someone on a radio program (so it’s no secret), but fails to interview them after three years? Apparently Zullo never attempted to contact the White House either. The very fact that Zullo hasn’t questioned me, proves that he’s not doing a real investigation involving me.

Failing to respond to a non-existent request for information is one of the many ways that I evade Mike Zullo.

Another way that I evade Mike Zullo is by not dropping by his house, not that I have any reason to visit Arizona in the first place. While Mike Zullo has no authority to do anything official, he does have a permit to carry a gun, and there are stories of him sometimes being just a bit unstable, [redacted]. Sheriff Arpaio, on the other hand, has some authority and sometimes people in his jail end up dead. No one has come forward to say that Sheriff Joe has obtained or served warrants related to the birth certificate investigation. He said he had “probable cause.” At best, this indicates that Arpaio is not really investigating anything under his jurisdiction.

The primary tool used in the Cold Case Posse investigation appears to be the same tool that I use, reading stuff on the Internet or things others send me. When Mike Zullo said that Foggy was an “Obamacare navigator,” that information didn’t come from law enforcement sources, old fashioned detective work, or an investigation of government records. It came from a comment Foggy made on the Internet that Zullo misunderstood. In our methods of investigation, there is little difference between Zullo and me: we both read the Internet and people send us stuff. The difference is that I am more careful in what I believe, and I don’t go on the radio and smear people with rumors.

The NSA engaged in broad sweeps of data that most people thought was protected by the 4th Amendment. The amateurs (like me and Zullo) also engage in broad sweeps of data, but it’s public data. There is an amazing amount of information in someone’s public digital life when it’s all aggregated. That came home to me in a very creepy way through the doxing I got from Lucas Smith.

I blog very publicly and you can get a good sense of what I think on a variety of issues by reading my personal blog. There’s more “friends and family” material on Facebook, but I don’t share that outside my friends and so far since it went “friends only,” the birthers haven’t gotten anything from there. Google amasses an incredible store of information. The government can get and aggregate even more. Zullo only has a web browser, but reportedly more computer video monitors than I have.

I use a strong password on my blog and emails; I keep my computer antivirus software up to date. I lead a normal life and keep my nose clean. It’s pretty easy to evade Mike Zullo.

1If my emails were ever hacked and made public, the single person who would suffer the most from what was revealed would be Mike Zullo. What birthers would learn is how closely my private conversation and views match my public conversation and views, and of course that there’s no involvement with the White House whatsoever.


OARPA – OBOT Advanced Research Projects Administration

The birthers pasted bad Photoshop images of people’s pictures (mine included) onto all kinds of things, many these days with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration logo. Who knew that DARPA operated the Wienermobile?

It wasn’t the likes of Gerbil Report™ poster Barry Soetoro, Esq. that created the first Obot/DARPA association. It was Mike Zullo who said almost a year ago that some anonymous Obot was tracked through their IP address to someplace that had a DARPA artificial intelligence project. Given that the alleged Obot is anonymous, presumably unknown to Mike Zullo, then if Zullo is not lying, it might be that somebody made an anti-birther comment from work, such as one of the many large corporations or universities that have DARPA contracts. It is rumored that birther web sites are cooperating in an IP address harvesting project and this might be fallout from that. In the alternative, it might just be a scam Dennis Montgomery was running on Sheriff Arpaio.


While the birthers tilt at DARPA windmills, they remain oblivious to the real challenge: the Obot Advanced Research Projects Administration (OARPA). OARPA is not part of the Military, but the Alternate Clandestine Service  (TXE3) under Jim Johnson, run out of the White House.

I talked about my own role in OARPA, although I did not name the agency, in my article, “An Apology To Joe Mannix.”1 I used the made-up terminology, “DARPAbot” and tried to obscure some very large hints under the guise of satire. I have a high position (I won’t say the title) at OARPA in the Birther Advanced Research Facility (BARF). Internet service providers give OARPA a feed of selected data packets related to birther Internet activity, and we use some really advanced AI techniques to filter out the nonsense (99.9999%), and select the handful of dangerous comments.2

The reader might wonder why I would talk so openly about such a secret clandestine operation, and why now. It’s part of the plan. In addition to the technical means used by BARF, we also have our Psychological Warfare – Nutcase Elimination Division (PWNED) that has determined that birthers are nearing  a meltdown largely due to the repeated delays from the Cold Case Posse, and the anxiety over the exponentially growing web of conspiracy they perceive (each conspiracy leads to a branch of new “connections”). They have come to believe in so many conspiracies all around them, that they are nearing a communal psychotic break. It is believed that the numbers of individuals who might be affected is so large that they would overwhelm our current mental health system, requiring mass institutionalization at government facilities, such as those of FEMA, and control using restraints and drugs. In a sense, this is a precision targeted extension of Cloward-Piven theory applied to the neutralization of birthers once and for all.

So birthers are invited to start digging into the information in this article and make new investigations, leading to increasing connections and newer conspiracies. The truth is out there.

1The Mannix character used proxy servers to obscure his real IP address, but that is no problem for OARPA, who easily tracked him to his home in [redacted] Louisiana. Since “Mannix” is a pseudonym, this note does not violate the site privacy policy.

2We aren’t believing the things we are finding.

3TXE – what self-respecting clandestine service would use its real initials?

Old News! Conservative Fact Check retracts birther claim

In a stunning reversal article in December of 2012, Conservative Fact Check, a web site on my Ugly list, said:

Over the holiday break we’ve been taking another look at all the evidence, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate are just that — claims.

