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Birther blog may go private

imageAmong the dwindling number of active web sites promoting the birther line is Dr. Kate’s View. The site is a general mixture of right-wing politics, religion, anti-Muslim/anti-Jewish commentary, and conspiracism (including classic Obama eligibility conspiracies, New World Order, Agenda 21). What makes it distinct is its coverage of HAARP conspiracies (changing weather, mind control, earthquakes) and chemtrails conspiracies. While not a pure birther play, Dr. Kate’s View is solidly in the birther camp (see photo right of her “Usurpathon” in DC courtesy of the Cowgirl blog) with such articles as this from 2013: “He’s still ineligible” and this February 2014 entry: “Trouble for Birther Obama” that says:

Well, more people keep dying  by Obama’s multi-million dollar effort to buy off or threaten judges, to create the standing barrier against Americans challenging his eligibility, and to continue to wreak havoc on America as only a foreign agent can.

The site is a bit kinder and gentler than some of its rivals like Gerbil Report™ perhaps because of the larger proportion of female commenters. Still it has been a good source for examples of extreme nonsense and bigotry that can be used to ridicule the birthers. But now, we may not have Dr. Kate’s View to kick around any more. Starting January 1, 2015 a reader poll appeared asking whether the site should go private, viewable only by registered members.


Dr. Kate’s View has somewhere around 75 individuals that comment there (depending on how one defines active membership) and I suppose that community could continue for a while to exist closed. In the few comment threads I’ve read, they don’t seem to have problems with hecklers, so I’m not sure what the benefit of going private is (it’s not explained in the article). If she thinks that her extreme views can be hidden, I offer two words: “Wayback Machine.”

One reason that birthers exist is that they congregate on birther forums and get all their information from other birthers, avoiding contact with the reality-based community. They reinforce each other’s nonsensical beliefs that wouldn’t fly outside. Going private would be more step away from any chance at critical thinking on that blog. That’s my view.

Old News! Conservative Fact Check retracts birther claim

In a stunning reversal article in December of 2012, Conservative Fact Check, a web site on my Ugly list, said:

Over the holiday break we’ve been taking another look at all the evidence, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate are just that — claims.

To be clear: it might be fake. And, it might be the case that scientists have genetically engineered a cat that looks, acts, and talks like a dog. Both are possible, but unlikely. If it looks, acts, and barks like a dog, it’s usually a dog.

Why the reversal? Their first reason should be obvious to anyone:

The experts… aren’t.

As for Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo:

So perhaps TechDude is just a bad apple, right? Perhaps he meant well, and was simply operating under the misguided notion that it was acceptable to fudge here, exaggerate there in pursuit of what he saw as the greater good (as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse was caught doing). There must be efforts by other experts that support the forgery theory, right?

Well… no.

Cold Case Posse Web Site failure anniversary

I wrote on December 9, 2013, that the Cold Case Posse had let their domain expire. It’s a year later, and it’s expired again.


Today, it’s altogether gone. So much for our crack law enforcement organization.


After a surprisingly long delay, the CCP web site is up as of December 24.

Taitz online

“ and Taitz report is back. It seems the regime really did not like the latest pleadings”

At the expressed request of Orly Taitz, I am spreading the word that her web  site is back up. I happened to be reading some material on the history of Argentina and Chile, and the military dictatorships there who “disappeared” tens of thousands of people, torturing and killing them. That is real despotism, as opposed to the cartoon despotism described by Orly Taitz:

For 4 days there was some type of tampering with my site The site was down. Temporarily my gmail account was blocked and even my credit cards were blocked. My family and I had to travel due to a death in the family and even my suitcase was missing for two and a half days. I was told by the airline that TSA kept it for too long and it did not make it on the plane. Now most problems are solved.

OK, it sucks for your web site to be down and it sucks when your luggage doesn’t arrive on time (been there, done that), but if she thinks this is anything compared to what a real repressive regime would do, then she is deeply mistaken.

Taitz offline

Orly Taitz’ blog is offline as of 2:35 PM Eastern Time.



The 403 error is typically a configuration problem when the page is the home page of a web site. It says that the web server doesn’t have permission to access the requested content. It’s nothing particularly interesting in most cases. What would make it interesting is Orly Taitz claiming that the Obots hacked her, and what would make it even more interesting is her being right.

Update: She’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack; however, the last post was 2 days ago, November 25. I still get the 403 error trying to access any individual page.

One interesting article is on the home page from the 24th: “Some comments are in moderation, as I am trying to find time to read lengthy com. Please, write short comments or send them twice. I will release one copy and will have another copy to read when I have time. Note: WordPress doesn’t allow duplicate comments.

Update 2: Down again at 6:47 PM.

Update 3: Now it’s Birther Report with problems. Just got this:


Update 4: Taitz still 403 on all but her home page (2:00 PM Eastern time, Nov 28). If you really need your daily Taitz fix, you could try her Facebook page (not to be confused with her other Facebook page whose last post was when her web site was down/hacked almost last June).

Update 5: Still down at 2:53 PM, November 29.

What the heck happened November 8-9?


I glanced at the Google Analytics for this web site, and the chart showing the number of unique users looked totally wrong. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Shark attack?

The November 8 number is 5,337 with 6,752 on the 9th. That’s far more than normal (November 5 had 607). On a normal monthly report, about 38% are new visitors, with most being returning readers; on these two days, the new visitor number was 93.5%. So these were not my regular readers.

Where did they come from?

They came from all over. Here’s the top of the chart of locations:


So what was it?

Most of the hits were referred from Reddit is a social media site where registered users suggest articles, which are voted up or down in popularity. Someone must have suggested an article from my site, and 10,000 people clicked on it. As best I can tell, the article is not recent, but one called “False Flag Operation” from last March, the debunking of a Internet photo of Michelle Obama titled “Hooray for Communism.”

So much for my site’s 15 hours of fame.