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Mailbox: new twist

I suspect that many you have received phone calls from the “main Windows server” to warn you that your computer is downloading dangerous files. I’ve gotten about 10 variants of this scam since September. There was a new variant of the call this week, the caller asked for me by name.

In the same vein, I get lots of junk emails purporting to be from ladies wanting to start a relationship. There were 6 from “Olga” last week. None of them ever mention me by name, but today there was a new personalized variant directed to my personal email address:

Hello  my  dear,
name is mephia,i saw your contact today here in (
and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.I believe we can move from here!
(Remeber the distance or
colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)Thanks.
My email address is;


Orly does have my personal email address on her site, along with many other email addresses of her supporters and detractors alike. Mephia’s address scraper program wasn’t smart enough, however, to grab a name to go with the address.

The other thing that was a bit odd about this spam is that it actually does appear to come from Hotmail, and for that reason I took the extra step in reporting it to When I reported it, the report form listed not only Microsoft (that runs Hotmail) but the “web site mentioned in the spam,”, and for the first time in thousands of spam reports, I unchecked a spamcop-suggested reporting box. What was a little curious is that the address spamcop proposed to use to file a complaint about was in Romania:

Taitz: Cruz lawsuit likely

Just when you thought birthers were relegated to the trash heap of history, the news media finds a new use for them in the Ted Cruz candidacy. No less than US News and World Report has an article up: “Ted Cruz Inherits ‘Birthers’ With Presidential Bid” quoting the birther queen herself, Orly Taitz:

Orly Taitz, a leading and litigious member of what became known as the “birther” movement during Obama’s presidency, says she likes Cruz, but she probably will file a lawsuit if he becomes president without a federal judge declaring him natural born.

“I’m very consistent in what I’m saying: I’m saying there’s the same issue with Obama and Ted Cruz,” she says.

USNWR even tried to get a comment from Sheriff Arpaio, for reasons that completely escape me. They raise the possibility of a Senate Resolution on the Cruz eligibility, a la John McCain and S. Res. 511.

Taitz continues to post email and IP addresses of supporters

I would be upset if a web site published my name, email address and IP address when I had sent them a message of support. I don’t know about Harold (middle and last names redacted for this article).

Thanks to Orly’s April 5 conversion of a comment into an article, we have some information about Harold. For one thing, I now know that this is the same person who posted on my blog in 2014 as “Harold.” I know what large city he lives in or near from his IP address.

I sent Orly an email about this issue a few months ago, about how her pasting left email addresses in hidden HTML source. Now she just posts them in the clear. I criticize Taitz for her lack of regard for her commenters’ privacy, while at the same time benefiting from the information for statistical purposes.

For much more on Orly’s history of privacy violation, see:

Taitz tries for some of the credit for Walmart pay increase

A lawsuit by several states filed in Brownsville, Texas, to stop the President’s executive action to delay deportation of certain undocumented workers, resulted in a temporary injunction from Judge Andrew S. Hanen to stop implementation of the policy.

Orly Taitz almost certainly lacks standing to bring the immigration lawsuit she has pending before the same judge, and Judge Hanen has not granted the many motions from Taitz. Nevertheless, her lawsuit was first, and it deals with immigration and she wants some recognition. So let’s connect suppositions: Taitz filed a lawsuit on a topic. Someone else also did too. An injunction was issued in the second case. Fewer undocumented workers reduces the labor pool, and supposedly drives up labor costs. Walmart increased pay for workers. Therefore, Taitz filing the suit resulted in increased pay for Walmart associates.

To start with, let me insert the quote of the day for today:

“[v]ital facts . . . may not be established by piling inference upon inference. Some suspicion linked to other suspicion produces only more suspicion, which is not the same as some evidence.” Davis-Lynch, Inc., 667 F.3d at 553 (internal quotations omitted).

But let’s look at the details:

  1. The states’ lawsuit would have been filed whether Taitz was in the picture or not.
  2. It is true that Walmart announced the pay increase a mere 3 days after the Hanen injunction; however. it would be difficult to believe that Walmart would take such an action so quickly, nor is there any reason to think that it would react so strongly to a temporary injunction that may well be overturned. There is no reason for Walmart to act hastily.
  3. We might as well attribute the Walmart pay increase to Obama’s economic policies. It might also be related to protests in over 5,000 Walmart stores by associates demanding better pay and working conditions.

Fun Walmart fact:

The Waltons, owners of Walmart, are worth $150 billion, which is more than the wealth of the entire bottom 40% of Americans.

Personally, I switched from Sam’s Club to Costco a couple of years ago because they pay their workers better.

