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Congratulations to Patrick McKinnion: 4 years flogging the birthers

I enjoyed listening to the interview (audio not available) last night on Reality Check Radio on the occasion of Patrick McKinnion’s 4th anniversary blogging about the birthers at Bad Fiction.  Patrick is an engaging personality with a sharp wit and a deep knowledge of the characters of the birther movement. I think that emphasis on individual birthers and their society (which Patrick calls Birtherstan) is what makes his blog stand out.

Patrick usually posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can always find your way to his blog under the “Good” list at the bottom of the page.

Not just Obots

I reject the term “Obot” to describe birther debunkers because it implies that birther debunkers do what they do in support of Barack Obama. In fact, many who wish the birthers would go away are Obama opponents, for example:

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, an advisor to John McCain in the 2008 election, said in a letter to constituents: “Every child born in the United States is a natural-born United States citizen except for the children of diplomats.” And what does Graham think about those who claim Obama was born overseas?

The people who are doing unfair and unkind things to the President, it says more about them than it does the Republican Party. What the Republican Party has to do … We have to say “that’s crazy.” So I’m here to tell you that those who think that the President was born somewhere other than Hawaii are crazy.

How about staunch conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly?

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WorldNetDaily continues attack on Obots

Not satisfied with smearing The Fogbow forum host Foggy, Jerome Corsi and WorldNetDaily have turned more of Internet YouTuber KenyanBornObamAcorn’s vendetta against The Fogbow into “news” in their new article: Sidekick duties: Causing trouble for Obama critics Claims interference with Taitz cases, shutting down Fox News host’s site. [Note that it is the policy of this blog not to publish or allow in comments the actual names of persons who speak on the Internet using aliases.] So who’s up for ridicule this time? Rikker – “Radical leftist”.

I guess WorldNetDaily and I share the same problem: slow news day.

I’ll let Rikker speak for himself; however, I do note that sometimes people in the heat of angry discussion make exaggerated statements. For example, I doubt that Obots have been at every single birther court hearing, or that they were really winking at the judge (attributed to Foggy). It is the nature of online media that there are different social norms at work. The lack of social cues leads discussions to spiral out of control where people say things they would never say in person.

This phenomenon works well for the smear artist like Jerome Corsi, who can pick and choose the worst in a large body of Internet dialog and make it appear to characterize the whole.