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Gerbil Report™: Call for papers

On a whim, I created a blog using Google Blogger, and called it Gerbil Report™. Should anyone want to exercise their creativity and write an article for publication there, send it care of “admin” here at OCT. The funnier, the better—just no outing. The actual blog will be, but you will be able to access it through

I don’t intend to write much if at all for it, but want the best in birther criticism from any and all sources to appear.

Fellowship of the Minds

Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM), hosted at,  is a large and active blog covering a range of political, religious and conspiracy topics. While the site has been on my “Bad” list probably since its inception, I haven’t paid much attention to it either on my blog or in person. Ignoring FOTM is probably a mistake as they appear to have more commenters (over 3,000) than Birther Report and they have proffered some conspiracy theories I didn’t know about, and could have covered.

The blog appears to be run by the character Dr. Eowyn (who also posts at Birther Report as Eowyn and claims to be a “full professor” of something), and it has a strong direction in its editorial choices. Here are some major topical areas:

  • False Flags – Articles suggesting that the Sandy Hook and Charlie Hebedo shootings were staged, along with the Boston Marathon bombing
  • Gays – Called “Sodomites” on the site
  • Muslims – “There is no moderate Islam”
  • Illegal immigration – “Dictator Obama to wait until after Mid-Terms to release invading horde into America.”
  • Government corruption and American Decay – Government, Abortion, Education
  • Police state – suggesting “Gestapo” tactics by school boards, gun control, New World Order.

If one could pick out one subject in this massive collection of articles, President Obama would certainly be one with, or close to, the largest coverage. It is replete with mean-spirited and demeaning commentary about the president, on occasion calling him “President Lucifer.” As an example of gratuitous mean spiritedness, I cite the article titled: “Obama, smartest man & father of 2, cannot pronounce OB/GYN.”

My blog focuses on Obama conspiracy theories and we are not disappointed by articles such as this small sampling:

  • GOP Congressman: ‘We all know’ Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.
  • World Tribune calls Obama’s birth certificate ‘100% forgery’
  • Obama’s birth certificate is definitely a fake and a threat to national security
  • Obama’s lawyer admits his  birth certificate is a forgery.
  • African Press International says it has Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate
  • Retired CIA agents say Obama’s birth certificate is a fake
  • San Diego students disinvite Obama because of phony birth certificate
  • Proof that Obama’s birth certificate is fake – It’s the paper, stupid
  • Judge in Lakin court martial makes defense impossible
  • Kenyan official says Obama born in Kenya
  • NPR says Obama born in Kenya
  • World Bank whistleblower says Michelle Obama is being blackmailed, caught in honey trap
  • Republicans dither while Obama and Mexico conspire in invasion of illegals
  • Joan Rivers: We all know Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny
  • Washington Times full-page ad on Obama’s forged Selective Service registration

imageI should point out that I could have published articles with many of these same titles. The difference is that I would have tried to put them in context, or to debunk them if appropriate. I wouldn’t have put them forward favorably, nor would I have found pleasure in what they represent. I try to be fair at the same time as being critical; I don’t think Dr. Eowyn is trying to be fair.

While Dr. Eowyn uses the avatar of an angel, I do not find a heavenly theme appropriate. Dr. Eowyn seems to find pleasure (or at least validation) in everything that Obama does wrong, or even when a fringe source claims he does something wrong. There is nothing patriotic, virtuous or constructive that comes from spinning the truth into something worse than it is, or finding joy in the discomfit of others.

Birther blog may go private

imageAmong the dwindling number of active web sites promoting the birther line is Dr. Kate’s View. The site is a general mixture of right-wing politics, religion, anti-Muslim/anti-Jewish commentary, and conspiracism (including classic Obama eligibility conspiracies, New World Order, Agenda 21). What makes it distinct is its coverage of HAARP conspiracies (changing weather, mind control, earthquakes) and chemtrails conspiracies. While not a pure birther play, Dr. Kate’s View is solidly in the birther camp (see photo right of her “Usurpathon” in DC courtesy of the Cowgirl blog) with such articles as this from 2013: “He’s still ineligible” and this February 2014 entry: “Trouble for Birther Obama” that says:

Well, more people keep dying  by Obama’s multi-million dollar effort to buy off or threaten judges, to create the standing barrier against Americans challenging his eligibility, and to continue to wreak havoc on America as only a foreign agent can.

The site is a bit kinder and gentler than some of its rivals like Gerbil Report™ perhaps because of the larger proportion of female commenters. Still it has been a good source for examples of extreme nonsense and bigotry that can be used to ridicule the birthers. But now, we may not have Dr. Kate’s View to kick around any more. Starting January 1, 2015 a reader poll appeared asking whether the site should go private, viewable only by registered members.


Dr. Kate’s View has somewhere around 75 individuals that comment there (depending on how one defines active membership) and I suppose that community could continue for a while to exist closed. In the few comment threads I’ve read, they don’t seem to have problems with hecklers, so I’m not sure what the benefit of going private is (it’s not explained in the article). If she thinks that her extreme views can be hidden, I offer two words: “Wayback Machine.”

One reason that birthers exist is that they congregate on birther forums and get all their information from other birthers, avoiding contact with the reality-based community. They reinforce each other’s nonsensical beliefs that wouldn’t fly outside. Going private would be more step away from any chance at critical thinking on that blog. That’s my view.

Old News! Conservative Fact Check retracts birther claim

In a stunning reversal article in December of 2012, Conservative Fact Check, a web site on my Ugly list, said:

Over the holiday break we’ve been taking another look at all the evidence, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate are just that — claims.

To be clear: it might be fake. And, it might be the case that scientists have genetically engineered a cat that looks, acts, and talks like a dog. Both are possible, but unlikely. If it looks, acts, and barks like a dog, it’s usually a dog.

Why the reversal? Their first reason should be obvious to anyone:

The experts… aren’t.

As for Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo:

So perhaps TechDude is just a bad apple, right? Perhaps he meant well, and was simply operating under the misguided notion that it was acceptable to fudge here, exaggerate there in pursuit of what he saw as the greater good (as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse was caught doing). There must be efforts by other experts that support the forgery theory, right?

Well… no.

Cold Case Posse Web Site failure anniversary

I wrote on December 9, 2013, that the Cold Case Posse had let their domain expire. It’s a year later, and it’s expired again.


Today, it’s altogether gone. So much for our crack law enforcement organization.


After a surprisingly long delay, the CCP web site is up as of December 24.

Taitz online

“ and Taitz report is back. It seems the regime really did not like the latest pleadings”

At the expressed request of Orly Taitz, I am spreading the word that her web  site is back up. I happened to be reading some material on the history of Argentina and Chile, and the military dictatorships there who “disappeared” tens of thousands of people, torturing and killing them. That is real despotism, as opposed to the cartoon despotism described by Orly Taitz:

For 4 days there was some type of tampering with my site The site was down. Temporarily my gmail account was blocked and even my credit cards were blocked. My family and I had to travel due to a death in the family and even my suitcase was missing for two and a half days. I was told by the airline that TSA kept it for too long and it did not make it on the plane. Now most problems are solved.

OK, it sucks for your web site to be down and it sucks when your luggage doesn’t arrive on time (been there, done that), but if she thinks this is anything compared to what a real repressive regime would do, then she is deeply mistaken.