This is the way Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi ends: with a whimper

Orders were issued by Judge Henry T. Wingate of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi yesterday (March 31) that dealt with the remaining issues in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi. The 2012 case has been mired in the proverbial Mississippi mud for some time, but has finally reached resolution.

In his 64-page waste of judicial resources order Dismissing Plaintiffs’ Complaint, Judge Wingate provided a history of the proceeding.

Wingate ruled:

  • The additional evidence Taitz submitted January 21, 2014, is disregarded because it is immaterial to her ballot challenge, and does not remedy her lack of standing.
  • The court dismissed the Onaka/Fuddy motion as moot.
  • The motion to bifurcate, the motion for an evidentiary hearing, and Mr. Grinol’s motion to intervene are all dismissed as moot.
  • No individual injury alleged in the case due to Obama being on the ballot.
  • Taitz did not file a timely primary election challenge under Mississippi law or of she did, her petition to the court for review was not timely. That challenge, as well as her email challenge to the General Election ballot is dismissed for failing to comply with the state statutory prerequisites (not timely, and no bond posted).
  • The Mississippi Secretary of State has no duty to vet candidates for office.
  • Citing several Obama eligibility cases under the topic of “political question,” the court said “…this court can find no authority in the Constitution which would permit it to determine that a sitting president is unqualified for office or a president-elect is unqualified to take office.”
  • Taitz did not allege any facts that would support her RICO claim against the Mississippi Secretary of State.
  • The Secretary of State’s motion for judgment on the pleadings is granted.
  • Many Obama eligibility cases are cited on the question of standing. The “candidate” plaintiffs, Lax, Roth and MacLeran did not seek to be on the Mississippi ballot or to receive their party’s nomination, and so lack “competitive standing.” The court can provide no remedy for alleged threats from anonymous third parties.
  • Taitz had no authority to issue the subpoena she sent to Hawaii because she’s not admitted to the bar in Mississippi, nor Hawaii.
  • “…the plaintiffs’ complaint and RICO statement are far from a model of clarity.” “Further, plaintiffs have deluged the court with documents brimming with accusations, conclusory statements, and general attacks.” “…plaintiffs have thrown a haystack at the court, expecting the court to find a needle therein.”
  • The RICO complaint failed to allege any harm to Taitz’ business as a result of specific illegal acts by the defendants (the Mississippi Secretary of State RICO claim already dismissed at this point).
  • No standing for the RICO suit. Dismissed.

In summary:

The court has reviewed the extensive and jumbled pleadings by the plaintiffs. … The court is not persuaded that the plaintiffs have asserted any viable causes of action. This court, thus, dismisses the plaintiffs’ claims.

Berg Book

imageFinally Phil Berg’s Obama book is out. It’s called ObamaScare, and available both in paperback and Kindle formats. The book has 32 chapters plus an appendix and index for 266 pages.

I have a moral objection to giving money to bad guys, specifically buying their books, so I look for used copies. In this case Amazon lets me read the book for free through their Kindle Unlimited program. One immediately notes that there is a big difference between the paperback edition and the Kindle edition (as seen by previews on the Amazon web site)—the Kindle edition has no table of contents.

What I wanted to look at was the chapter titled “Malaysia MH17 – Obama could have Avoided the Destruction.” Berg blames the conflict in the Ukraine, and the air disaster, on Obama’s foreign policy. He doesn’t develop the idea or present specifics, but it happened, and it must be Obama’s fault, and this at a hasty glance, appears to be most of what the book is about. Oh, and Benghazi.

Berg both denies Obama is a US citizen, and asserts that he is guilty of treason. He also makes a case for impeachment. He says that ObamaCare and Benghazi will “bring him down.”

Yes, there are standard birther talking points in the book such as:

And Obama has spent over Three Million [$3] Dollars to keep his records sealed.

You’d think someone like Berg would know better. And Berg says following a paragraph on the “grandmother tape”:

When New York Times bestseller author Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya to investigate the claims, he was almost immediately kicked out of the country by Kenyan officials.

Only Corsi was detained in Kenya on October 7, 2008, and subsequently deported. The “grandmother tape” was recorded October 16, 2008. Corsi could have hardly gone to Kenya to investigate the grandmother tape, as the interview had not occurred.

Berg seems to be stuck in time, including very little discussion about Obama’s long-form birth certificate in 2011, and what there is appears amidst a chapter on Berg’s 2009 lawsuit.

He also talks quite a lot about Orly Taitz, concluding:

There are so many other appearances by Orly Taitz that has (sic) undermined the efforts of others and yes, my efforts to expose the real fraud of Soetoro/Obama.

The book is a mess.