To be clear: it might be fake. And, it might be the case that scientists have genetically engineered a cat that looks, acts, and talks like a dog. Both are possible, but unlikely. If it looks, acts, and barks like a dog, it’s usually a dog.

Why the reversal? Their first reason should be obvious to anyone:

The experts… aren’t.

As for Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo:

So perhaps TechDude is just a bad apple, right? Perhaps he meant well, and was simply operating under the misguided notion that it was acceptable to fudge here, exaggerate there in pursuit of what he saw as the greater good (as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse was caught doing). There must be efforts by other experts that support the forgery theory, right?

Well… no.

An apology to Joe Mannix

I had said on this blog that I believed that the Internet poster at Birther Report named Joe Mannix was indeed in real life Mike Zullo. The Mannix poster at BR seemed to speak strongly in support of Zullo and his investigation, and also seemed to have inside information from the Cold Case Posse. Beyond that, I had a private assurance from someone who claimed to know that Mike Zullo posted as Joe Mannix at BR. I no longer believe that this association is correct, and in fact I have ruled it out through rigorous technical means.

I was able to trace the signatures of Birther Report Internet packets that were in background scatter signals intercepted at the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)  in Chile where I was last month. These terrestrial signals (noise) are routinely discarded, but under a special agreement worked out by Obama Conspiracy Theories with ALMA, I obtained a real-time data feed of their “garbage.’’ The signals were processed through adaptive Laplace and Fourier transform filtering and decoded by DARPAbot cryptographic artificial intelligence technology that allows penetrating VPN proxy services.1 Through all this I determined the Joe Mannix poster at Birther Report was in the wrong place at the wrong time to be Mike Zullo. [Doc opens fortune cookie: From now on your kindness will lead you to success.]

The importance of this to me is that since Joe Mannix is NOT Mike Zullo, he may well be a private individual, and if so, it’s none of my business who he is. I want to add that I have read SOME comments by Joe Mannix, that make him seem a pretty decent fellow for a birther.2

1The preceding technobabble is of course absurd. I’m not going to disclose the technical means used to make this determination. I’ll let the birthers sweat it. It is perhaps payback to Mannix for his comment:

Fogbow member R.C. from ‘Reality Check Radio’ got Mike Zullo’s private cell phone number and called him in his car? This makes me think R.C. does work for Team Obama and most likely got Zullo’s number through a NSA contact.

2Updates will be made to the articles where Mannix and Zullo were associated on this blog.

Did Zullo lie again trying to cover up lie?

I’ve beaten the fake race code issue to death here on the blog with articles like:

I’ve proven that the Race Codes that Zullo presented as 1961 codes were not really 1961 codes, and they weren’t used in Hawaii.

I want to revisit the cover-up and perhaps give a little insight into Mike Zullo’s essential dishonesty when representing his investigation to the birthers. So first, let’s go back to that 2nd official press conference in 2012 with Sheriff Arpaio Mike Zullo. Here is a screen shot from the video presented by Mike Zullo, referring to a “1961 vital statistics instruction manual”.

The video showed a one-page screen shot from a 1968 manual available on the Internet, instead of the real 1961 manual they claimed to have, but which was not readily available at that time. The screen shot itself came by way of a birther blog. The source of the manual could be determined by matching marks and dust spots on the image.

It appears that all Zullo had was a screen shot, that he could not verify, from some birther source. Subsequently, Zullo tried various diversions to get out of the dilemma, such as the smoke screen of a 1960 manual (the race codes are the same for 1960-91).

Now let’s fast forward to 2014. Zullo continues to be embarrassed by this fake race code table from the video, evidenced by him trying to recover from the event. Zullo tells a story that might have a grain of truth in it. Here’s the story as told by Zullo to Carl Gallups on October 4, 2014:

Zullo: “And for two feverish days Jerry Corsi sent his associate who this woman stayed in the lobby of the CDC for eight hours a day for two days trying to get the answer to this question. On the third day, it was about two and a half hours I believe before the press conference was going to go, at that point in time the “9” code issue was not going to be in it. As fate would have it, Attorney Larry Klayman happened to be in Phoenix so he stopped in wanted to say hello to the sheriff. Larry Klayman, Larry Klayman’s associate, Sheriff Arpaio, myself and Jerry Corsi were all in the conference room when the phone rang from the woman from the CDC. And I have her information, who she is and she’s not a clerk. She’s a highly educated individual. Jerry put her on speaker phone. I remember Jerry sitting there with his fingers crossed. And she confirmed for us that what we were saying and requesting, what the number 9 meant was in fact what it was. He asked her to repeat it. ‘Are you saying this 9 in this box yada-yada-yada means X?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’”

Basically Zullo admits not having a manual but rather some other source of information that had to be verified. If he had a manual, then there would have been no need for verification (and if he had a manual he would have known the screen shot was a fake). Zullo lied about the source of his information, trying to make it seem more official than it was. This is the key lie of Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse—representing that they are competent and that they are conducting a real law-enforcement-style investigation, when they are neither.

Let’s assume that everything in Zullo’s 2nd story is true. What does it tell us? Some unnamed “Corsi associate” (“Corsi associate” could basically be anybody who contacted Corsi) called Mike Zullo and put someone on the phone who said something that Zullo took for confirmation. Zullo had no way of knowing that the person he heard on the phone was from the CDC, and the wording of the statement suggests that Zullo didn’t even know her name.

But even if it really was someone from the CDC, Mike Zullo never tells us what she really said! Look it again:

And she confirmed for us that what we were saying and requesting, what the number 9 meant was in fact what it was. He asked her to repeat it. ‘Are you saying this 9 in this box yada-yada-yada means X?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’”

Yada-yada-yada? Didn’t our crack investigator take any notes?