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Shock: Obama will cancel 2014 elections

Have I wasted all that time training to become a poll manager?

Conservative commentator Erik Rush wrote:

Obama’s definitely high on power, but I wouldn’t count on him paying any price for his policy escapades; considering the course America is on at the moment, there may not be a midterm election in 2014 at all.

But, but but…

My own congressional representative Trey Gowdy set the tone in 2013 saying:

If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?

There is some precedent for canceling the election based on Obama’s cancellation of the 2o12 elections, reports Weekly World News:

WASHINGTON – President Obama announced yesterday that he is canceling the 2012 elections, due to the jobs crisis.

In a speech delivered in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Obama made clear that there will be no new significant government measures to address the most severe jobs crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

But he startled the crowd when he revealed his “one transformative idea”.  He told the crowd that he had a brilliant idea for reducing spending and for helping put Americans back to work.  He announced that he signed an Executive Order canceling this year’s midterm elections, scheduled for November 6th, 2012.

If those pundits are wrong and the 2014 election comes off as scheduled then we can be sure that Obama will cancel the 2016 election on the highest authority, God. Prophet Glenda Jackson said on Sid Roth’s television show1, “It’s Supernatural”:

imageGod showed me that if Christians don’t start praying more than they ever have and even the churches become the house of prayer this next Presidential election is not going to take place. It is going to be suspended because evil is going to arise and some disasters are going to happen and some things are going to be put in place and the President is not going to be removed.

1For a hoot, watch the Glenda Jackson appearance video and the paraplegic who was healed by being hit with a severed finger.

Flipped Obots named!

When looking up the recent article about Larry Klayman, I saw this comment over at Gerbil Report™ from Reagans_Ghost:

Wanna take a second here to THANK those Obots who decided to FLIP and HELP Zullo and the MCC Sheriff’s office out. The evidence you all provided was EXCEPTIONAL, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You may have all been TRAITORS at one point, but as a believer in Jesus Christ and a sinner myself, I’m always thankful when someone REPENTS and gets to REDEEM themselves. Once again, my thanks. You know who you are!!

Of course nobody on the birther side will name these alleged flipped Obots (they can’t). It’s just their way of trying to animate the corpse of the Cold Case Posse investigation, and inject hope into a hopeless situation.

However, I know the facts, and I have never been one to hide them. I know who the flipped Obots are, and I am not afraid to name them!

  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Santa Claus
  • Baba Yaga
  • Cinderella
  • The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Tom Bombadil
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Alfred Bulltop Stormalong
  • Koschei the Deathless
  • Snow White
  • Sinbad the Sailor
  • Pinocchio
  • The Big Bad Wolf
  • J. Thaddeus Toad
  • The Seven Dwarfs (except Doc)
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Easter Bunny
  • Chicken Little

Birther issue moot: President to announce resignation in November

Can we call this a “September Fools” joke? Good satire is fun to read, and the September 1 article at National Report, “Obama To Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations,” certainly qualifies in my opinion as good satire, but it’s disappointing when something like this gets legs and runs off on its own. You might want to read the National Report article at this point for context of what follows.

I saw it in a chain email from Sentinel Intelligence Services’ Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. (member of the august Birthers from A to Z list), there attributed to a “serious writer,” Devvy Kidd,  herself a birther. Here’s Rapacki’s repackaging of the story:

Devvy Kidd is a serious writer whose articles and commentary I have enjoyed reading these past few years.  My communications with Devvy have proven her to be kind and considerate, most helpful and willing to stand and assist in the fight to maintain sovereignty and the freedoms we have been gifted by our Forefathers, and by God.  The article below is eye opening to say the least.  Shocking is more like it!  Devvy is not a conspiracy theorist nor a reactionary.  She is a thoughtful professional which makes her article all the more critical to read and ponder. 

Yeah, right.

Whatever Devvy Kidd put on her web site, it’s gone now, with only this tantalizing remnant left in Google search (but not its cache) containing exact wording from the spoof article:


The story has been forwarded and reposted on social media sites, reports

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dr. Conspiracy’s guide to hard drive recycling

Because of interest in a recent story about an unrecoverable hard drive used by Lois Lerner of the IRS, I took a few minutes to explain why a recycled drive might not readable. Here is

Dr. Conspiracy’s guide to hard drive recycling

If you are a government agency with surplus computer equipment, it is important that sensitive data not fall into the wrong hands such as a Republican-led Congressional committee, or a right-wing talk show host, when that equipment is taken out of service. This handy tutorial shows how to erase information from a hard drive before recycling.

