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Orly’s approach to web site maintenance

Several readers of this blog are complaining that they are nable to post. Please, contact and demand that they fix this glitch ASAP

And that’s the most interesting recent post from Orly Taitz! What’s the world coming to when all an anti-birther gets to write about is maintenance problems on Orly’s web site? Or perhaps this breaking news headline from Orly is more to your taste:

No decisions yet in 5 pending cases

At least she didn’t make that 5 articles. Another major article says that Israel Hanukoglu complained to Orly about a typo in her link to his site, and this somehow turns into harassment of academics. The rest of her stuff is just invective against everybody in the government, accusing of them of treason, and some nasty anti-Muslim bigotry. Pathetic and wholly uninteresting.

A quick scan of Birther Report didn’t get my juices flowing either. Maybe there’s something in the comments, but really, “any day now” is pretty threadbare after all this time.

On the “any day now” theme, Obot1 has declared the birther movement dead — again. Yeah, right.


Orly Taitz on a roll

or more accurately a “continuous loop”

  • April 4, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet from Judge Hollander…”
  • April 3, Taitz web site, headline: “Still no order from Judge Hollander …”
  • April 2, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in MD case…”
  • April 1, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet … Decision by Judge Hollander is expected any day now”
  • March 31, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case … decision from Judge Hollander any day now…”
  • March 27, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case…”
  • March 26, Taitz web site, headline: No decision yet in MD case …”
  • March 25, Taitz web site, headline: “still no answer [in MD case]
  • March 24, Taitz web site, headline: “no answer in MD case …”

What’s that all about? Does she think Judge Hollander reads Taitz’ blog?

On a lighter note, while scrolling back through Taitz articles to catalog the headlines preceding, I came across another article titled, “Orly Taitz Really Could Finish Second in the Attorney General Primary Vote — and Go to November” by Greg Diamond of the Orange Juice blog (an Orange County web site). Taitz seems to have just copied [link to Taitz web site] the blog entry in toto. The photo’s HTML <title> attribute copied onto Taitz’s own site is “Orly Taitz (red eyes).”

Crash coincidence

Some things are just too weird. Yesterday I was involved in a collision; a truck hit me in the rear. There were no injuries. Here’s a photo:

Photo showing collision damage to left rear of auto

Dr. Conspiracy auto damage


I’ve been on the phone with my insurance company, which conveniently happens to be the company insuring the other vehicle. This certainly wouldn’t be anything to write about on this blog except that after I got off the phone with my insurance company and finally on the blog, what should I find but this comment:


Yes folks,  it’s true, not an April Fool aftershock. Orly Taitz was also hit in the rear by a truck yesterday. Here’s her own photo [link to Taitz site edited to remove her license plate number and turned right side up]:

Taitz accident photo showing extensive rear end damage

Taitz accident photo

Those are not happy pictures and Taitz got the larger share of damage. The main reason that I posted this article is to point out that coincidences happen.

Now it is true that after my accident, I said to Ms. Conspiracy, “I bet that guy was a birther.” Based on his age and location of residence, he might well have been, but I was joking when I said it, and the idea that he was out to get me never crossed my mind. Commenters on Taitz’ site, however, are more conspiracy minded than I am. Here are some samples (keep in mind that many commenters on Taitz’ site are not sincere):

Jerry G: Was this an accident or was it a planned hit The Obama gang is probably getting desperate.

will: and i have to wonder if this was a deliberate attack on dr orly… someone needs to investigate thia as a criminal act

steve: Dr. Taitz – It’s a jungle out there and Obama’s “King” of the Jungle. Try to be more careful.

Barry Soetoro: Soebarkah is desperate. He killed Fuddy.


Breitbart got killed. Then, LA COUNTY Coroner Technician (Michael Cormier) DROPS DEAD from arsenic poisoning, within hours of his office releasing Breitbart Autopsy Report to the public.

Then, Michael Hastings gets car bombed, sending his engine block 150 feet from his car.

Linda: I’m so glad to know that you’re ok, but I’ll bet you will be some kinda sore tomorrow. My first thought was to wonder if this was caused by an Obot. Sounds like it could very well have been that. If so, I hope it can be proved. I couldn’t help wondering if the truck driver had been paid off.

larry: …looks like someone is out for you two…so be careful of your surroundings and keep up the good work

Starlight: Skeptical me, I think this is no accident but when the truck driver is cited, find out who he is and his attitude, more will be revealed. True, CA has lots of unskilled drivers, driving excessive speeds, but …. like Ms. Fuddy’s supposed accident, this one rings untrue. the driver did not hive me his papers, but he did give them to the Highway patrol. I repeatedly asked the CHP officer for the truck driver
s papers, but he refused to give them to me and said that it will be with the report and insurance will get it within 10 days. I never saw an accident where the CHP officer would refuse to give the papers. I got the license of the truck though. They told me that I need to be transported to the emergency room, I refused. Strangely my insurance called and the rep stated that they were told that I was taken to the emergency room with an ambulance, which was not true

will: a case of attempted murder if you can tie this peson to some of the obummer crowd….. PLEASE BE MUCH MORE CAREFULL IN THE FUTURE……….. i have been waiting on something like this to happen

John: We are all thankful to god that you have been able to walk away from this accident, I/we think it’s time that you maybe should consider an armed security personnel to accompany you to and from these public venues. You should not be driving with everything that has been going on lately, especially with the high profile cases that you are involved in. Their has to be someone out there to volunteer their services for Orly, until the heat dies down. I don’t live in California, if I did I would volunteer for it.

