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Taitz lawsuit target named to US Senate

Photo of Brian SchatzBrian Schatz, defendant in Orly Taitz’ Judd v. Obama lawsuit, was named by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to the U. S. Senate today to fill the seat of deceased Senator Daniel Inouye.

Like President Obama, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Schatz grew up in Hawaii and attended the same prestigious Punahou school. Schatz attended college in California and studied abroad in Kenya. Schatz also worked as a community organizer.

Schatz is best known in the Obama conspiracy community for his job as Hawaii Democratic Party Chair in 2008, and the one who signed  the Certificate of Nomination of Barack Obama as the State’s Democratic Nominee for President saying:

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the national Democratic Parties balloting at the Presidential Preference Poll and Caucus… Barack Obama…

A bizarre headline appeared at WorldNetDaily on an article by Jerome Corsi:

Obama ignores senator’s dying wish

Appoints birth-certificate ally instead of Inouye’s choice

Somebody explain to Corsi that the President doesn’t appoint Senators.

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I believe Barack Obama was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center

We’ve been discussing hospital births vs home births lately, and what difference, if any, there is in the original birth certificate for those two. I want to get into that in more detail in a future article, but I thought now might be a good time to state clearly why I believe Barack Obama was born at what is now called the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children.

I don’t have the kind of proof that I would like to have making this assertion. I have that nice birth certificate to put the location of President Obama’s birth officially in Honolulu, but the evidence for birth in the hospital is less official. Let’s look at the evidence.

Barack Obama says he was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, and I’ve never seen anything in the way of evidence to cause me to doubt that. The hospital was only 7.9 miles from his mother’s reported address, and the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper said that Obama was born at Kapi’olani according to “family sources.” From this there is a strong presumption of a hospital birth at Kapi’olani.

Route: Kapi’olani hospital from Obama residence

If you want to add to that, there is the letter from Barack Obama congratulating Kapi’olani Medical Center on its 100th Centennial that was read before the hospital’s gala celebration in front of the hospital officials, local dignitaries and even the Governor of Hawaii. Just look at the video editing of what follows with the close up of the “Born at Kapi’olani” t-shirt following Obama saying (as read from the letter) that Kapi’olani was “the place of my birth.”

You might also add the newspaper article from the Buffalo News, where Barbara Nelson talked about a 1961 conversation between her and Dr. Rodney T. West where he mentions the unusual names of the mother and son (“Stanley had a baby”). Dr. West was delivering babies at Kapi’olani in 1961. I’m not saying that Dr. West delivered Barack Obama (and he’s dead so we can’t ask him) but a doctor at that hospital was at least aware of the birth, which is something unlikely if Obama weren’t born at the hospital.

If you go to Honolulu today and take a guided Obama tour, Kapi’olani Hospital will be where the guide will tell you Obama was born. And knowing nothing else, the statistical probability of Obama being born outside a hospital is less than one percent, because the vast majority of Honolulu births were in hospital.

Of course Nelson, an Obama family friend, could have been lying about her conversation with West, and Kapi’olani could have gone along with a false Obama letter just to help with their fund raising, the tour companies could be misinformed, and improbable events do happen — but there’s no reason to think any of those things.


Three weeks after the publication of this article, the White House released President Obama’s long-form birth certificate confirming his birth at Kapi’olani.

Mystery resignation at Hawaii Department of Health

Newly appointed interim director of the Hawaii Department of Health, Dr. Neal Palafox, has abruptly resigned for reasons not yet disclosed, according to CBS News.

Birthers will say that this is proof that there is something wrong about Obama’s birth certificate. I speculate that it is a personal dispute with the Governor over now to spell “Neil.” Others cite rumors that Dr. Palafox is under investigation for insurance fraud.

Abercrombie smeared

The American Thinker blog represents a more literate smear vehicle than the usual birther web site. (The preceding sentence was not a smear; it was an insult). In a recent piece on Hawaii’s governor Abercrombie, the author, Jack Cashill, attempts to paint Abercrombie as someone trying create a parasitic relationship with Barack Obama, trying to gain a patina of celebrity by touting his (fictional?) relationship with the Obama family. At least that’s what the article, Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie? might lead the weak-minded reader into thinking.

Early on the Cashill says:

Although the major media have questioned why Abercrombie would raise an issue that, according to the Los Angeles Times, “most people see as resolved,” they take Abercrombie at his word as to what he knows about the young Obama family.

The Thinker doesn’t tell us who is raising this question; it’s not a sentiment I personally have come across.

The Thinker article confuses the reader by conflating a visit to Washington State soon after Barack Obama was born with her enrollment in classes there the next January, leading the reader to jump to the wrong conclusion that Abercrombie could not have seen baby Obama at social events soon after his birth.

Some of the smears are a little less clever and really come across rather lame, such as this gem:

The 17-year-old Ann had met the 24 year-old Barack Sr. in Russian class at the University of Hawaii. Why they were studying Russian (in 1960, people like Lee Harvey Oswald studied Russian) is a question for another day.

Let me talk about this question today. Do you recall what Stanley Ann Dunham was studying at the University of Hawaii? Her 1967 degree from UH was in mathematics. In 1968, I was studying mathematics and my faculty adviser suggested that I study Russian because the Russians were #2 in the world in mathematics.

Cashill’s plugging his upcoming book, Deconstructing Obama. Maybe I can find a copy in the dumpster. The Lee Harvey Oswald thing was a smear; the preceding was an insult, a statement of derision.

Jack Cashill is a regular contributor to WorldNetDaily. (You might consider THAT a smear.)

Editorial support for Abercrombie grows

More newspapers are taking up the cause of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, and lauding his efforts to do what can be done to shut the birthers up. The latest is the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Seattle Times in its recent editorial, Hurrah for Hawaii governor’s anti-birther crusade.

I particularly appreciated the closing remark:

A wise man once said that a lie harms three: the speaker, the spoken of and the listener. This lie harms more than that. It demeans our country because it is aimed at undercutting with falsehoods the person we elected to be our leader.

A disturbance in the Force

“I haven’t felt such a disturbance in the Force since…”

Neil Abercrombie’s decision to take on the birthers has created an unprecedented flood of Google Alerts. This has become quite a big deal with articles in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, an interview on CNN and coverage on MSNBC just to drop a few big names.