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Punk the Taitz

On Taitz’ web site, and in her latest filing in Mississippi, Orly Taitz included a March 16 web comment from someone named “Marie Anderson” with an IP address in California (the IP address is only in the court filing). Here’s the text:

Dr. Taitz,

I think I was fooled into this scam when I sent an e-mail to the wrong address. I received a reply which was supposedly from you which stated as follows:

“Dear Marie,

I appreciate your support but wanted to let you know not to send any donations through PayPal because someone has tampered with my Pay Pal account. Therefore, please make out a check payable to Protect Our Freedoms Foundation and mail it to P.O. Box 1173, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

Kind regards,

Orly Taitz, Attorney at Law”

I obviously put a stop payment to the check. Thanks for letting us know.


In the Mississippi court filing, Taitz includes this in Exhibit 1 with the Orly Taitz Super PAC screen shots and characterizes them as a RICO activity stealing money from her.

There is a scam going on, but I think it’s not the fake Protect Our Freedoms Foundation, but rather a fake Marie Anderson2. I say that for three reasons: First, Marie Anderson has commented nowhere else on Taitz’ site, there was no other reference on the web to a Protect Our Freedoms Foundation when this first appeared on Orly’s web site, and most importantly, there is no P. O. Box 1173 in Laguna Niguel, California (and no such business registered in the State of California).


The lookup fails with or without the ZIP Code. One cannot siphon off funds without a valid mailing address. In the same manner, the Orly Taitz Super PAC contains no mechanism on the web site through which someone could actually make a donation. It appears to me that nobody is stealing any money from Orly Taitz; they are just feeding her paranoia.

1The correct name of Taitz’ foundation is “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.”

I suppose there could be a real Marie Anderson who was punked, but the bottom line is that no one can received real checks at a fake PO box. Anderson made another comment at the Taitz site not in the court filing:

By the way, isn’t Laguna Niguel near where you live? Maybe you can obtain a subpoena to find out who rented that PO Box. I’ll bet that an Obot set up this scam and maybe, once you have a name, maybe this person will make a deal to tie Obama to this scam in exchange for immunity. Pardon my French but I think you have them by the balls!

PS: The fake lobbyist from Texas also used the name “Anderson.”


Taitz multiplies proceedings and further delays a decision in Mississippi

Once again, Orly Taitz throws a spanner in the works in Mississippi with a new motion for leave to file 7 more irrelevant exhibits in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi, bringing the docket to 109 entries in what should have been a straightforward case. Some of this she tried to file before.

I have been cultivating bemusement, and this latest filing had going a long way towards that goal. After citing the Orly Taitz Super PAC web site (which may be a satire) and an email alleging that someone was misdirected to a fake Orly Taitz foundation address (the email could be a hoax too), Taitz says:

Only upon denying outstanding motions to dismiss and granting an order allowing discovery can Taitz ascertain the extent of the alleged financial damage to her due to the RICO conspiracy, which is the subject of this legal action.

How could a court have such jurisdiction when Taitz doesn’t even know whether she has been financially harmed? Further, Taitz has not alleged that any party to her case was responsible for the “alleged financial damage.” Does she think the Mississippi Secretary of State, the Democratic Party of Mississippi or the State of Hawaii is behind the Orly Taitz Super PAC? I think not.

The second a/bemusing item involves an allegedly fake offer of financial support from a Texas Oil and Gas lobbyist, and a trip on a private plane to Texas. Taitz thinks it’s a murder plot to kill her just like Fuddy!

Orly’s fight against people who make fun or her has no place in a Mississippi courtroom.

  • Motion
  • Exhibit 1 – Orly Taitz Super PAC web page screen print (newer version) and emails about fake Protect Our Freedoms Foundation
  • Exhibit 2 – Transcript of  Oral Argument in 9th Circuit in Lindsey (sic) v. Bowen.
  • Exhibit 3 – Alabama Supreme Court opinions in McInnish case
  • Exhibit 4 – NTSB letter refusing FOIA for information about ongoing investigation
  • Exhibit 5 – Request for copy of Fuddy autopsy from Maui Police and an anonymous email saying the sender has information about Google scrubbing her articles
  • Exhibit 6 – More emails from fictitious Dan Burke about Google scrubbing Taitz articles.
  • Exhibit 7 – Email exchange that appears to be an offer of financial support for Taitz’ AG race in exchange for her support of a Monterey Shale project. The letter is a hoot. Has Orly invented a new crime “Criminal impersonation of a registered lobbyist”?

It looks like Orly has been punked so many times, that she’s starting to check things out. I just wish she had done this with all her Obama conspiracy nonsense.

This motion will require responses from the three other legal teams on the Plaintiffs’ side. More pointless paperwork.


Orly’s approach to web site maintenance

Several readers of this blog are complaining that they are nable to post. Please, contact and demand that they fix this glitch ASAP

And that’s the most interesting recent post from Orly Taitz! What’s the world coming to when all an anti-birther gets to write about is maintenance problems on Orly’s web site? Or perhaps this breaking news headline from Orly is more to your taste:

No decisions yet in 5 pending cases

At least she didn’t make that 5 articles. Another major article says that Israel Hanukoglu complained to Orly about a typo in her link to his site, and this somehow turns into harassment of academics. The rest of her stuff is just invective against everybody in the government, accusing of them of treason, and some nasty anti-Muslim bigotry. Pathetic and wholly uninteresting.

A quick scan of Birther Report didn’t get my juices flowing either. Maybe there’s something in the comments, but really, “any day now” is pretty threadbare after all this time.

On the “any day now” theme, Obot1 has declared the birther movement dead — again. Yeah, right.


Orly Taitz on a roll

or more accurately a “continuous loop”

  • April 4, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet from Judge Hollander…”
  • April 3, Taitz web site, headline: “Still no order from Judge Hollander …”
  • April 2, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in MD case…”
  • April 1, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet … Decision by Judge Hollander is expected any day now”
  • March 31, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case … decision from Judge Hollander any day now…”
  • March 27, Taitz web site, headline: “No decision yet in case…”
  • March 26, Taitz web site, headline: No decision yet in MD case …”
  • March 25, Taitz web site, headline: “still no answer [in MD case]
  • March 24, Taitz web site, headline: “no answer in MD case …”

What’s that all about? Does she think Judge Hollander reads Taitz’ blog?

On a lighter note, while scrolling back through Taitz articles to catalog the headlines preceding, I came across another article titled, “Orly Taitz Really Could Finish Second in the Attorney General Primary Vote — and Go to November” by Greg Diamond of the Orange Juice blog (an Orange County web site). Taitz seems to have just copied [link to Taitz web site] the blog entry in toto. The photo’s HTML <title> attribute copied onto Taitz’s own site is “Orly Taitz (red eyes).”