Tim: Perhaps a LA private detective will volunteer to look into the truck driver and find out if there is anything “unusual” about his background. I am glad that you are essentially ok. You are a national treaure and are 180 degrees positive compared to the national disgrace called mainstream media. More accurately they should be called mainstream traitors and fools.

Linda: The more I learn about this accident, the more suspicious I become. I am stunned that the cop refused to give you the driver’s identifying information. That is unheard of! I’m alSO really glad that you didn’t need an ambulance – otherwise, you might have gotten ‘arrhythmia’ like Fuddy. I lost count of how many people Obama and his thugs have killed, but it’s a very high number.

James P Jr  Bettes: She got Silkwooded. Luckily, she survived, unlike Karen Silkwood.

ron: Orly, I read your reply about the insurance company calling. If you had gone with the ambulance what could have happened on the way to the hospital or at the hospital. I know, just speculation. Sounds like the story had already been written.

David: I hope this just turns out to be a stupid accident and nothing more. But the awkwardness of the situation makes me think it may have not been accidental. I’m glad you are ok.

Glasnost: They were waiting for you at the ER with the Brietbart treatment.

This is the way March ends

not with a bang but a whimper

Weather lore says that March comes in like a like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Applied to birtherism, March came in with bluster and high expectations of the great denouement of the “O-bots,” the shattering of their universe. Here on the last day of March, let’s take stock of the month:

  • Orly Taitz endorsed by Pastor Manning, only to find herself joined at the hip with his homophobic street sign
  • Tea Party Nation repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement
  • CalGuns repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement
  • Michael Shrimpton video gets no traction
  • FBI evidence of theft by threat, witness tampering and felony obstruction of justice by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reported
  • Former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly describes unprofessionalism within the Cold Case Posse
  • Congressmen Labrador and Huelskamp express disinterest in Sheriff Joe investigation
  • Doug Vogt’s mysterious “friendly judge” does not come through
  • McInnish appeal denied by Alabama Supreme Court (7 – 2)
  • Larry Klayman faces Bar disciplinary action in DC
  • Birther Walter Fitzpatrick III jailed
  • Birther Lucas Daniel Smith reportedly jailed in the Dominican Republic
  • More delays in Taitz’ Mississippi lawsuit, strengthening Defense case for sanctions
  • Supreme Court declines to hear Robert Laity appeal.
  • Birther Report doesn’t go live with its new super secure server
  • No announcement from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office about an Obama investigation
  • No press conference, charges, investigative reports, or anything else of substance from Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average up 136 points for the month of March
  • Universe pretty much the same

Check out my 2009 poem, “We are the Birthers.”

Now, let’s play the birther theme song!

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Taitz multiplies delays in Mississippi

On the eve of a decision by federal Judge Wingate in Mississippi, Orly Taitz filed something that delayed the decision in the long-running Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi case, including punking comments from her own web site. Now she’s filed even more “stuff” with a motion today for leave to file new facts and opinions (h/t to NBC).

Her motion is accompanied by one item we pretty much expected, the Dissenting Opinion by Chief Justice Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court decision in the case of McInnish v. Chapman. She thinks this minority opinion is something the Court should look at. While on the surface this might seem to be a tiny help to Taitz since Judge Moore opined that the presidential eligibility questions do not become moot after the election because the same issues are likely to repeat, and his view that in Alabama the Secretary of State has an obligation under law to investigate questionable candidates, it actually undermines her position because Judge Moore further states that the federal courts do not have jurisdiction to hear eligibility cases, citing Hutchinson v. Miller:

Had the framers wished the federal judiciary to umpire election contexts, they could have so provided. Instead, they reposed primary trust in popular representatives and in political correctives.

The second item is one less familiar, the oral argument in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Lindsay v. Bowen case. In this case California Secretary of State Bowen denied a 2012 ballot position to Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Peta Lindsay because she was under age. Bowen argues that she has the authority to do this. Taitz argues that in Mississippi, the Secretary of State must investigate candidates and exclude ineligible ones.

While neither of these two items is precedential, I can understand why someone grasping at straws might submit them; however, what took me totally by surprise was the appearance of

The Orly Taitz Super PAC

“No one expects the Orly Taitz Super PAC!”

Orly Taitz on Los Angeles

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