Specifications for hard drives include limits on the amount of shock the drive can absorb without damage. Since the goal of the procedure is to prevent the drive from performing, shock is a good first step in making the drive unreadable. As a professional government employee, it is important to dress professionally when carrying the procedures in this tutorial. The following illustration shows one measured way to apply shock to the drive:


After the procedure the drive should look similar to this:


A second limiting factor in a hard drive’s ability to function properly and retain its data is temperature. Here you will want to review the “storage temperature” on the drive and apply heat in excess of the published limit. Be sure to wear safety glasses when carrying out this procedure:


Here is the hard drive following application of the elevated temperature procedure:


Most drives have a warning against opening the drive, as this can introduce dust and other foreign matter that can render the drive unreadable. The following illustration shows one method for opening the hard drive. First select an appropriate tool such as this:


Insure that you have a clear area around you when opening the drive:


The following detail photo shows the proper placement of the tool on the drive:


The following illustrates how the hard drive should look after completing of the procedure. Note that the procedure should be repeated until the drive is clearly open.

IMAG0012_croppedAfter concluding the simple three steps above, you can be assured that data will not be read from the hard drive by the wrong people.

Obots betrayed!

Birther says

Today’s Quote of the Day came from William, writing at Birther Report:

Besides, 2 of the main Obots (possibly more now) have already rolled over. Their followers are simply too stupid to know it – Yet…

Being a slow news day, I decided to break out the PULP-O-MIZER and try to express William’s sentiment graphically.

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_ Mark II

I’ve gotten many, many comments at BR suggesting that the Obots should turn themselves in to the Cold Case Posse (as if they had any authority as law enforcement) to avoid being killed by the Obama Administration, a fate they call “Fuddied” after Hawaii Department of Health’s Loretta Fuddy who died following a plane crash late last year.

I’ve been getting comments at BR saying that I should make an advance directive that my body be autopsied (comment deleted during recent purge at BR). I want to donate my body for medical education.

BR’s latest article is titled “FF: Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigation:  They Know Who Forged Obama Birth Certificate.” I don’t think Zullo actually said that, but the birthers took Zullo’s comments that way. Gallups said:

The second thing that Mike Zullo revealed was that he again spoke on behalf of Joe Arpaio, assuring America that they are now honing in on “the group responsible for the forging of the fake document.”

The birthers responded (names not included to protect the disabled):

Obots, you’re next.
Cut a deal with Zullo, before the regime Fuddies you.

Dr Casket, are you really sitting at a computer connected to the web right now?
Do you understand NSA knows where you are, and your Fuddying is likely to happen at any moment?
Call Zullo ASAP, and offer to testify against the other Obots.

Time is soon one way or the other. Obots need to watch their backs If Zullo don’t get them Patriots will but in the end if Zullo and Patriots fail Obama will have their heads.

Yep, BOTH sides want to ‘get’ the Obots.
Patriots want Obots convicted/hanged.
Ostapo wants Obots ‘permanently silenced.’

yup, poor obots, nobody wants them anymore. I read on freerepublic that someone close to obozo is considering sticking obots that have fallen out of favour into femacamps previously reserved for patriots. there they will receive extra humiliating "therapy" explaining them how they have fallen short of gaymarxistkenyan principles. they will wish to have fallen into the hands of patriots instead ..

Dr Casket,
Watch out for exploding tampons.

Hmm, I wonder if some of the obots already testified to a secret grand jury. I wonder.

Obots, run away, run away as fast as you can. Forgers known, universe shattering information is COURT ROOM ready. Learn something from Loretta Fuddy.

I have gotten to the point that I am not going to advise obots to seek a deal with law enforcement. If they are stupid enough to not realize the gravity of the situation and exercise a little self-preservation, then please come to BR and continue to spew your disinformation, your lame attempts to discourage us, and your desperate ranting. The party is about to start and if you’ve aided and abetted or had direct knowledge of the commission of these crimes you will go from "persons of interest" to "persons incarcerated".

I want Obots to cut a deal with Zullo, b/c after the Regime has the Obots fuddied, we may never know what the heck happened.
It could turn into another ‘Who shot JFK’ mystery for the next 100 years.
Every Obot is a valuable source of intel. They exist for a reason, and we need them alive and talking to whatever genuine law enforcement still exists in the USA.
After they spill their guts, we should execute them. Or, if they prove instrumental in taking down hundreds of Marxist traitors in the Regime and FedGov, then maybe they win a deal for Life In Prison with no chance of parole.


Federal lawsuit names George W. Bush as accomplice in Obama ineligibility

The title of this article, while true, isn’t the best summary of this baffling lawsuit out of Arizona. Indeed inmate Arnold James Begay blames quite a few people, including:

… all Government, The House of Rep. and Congress, United States Supreme Court Judges, Form President George W. Bush and Billy Clinton and also United States Secretary of States, and “CNN” personal (all)…

Begay want’s DNA from Obama, his mother and Osama bin Laden, for some purpose. I don’t want to make fun of the guy unnecessarily, so I won’t highlight his spelling and logic errors. He probably did the best he could. Read more at the Liberals Unite web site.

What I found curious is that his handwritten complaint lists the defendant as Barack Hussein Obama, II (correct) but the Court Docket has it as Barack Hussein Obama, Jr (incorrect).